Community College Professor

I was 45 and still in decent shape. I live in south Florida and I was happily married. I worked in the tele-communications field when it disintegrated. I found myself unemployed with most of the industry.
I lived off our savings as long as I could, my wife left soon after I lost my job.
We sold the house and she quickly found another guy.
I moved into an apartment and decided I had to accept a llower paying job.
I eventually found a job teachign business at the local community college. The pay isn't good but I'm employed.
They way these schools work you start out as an Instructor util they find out if you can teach. I applied myself and was accepted as an associate Professor. I eventually made it to full Professor.
Once you make Professor you can relax a bit. I have established myself as a competent instructor that is a bit on the hard side of grading.
This semester I was a bit surprised by one of my struggling students. She is very cute, brunette, lean and about 5'6", 115 lbs. She attended periodically and she was close to flunking.
This particular day she was sitting in the front row; maybe she's trying to improve, I thought.
I noticed she was staring directly at me a couple of times, really making eye contact. Then to my surprise I noticed she wasn't wearing panties, I could see her pussy.
I quickly looked away, I wasn't sure if she was aware of the fact she left her panties off, I didn't want any accusations hurled at me.
A few minutes later I noticed she was once again looking striaght at me.I clouldn't help it I glanced at her crotch- yup no panties.
I was closer to her this time and I could see more detail. She has a beautiful little beaver, shave and tight little lips. I found it hard to look away and I think she pulled her skirt up a little more.
Nancy (her name) looked at me with a smile as class was over.
Later that week I gave the mid-term exam. She sat in the same place and I could look at her kitty the entire period. She smiled again as she handed in her exam.
You guessedit, she didn't score very well.
I was so impressed with her tactic, I changed the answers and she passed the exam with an A.
As each assignment approached for the rest of the semester, Nancy sat in front and gave me a great view.
Wod must get around the school. within a couple of weeks I had two or three girls each class giving me a great view of their pussies.
One thing south Florida doesn't lack is pretty girls.
I fantasized at night about these cute young things flashing me in class.
Some of the chubby girls did the same thing but I didn't give them any extra credit.
Late in the semester a girls approached me as class let out, I had never seen her before.
"Mr. Simmons, she said, I need to talk to you about my grade."
"What is your name?"
"Gina Smith"
I looked up her records. She hadn't attended any classes and hadn't turned in any work
"You haven't turned in anything"
The class was thinning out, most of the students had left.
Gina leaned over and I could see most of her tits.
"That's why I need to talk to you"
This gal is stunning
The class is now empty.
"My parents have a place in the keys and I'll be there by myself all weekend," she smiled
"Here's the address and directions"
She smiled, made sure I was looking at her awesome cleavage and dturned around. I watched her beautiful ass as she walked out.
I didn't know what to do, ginvg a girl a good grade that has attneded is different than completely falsifying someone's grades.
Friday afternoon I found myself laying at the pool. There were many women laying out also
The more I looked around the clearer it becam that one of them approached Gina in beauty.
I found myself driving to the keys
It's about 90 minutes from Miami to the keys, it took me some time to find her place, it was very secluded
I drove into the place, a modest sized house with a dock in the back yyard
I rang the door bell, I saw the curtains move in the second floor
A minute later she answered the door wearing a man's shirt
Gina is 5'&" 115 lbs, long dark hair and a beautiful tan.l I wasn't sure if she had naything on under the shirt
"Come in Mr. Simmons"
"Can I call you Robert or Bob?"
"Let's keep it Mr. Simmons for now"
"Very well. Would you like a drink?"
"Are you old enough?"
She just gazed at me
"Whiskey okay?"
