slut gfs surprise

Sluts surprise
Slut slave

I had arranged a special night for my gf. She was 5'6" with dd breast. She loves being fucked and she likes it nasty. We met up at a hotel room for the evening. She loves to drink so I figured she always Fuck better d***k so some drinks would work to my advantage. She dress up in black thigh high stockings, a shiny gold string bikini top, gold silk panties and a matching gold garter belt. She had on black 4" heels which made her ass look awsome. The dress she wore with it was a shiny black snake skin pattern one shoulder dress. It was skin tight and made all her curves stand out. I was already horny as hell we went down to the bar and began having a few drinks. She was getting plenty of attention from all the guys in the room. When she was fairly d***k we decided to go back to the room. Upon entering we jumped all over each other and we were soon fucking Luke crazy. She moaned and screamed so loud the front desk called us. After we. Finished we decided to take a shower. When we got out I told her I had a surprise for her. She immediately got excited. I had picked out a special outfit for Tonights. I got out the outfit from my bag and told her to put it on. It was a. Black bustier with chain trim along the top of the breast cups and going down the sides with garter straps. She put on black seemed stockings with it and attached the garter straps. The panties were sheer black thongs which made her shaved pussy easy to see. She put on 5" black shiny heels. When she was ready I told her to stand up in front of me. I then placed oh her a leather collar with a leash around her neck and told her " your my slut for the rest of the night, you will do as I say, understand me". She nodded her head. I told her " you anwser me the rest of the night with, yes master, understand me" she replied yes master. I then place on her a o ring mouth gag the had chains attached to nipple clamps she accepted the gag in her mouth and moaned when I place the clamps on her nipples. She was my slave now. I told her to sit on the couch in other room and what for me to get her. I then Texted my two friends I met online. Within 5 mins they were there at the door. I told then to come inside and get naked because there slut was ready to be fucked. I went back into the other room to retrieve the my slave. I placed a blindfold on her and grabbed the back of her head f***efully and said " are you gonna be a good slave and do what your master tells you?". She nodded yes. I asked her if she wanted a cock in her mouth she moaned yes master. I grabbed her leash and lead her into the other room. I could tell the two guts were very excited to see their toy for the evening. I removed her gang from her mouth but left on the nipple clips. In told her to get on her knees she replied yes master. I then bound her hands behind her back with hand cuffs and asked her your ready for cock she's replied please master. I pointed the the guys and one immediately shoved his cock in her mouth. She gladly accepted it and began sucking it furiously. She was taking it all the way to his balls. The other man pulled her off turned her head and shoved his cock inside her, at that moment she paused and you could see the look of confusion on her face. It only lasted briefly as soon she was back to gobbling the second cock. After a few mins I told her to stand up and lie on the bed. I removed the handcuffs and nipple clamps and told her to remove her panties. See said yes master and did as she was told. One one the men spread her milky white thighs apart and began to lick her clit. She immediately started moaning with pleasure. The other man and I knelt on the bed next to her head and I told her to suck our cocks like a good little Whore, she replied yes master in a loud more excited voice. She feverishlt began swallowing our cocks take turns back and worth. I pulled down the cups on her bustier to expose her Hugh dd white breasts. She had her naughty nipple rings in too. We both fondled and licked her tits as she sucked our cocks. The man between her legs then jumped up and slid his cock deep into her pussy she moaned with pleasure as he started fucking her pussy fast and hard. This sent her lust for cock into overdrive ad she's sucked our dicks harder and faster than I've ever seen before. I then told her to get up I told the one man to lie down and told my slave to mount him and ride his cock. She replied yes master and began riding his cock like a horse. The other man positioned positioned himself at the top of the bed and pulled her face over she he could Fuck her mouth. I
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