i was 18 yrs old and traveling around the united states.When my trip landed me in new was early morning so ifigured id walk around the water.I noticed a older guy probably around 50 or so, kept looking over at me.So i sat down on a bench over looking the missippi river,not long after i took my seat he walked over and sat on the other end of the bench.We began to talk and after a few minutes he asked me if i had a place to stay,i told him i didnt that i had just arrived .He asked if id like to go back to his place a couple of blocks away,he said i could shower and get a bite to eat.i agreed and we began to walk.We got to his house he showed me where the bathroom was so i could shower.i closed the door got naked and began showering,as i was done i pulled back the shower curtain and noticed right away my clothes were gone,feeling a little nervous now i grabbed the only towel in the bathroon which was a hand towel.I covered what little i could and open the door.I walked down the hall calling his name,no answer,now really nervous thinking what the hell did i get myself into.I made my way to living room where i heard loud moans,he was sitting on couch completely nude his penis hard as he gently stroked it to a porno.i asked about my clothes and he told me not to worry and that i should join him on couch.i stood there for a few seconds weighing my options,i cant run i got no clothes or shoes.So hastily i joined him on couch,my eyes went right to the tv i noticed that they were all men in the porn he was watching.he slowly removed my towel and began rubbing my nutsac,my cock quickly became erect,he said i see u like that ,i just nodded.feeling really wierd about the fact of being naked with a man letting him do these things ,i pushed his hand away.he then stood up and told me we can do this one of 2 ways willing or not.having said that i knew i had no option.he asked if ive ever sucked dick before ,i quickly shook my head no.he said today is your lucky day,he began to push his large meat against my lips,with a little resistance he pushed his cock into my mouth,i began gagging but he did not stop.soon he was feeding me all 8inches of his manhood.i was sucking im for about 3 minutes when he said he didnt want to cum,i felt releived.He then went down and placed my penis in his mouth,i just kept thinking this is not right,im not gay.But soon found myself relaxing as my cock entered his throat,and soon my hips were going in motion with his mouth,i started moaning,he began pulling on my nutsac,his hand slid of my nuts and i soon felt his finger playing with my asshole,his head came up off my cock and his tongue quickly replaced his finger.i never felt anything like it,it felt so good i relaxed even more .He began to push his tongue in my asshole,i let out a loud moan.he asked have you ever been fucked,i replied no.He said in my ear lets go to the bedroom,as i walked i was reallynervous thinking how that large cock was gonna fit.When we entered the bedroom he instructed me my knees and he leaned me over till i was in the doggy position,he walked over to nightstand and removed a bottle of lube,he put a little on his finger and spead it around my tight hole,and then after a little rubbing he sank his finger in,i squealed and curled my toes.he slapped my ass and told me told me man head down in pillow trying to hide my screams.Then i felt something much larger than his finger,i began to say no i cant do this he slapped my ass twice and reminded me i was getting one way or another,i fgured i better do what he says.i assumed my position with ass in air he put the head against the hole and pushed.It slid in a little with alot of pain,he held my head in pilow to muffle my moans and sobs.pushing weven harded now it hurt so bad,but he never slowed then i felt a gushing in my ass and he sunk it all the way to his balls.I think it hurt even worse as he pulled out,not knowing what to do i laid there,he told me to go shower and remove all hair on my body.i said no he slapped me across the face and told me im to do whatever he says if i want my clothes back
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