She made me a whiskey with water and ice and handed it to me. I ttok a long pull, this is dangerous territory
"Come on in and have a sit"
Gina led me into the f****y room. I sat down next to her on a couch. Nothing under the shirt
I gu;lped more of the whiskey, Gina noticed I had finsished it and made me another one
As she returned to the couch she sat down closer. I gulped more whiskey
"Mr. Simmons, you look tense"
"I am"
She leaned over and rubbed my chest
"Why so nervous Mr. Simmons" she unbuttoned my shirt and ran her hand inside
"I shouldn't be here"
"But I just wanted to disucss my grade, I need to know how to improve it"
Gina unbuttoned her shirt- she is stunning. Firm medium tits, tanned all over and a tiny waist
My eyes must have been popping out of my head
"I think I can do something about your grade"
Gina leaned over and undid my belt and then slid my pants down. I was fully erect
She leaned over and took me in her mouth, I gasped
She looked up at me and smiled
She took ahold of my shaft and starting giving me probably the best blow job of my life
I came quickly
"Wow, I'm sorry"
"About what"
"I didn't want to come that quickly"
"That's okay, we'll hve to do better next time"
"Let me show you around Mr. Simmons"
Gina got up and started ginving me a tour of the two story house, she never got dressed
Gina has a tiny beautiful athletic ass. She is tanned all over and her pussy is simply stunning. Her tits don't sag, even when she's walking
We went to the second floor where the bedrooms are
IN the master bedrrom the jacuzzi was already filled. Gina walked righ in
I dropped teh rest of my clothes and joined her
Gina came right over and we embraced. I couldn't belive I was holding this stunnning college girl in my arms, her itis against my chest adn erection bumping her again
She noticed my hardness and grinned
I picked her up and set her on the edgeof the tub. I didn't was a repeat of my quick ejaculaton
I spread her legs and moved into her pussy
Youg pussies taste great. I told myself I could eat her forever. I gave her the best licking I knew how. She eventually clamped my head between her legs as she shuddered and came
I just stared at this young beauty
She lookd at my hardness again and walked to the bed
I followed. She lay back on the bed and I moved in
I pulled her legs up and took a minute to examine her body
Her fimr tits were capped by eraser like nipples
Her wais is tiny,sahe has a deep tan. Her pussy is small and her lips are tight
I spread her legs and moved in for action
She guided me inside her
She has the tightest pussy I've ever fucked
I thought I might come again
I concentrated on other thoughts so I could last longer. I slid in and started a slow stroking- wow what a tight pussy
I lloked down at her and she had her eyes closed, she was moaning with pleasure
I increased teh speed of my action and she arched her back to meet my effort
We both came with intensity. I thought I would push my dick through her.
We both panted and lay there on the bed
I woke up and the sun was comoing in the window
I heard Goina coming up the stairs carrhing a tray
"I brought you some orange juice"
She still wasn't wearing any clothes- I gazed at her as I enjoyed the juice
"Want to go boating?"
"Uh sure"
"This way"
She handed me a robe and she put one on
We walked down the stairs and out her back door, there was a 30' boat next to the dock
She started making the engine preparatins and had me un=hook the boat from the dock. We took off into the ocean
ONce we were away from the shore Gina opened the throttle- what a thirll
We went off shore about 5 miles and she knew where there was aa small sand bar. We anchored
She dropped her robe and I dropped mine
She dove into the water and I followed. It was like our own private beach
We swam, tanned and ate fruit all morning long
"Are ou tired?"
"No why?'
"We haven't done it this mornig"
I didn't need any more urging
We did it in almost every position in the sand. The water was about inches deep, just enough to cool us off
We headed back to the boat
"Would you like some pictures of me?"
"Sure "
You have to take them with my camera, I don't want them on the internet"
I had no idea she meant nude pics
She posed for me any way I wanted, I snapped away on her camera
WE then went back to her parent's place
"Mr. Simmons, I have to get ready for a dinner engagement now"
"Yeah, sure. Thanks for the great time"
"We never really disussed my grade"
"Gina, I don't know if you could get away with this in all of your classes but you have an A. I'm very sure you are going to be successful in whatever venture you pursue
She had a big smile
"Thanks Mr. Simmons"
81% (12/3)
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