Couple next door

I had only been in my new apartment about two days. It was Saturday and Sunny. I proceed to go out on my balcony and get some sun. I though my balcony was somewhat secluded si I didn't bother with a swim suit, I stripped down to my underwear. I dozed off. I was awakened by my neighbors, a young attractive couple. They introduced themselves and I explained why I was only in my briefs. They said it didn't matter, the balconies had quite a bit of privacy and they understood.
The next week I repeated my same actions and laid for awhile in the sun. On Sunday I heard one of them also tanning. As I was getting up to go inside I decided to say hello. Tammy was laying out by herself and had taken off her top. I apologized for seeing her and expected her to be upset. "Not a bother' she said, I like to tan all over.
After about three months, Tammy invited me inside. For some reason I knew this was coming. She had on a robe and she was careless about keeping it tied. After a few drinks she fell into my lap and I knew what to do then. After kissing and groping, I stood up and placed my cock at her mouth. She took it like a pro.
After I finished Tammy stood up and showed off for me. What a body. Perk titties, tight ass and a neatly trimmed pussy that didn't have any flapping skin. Jim was lucky.
Tammy wanted to do it outdoors next and I did her from behind. Watching her tight ass and the possibility of someone watching got me going.
We did everything possible, oral toys etc., except anal. She wasn't into that. I looked forward to weekends and I did it with Tammy about two of every three weeks. I would never need anything else.
after one very hot session I received a real surprise, Jim walked put of the closet. I started stammering and tried to think of a good story. He smiled and told me to relax, he enjoyed watching.
I had never experienced this and didn't know what to think. Tammy started stroking my thigh and I got more nervous.
They both went on to explain that I was what they had been looking for; a young fit guy that could please Tammy while he watched. Tammy got me hard and asked if I wanted to go again.
I was nervous as hell but it felt good and she was hot, as I explained. I let her take me in her mouth, she could suck like any slut. It felt great. I slowly looked over and Jim was smiling again. I became more and more relaxed and proceeded to do more and more moves.
This continued for at least 6 months. Weird at first bu then I got used to it.
After a good role in the hay outdoors Jim and Tammy asked me if I was ready for the next step?
Now I'm really nervous. What's that?
Jim leaned over and took me in his mouth. WOW
He felt as good as her. I just sat there and let it happen. I came like you can't believe.
After I rested Tammy got me hard again Jim was greasing his hole. I knew what was next. He rolled over and I fucked him hard while she watched. As I worked him she played with my balls. She then called him her slut. I shot a huge load.For the next two years I had the best sex of my life. I miss them
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3 years ago
Hell I wish I could meet them, just what I'm looking for.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Too damn short and just nothing there of interest.
3 years ago
Was really hot until you and Jim started. Not my cup of tea.