Swim Coach Part II

Regina toyed with my dick for about a minute, I grew hard as could be. She laid back down, taking me with her.
"Let's try it on for size"
I slid into her pussy. I couldn't enter all of the way at first. I slowly eased my dick in and out until her young pussy could take me.
She knew what to do. She arched her back and worked her pussy against me. I stared down at her hard young tits and I came quickly. She smiled.
As she put her robe back on and walked towards the door I heard her mumble. "Road trips are going to be fun?
I didn't know what to do. I knew I should tell my wife and the school but I didn't think anyone would believe me.
The next trip she was at me door even earlier, wearing only panties under her robe. She dropped her robe half way in the door.
Right then my wife Susan called. I was horrified as I answered the phone.
As I talked to Susan, Gina un tied my robe and slid my briefs off. I tensed as she took me in her mouth. Gina knew how to blow a guy better than any girl I ever dated.
It was all I could to to keep my voice under control as I exploded in Gina's mouth.
Within a few minutes Susan hung up and gina just smiled at me.
"Do me a favor"
"Put me panties on"
"You have to be k**ding"
I put on her thong, it obviously didn't fit. She laughed and took another picture with her phone.
"Let's have some fun" she said
She pulled me onto the bed and slid on top. I could tell she wanted more pussy licking. I started in on her young pussy again
"I'd like one more thing"
"What Gina"
"I've heard that some people lick asses"
I was horrifed again
"Is that what you want?"
She sat up slightly and pushed her ass in front of my face.
I had never licked anyone's ass. I parted her cheeks and looked at her tight little hole.
She pushed some more.
I spread her cheeks and lick around her anus. She moaned again. She played with my dicks.
I licked around her anus hard and then I slid my tongue into her hole.
She groaned and ground her hips. We kept this up for about ten minutes. She then slid forward and told me to fuck her.
"I'm going to love college" she said
"I'm only a Sophomore.
82% (16/3)
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