wife riding wave pool bumps into a black stud

My wife has always been a horny, sexy, well built, sexy redhead. she was a virgin when we met and until our trip to the wave pool, had never even considered taking another mans cock.
I, on the other hand have always liked porn, especially seeing wives taking another mans cock. It has always been a fantacy of mine to see my wife be seduced and take another man's cock, but when approached with the idea she has always been against it. She always tells me, she has no interest in other men.
Being a hot summer day, we decided to spend it in the big indoor wave pool, which was free with our hotel room,and to top it off it also has an indoor bar conveniently located right beside the pool.
Now, I was liking being there, many bikinis to admire and some cool beers to get me in the mood for some fun. Tequilla has always been my wifes favorite and i was ordering doubles for her. when i went up to the bar and ordered another drink for her.
I noticed the bar tender was stright pooring her drinks, he smiled and told me i was a lucky man to have a wife with such big tits and he guessed since i was ordering doubles, that i was getting her d***k on purpose. I smiled and simply said i wanted her to have fun and she was always a little more adventurous when drinking tequilla.
After several drinks, my wife Keri, was feeling pretty good and decided it was time to hit the pool. Drinking beer myself, i told her to go ahead of me, as i had to releive myself first.
Once i got back into the pool, i figured Keri would be near the front as she likes the deep water when riding the waves and it is just over 6 feet deep at the front of the pool. As i got near the front i spotted her right away. Her black one piece suit was gleaming and her hair was soaked and hanging down over her shoulders and sweet breasts.
I love looking at her big breasts, and in her swim suit they looked amazing, now with her big nipples showing, i am sure other men noticed her as well as i did. even if she tells me she never notices them looking.
I had entered the pool as the waves were just starting, so by the time i got near the front, they were in full f***e, which made it hard to move forward towards my wife. so I decided to ride out the waves where i was and join her for the next set of waves.
I was enjoying the waves and when i looked to see where Keri was, i saw her up front in the deep water, she was riding the big waves and they were throwing her back into the crowd behind her, as was everyone.
Every 3rd or 4th wave was the big one and as it came towards her she was swept back and into the crowd again. this time i lost sight of her and it was not till a several seconds after that i finally saw her. she was in front of a big tall black guy and she was smiling and talking to him. with the waves ending for the next 20 minutes, Keri located me and approached me and commented she needed another tequilla. we went back to the bar and after a couple more drinks, she heard the the horn sounding the next set of waves, she downed her drink and told me to hurry, the waves were starting again. I still hard 3/4 left so i told her go ahead i will join her in 5 minutes.
after draining my bladder again i went into the pool. the waves were in full f***e now and immediately i spotted the tall black guy she had bumped into earlier and i also noticed, Keri was now in front of him, she was riding the waves and it looked like he was catching her now when she was swept into him. she was smiling and hanging on to him and i decided to watch from a distance to see what was happening. After a couple more waves she had her arm around his neck, holding herself above the water and i was sure his right arm was under the water around her waist.
This time when the waves ended, she made no attempt to leave the pool and her and her new friend were swimming and chatting and she seemed to be enjoying his company.
when the waves started again, Keri was in front of him now and with each wave she fell backwards into him, and on a few occasions, she remained in front of him as if he was holding her there. She made no attempt to move forward from him and after the third time he caught her, she remained riding the waves directly in front of him.
Now. i decideed to get a better look and see what was happening with them, so i put my goggles on and moved closer for a better look. With the waves going strong, she never notcied i was near and was enjoying herself and i could see her mouth was open and her arms were floating out in front of her. What i noticed as well as his hands were both bleow the water so i went under to see where they were.
I was excited to see, both his hands were cupping her breasts under the water, and he was getting a great feel out of her big 38dd tits. I went up for air and when i went under the next wave, Keri was slammed back into him again and this time he slid his hand inside her suit to cup her bare right tit. was rock hard and when i came above the water, she had her eyes closed, obviously enjoying his attention.

It was not long till he had both hands inside her suit playing with her tits and to my excitement and her enjoyment, he slid his right hand down inside her suit and i couls see him work his fingers towards her pussy. I was amazed as i watched her spread her legs to give him access and i knew by the motions he was now fingering her inside her suit.
It was not long before she squeezed his hand with her legs as she was cumming on his fingers, and as the waves were ending, she turned to him and he leaned forward and kissed her fully on the lips, she returned his kiss and after several long seconds, she pulled back and was talking to him again. he nodded and they turned to leave the pool. that was when she saw me and with me smiling, she knew i had seen everything.
as she approached me she introduced me to her new friend, Warren, he shook my hand and as we walked out of the pool, Warren excused himself and went towards the bathroom. Keri was quiet and after Warren returned, she looked at me and asked if I minded warren joining us for a nightcap in our room. I smiled and told her it sounded great. After we changed, i told Keri and Warren to go up ahead of me and i would hit a liquor board store and get more to drink.
I was hoping by the time I got back, she would be naked and sucking his cock.
I was not disappointed 25 minutes later when i opened our hotel room door, keri was on her back on the bed with her legs over Warrens shoulders, and his big black cock sinking deep into her wide open pussy.
keri's eyes were closed and she was moaning loudly, warren was pounding her now and as his thrusts got faster i was sitting where i could see her pussy being pounded and i noticed he was not wearing a condom.
Now i knew Keri was not on the pill as she could not take it so I always had to use condoms when fucking her. I was now rock hard and wondered if he would pull out before he came. It was not long before i had my answer, i was openly stroking my cock when Warren started telling Keri he was gonna cum.
keri was cumming again and and as he slammed her harder, she started maoning for him to cum, cum baby. Warren stopped fucking Keri with his big cock balls deep in her pussy, she whimpered and told him not to stop. Warren shook his head and told her not till she begs him. She knew what he wanted her to say and after he slowly pulled his cock out and slammed it in one more time, he told her to say it loud. Keri moaned and again asked him to cum.Warren said again, say it.....
Keri groaned and told him to please cum, cum in my pussy. Warren then said and? and breed me, fill my belly with your baby......
With that Warren started fucking her and after several minutes he groaned and slammed his cock deep into her, seeding her pussy with his black baby making seed.
Keri not only had her first black cock that night, but her first creampie as well. by the end of the night, keri had taken 2 more loads from him and later,i i found out he was planning on visiting us the next weekend and continue their relationship.
True to his word, he showed up at our doorstep the next weekend, I was relgated to the guestroom for the next 2 weeks and Keri was fucked by Warren every night for the next 2 weeks. when he had to leave, he patted her belly and asked if she was happy with her present. she smiled and kissed him and told him yes, she was.
she turned and asked me if I happy i encouraged her to be more open, and asked if i enjoyed seeing her fucked by her black stud. I said yes, if she was happy, i definately enjoyed it.
My cock was getting hard now and she noticed right away, she got on her knees, opened my pants and sucked my cock till she swallowed my load. she licked her lips and looked me in the eyes and told me she promised Warren not to mix my seed with his. she promised and kept true to her word.

5 weeks later, she smiled over supper and told me she went to the doctor that morning. I smiled back and asked her what for?
She smiled again and told me she had to confirm she was pregnant.......
84% (41/8)
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2 years ago
nice... i like it when the wife doenst know that the husband saw its more erotic when they sneak around i think.. never the less very well done cheers
2 years ago
Unbelievable story! I love it
2 years ago
love especially redhead wives getting seedinded
2 years ago
Great story. Thanks. Love to read of white wives getting knocked up by black studs.