Swim Coach

I had been teaching at a small midwest liberal arts college when I got a note that the athletic director wanted to talk to me. I had no idea what he wanted but I agreed to meet him in his office.
"Sit down George" he said.
"George, I noticed you were a stellar swimmer in college."
"Yes, I was"
"We have a vacancy here for a coach. Are you interested?"
"I've never considered it."
"Well as you know our school is small and we can't attract the big name coaches the major universities do. We don't pay a lot, we consider it a boost to your teaching salary. We really need your help."
"Let me talk to my wife"
"Sure. Thanks George."m
I went home and talked it over with Susan.
"It could help pay of our college loans." She said
The next day I agreed to coach the team, with the clause I could step out after a year.
I didn't realize the team was co-ed. At the major schools the teams are segregated.
I talked this over with my wife and we discussed safeguards against malicious allegations.
"Stay out of the locker rooms and the hotel rooms on the road trips." She said
Things went smooth for the first two weeks and then we had our first road trip.
The team had its meal together in the banquet room and then everyone retired to their rooms.
My assistant coach, Jennifer did the room checks for the girls and I did them for the guys.
About 12:00 midnight I heard a knock on my room door.
I pulled on a robe and opened the door.
It was Regina, Gina she was called. She had on her hotel robe and she was sobbing.
"Coach G, I need to talk to someone"
I didn't know what to do. I let her in the room.
"What's going on Gina?"
"My boyfriend just called me and he's breaking up"
"That's terrible" I said
"Excuse me, I need to use the rest room"
As I pissed I struggled with how to deal with this. She should be with the assistant coach, or one of her friends.
Gina is not a. of the bathroom, Gina had her back to me. She dropped her robe and she wasn't wearing a bra. She held up her phone and took a picture of herself with me in the background.
"Gina, what are you doing?"
She giggled
"Do you realize the trouble I could get in?"
"oh yes"
She sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at me
"You know coach G, all of the girls are hot for you."
"That's great Gina, I'm married."
"Yes, I'm aware of that. How would your wife like to see my picture?"
"Give me your phone Gina."
"That wouldn't help, I already sent it to my blog"
"What do you want Gina?"
Why don't we start by you undressing."
I couldn't believe what this Sophomore was saying
"You know, I could send it to the School President also."
I just looked at her, stunned.
"Drop the robe and take off anything you're wearing"
I took off the robe and laid it on the chair. I was wearing just my briefs.
"mmmmmmmmmm" she said. Those too."
I slid off my briefs and placed them on the chair.
"Turn this way so I can get a good look"
I faced her and she smiled.
"Yes, I can see why the girls like you."
"Do you know why I like white guys."
"I have no idea"
Because they don't like to lick pussy"
She slid off her panties and laid back on the bed.
She was stunning, firm tits with erect nipples, a flat stomach and thin legs. Her pussy was completely shaved. She had tight pouty pussy lips.
"Why don't you show me how you do it?"
I couldn't believe this girls was blackmailing me. I just looked at her. I realized I didn't have a choice.
I moved toward her and she moaned. She parted her thin legs. I held them up and moved in, face first.
I parted her lips with my fingers and slid my tongue around her lips. She arched slightly and the moaning increased.
I slid my tongue all the way in and then circled her clitoris. She now moaned loudly. I kept up this action until she was bucking and heaving and I held her lips apart and sucked on her clitoris. She came for at least half a minute
She slowly sat up and motioned for me to sit next to her. She held my dick in her hand and admired it.
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do u ppl not know how to finish a story:(