Turned My Step Mom and Aunt into Porn Stars - An A

I just got done taking out the trash and was heading back down stairs to my room next to the washer machine. My room was far enough in the basement that no one bothered me. There was a little window that I could crawl out if I wanted to sneak out without my parents finding out. My girlfriend from high school just went to college a week ago and broke up with me the day she left. I did not have any prospects but looked forward to starting over again. It had been a couple of years since I had gone on a real date.

My ex-girlfriend had a nice big pair of boobs but I only got to feel them once in a great while. She used to jack my big cock once every couple of months if I was good. I was still a virgin until my last year in high school. I finally got lucky from one of my Step Mom friend. She stopped by to help with my Step Mom new stay at home business. It failed just like the other 3 new business my Step Mom has tried the last couple of years. My Step Mom friend caught me staring at her big juggs at the dinner table and she followed me down stairs to my room. Then she fucked me in my room. It was a one time only thing, I guess her husband would have been mad if he found out. Still she was fun for about 20 minutes.

It was almost noon when I heard the garage door upstairs activate. I was lying on my bed watching some baseball game when I heard the door upstairs slam. Ten minutes later I heard high heels click coming down the stairs and across the wooden floors in our basement. I looked around my room and it was a little messy. I picked up my sweat stained underwear from the night before and through them off the bed into my closet.

"Knock, Knock!!!" said my Step Mom. "It's open." I said. The door opened and my Step Mom stepped inside my room. "Hi sweetie, How is your day going? Thanks for taking out the trash." she said. "No problem, just hanging out. How is your day going?" I said. "We'll it's funny you should ask. I am so bored with your Dad always being away with his work. I only see him about ten days during the month. You know I am always trying to find a new job. I know my last few did not pan out from working at home but I think I might have a new job lined up. I just need a little help from you!!" she said. "Not a problem, what do you need me to do?" I said.

"I am not sure how to say this, so I am just going to tell you. I have always wanted to be in a men's magazine. Your Dad always says I look to fat because of my big breast but today I was approached by a gentleman at the grocery store. He runs a modeling agency for older women looking to get into the adult business. He told me that all I needed was some snap shots of myself. If I got them I could drop them off at his office tomorrow and he will call me if he likes them." she said.

My mouth dropped opened slightly. I had never really noticed my Step Mom as being hot enough to get into a men's magazine, but she had began to work out a month ago. I had seen her swimming in the pool extra and going for a walk with my Aunt on a few nights during the week. My Step Mom is about 5ft 4 with long blonde hair down to her shoulders. She just turned forty four last month. She likes to wear tight clothes to accent her enormous chest and big butt when she goes out into public. She always wear high heels and wild makeup to make her stand out from the other Mom's in the neighborhood. I guess I had never given it much thought. My Step Mom s****r Rose is almost just like my mother but has a slightly smaller set of juggs compared to my Mom. Rose is a few inches taller than her s****r.

When I was little I found my Step Mom bra hanging in the bathroom and read the label on the side of the huge bra. "56 HH" She wore a size 36 to cover her big butt when she walked and her hips looked good for delivering two k**s. She liked to paint her finger and toe nails to what she was wearing. My guy friends always stared at her but I figured they were all being goofy with the MILF thing.

"Mom, what do you have in mind? I guess I can help. I don't want you to go somewhere else and do this, I guess." I said. My Step Mom smiled. "We'll I have new lingerie I bought with your Aunt the other day. Maybe I can wear that, if you don't think it is ugly or something. We have to keep this very quite. I don't want your Father and s****r to find out. Also are relatives, especially your Grandparents can't find out. I mean it mister!!!" she said. "Ok, no problem. Go upstairs and change. Then when your ready come back down stairs and I will take a few photos in my room.

My Step Mom turned around and walked out. I could here her high heels click on the floor as she went upstairs to change. I got out my camera with all my lens. Looking for the perfect one to take pictures in my room. I decide to download them on the computer and print them out on my printer next to the computer. It only takes a few seconds to print out perfect pictures. I was hoping I did not have to erase any wrinkles or lines on my Step Mom body.

It was about 45 minutes later when I heard her high heels again coming down to my room. She knocked and the door opened slightly. I had picked all my clothes off the floor and made my bed. I had my new camera I got for my birthday in my right hand. It had a small lens that could capture everything very good in a small room. I could zoom in with great images of my Step Mom's breast and nice big ass.

My Step Mom finally got into my room and shut the door. She had black leather boots over her black garters and stocking. She had a blue corset that made her huge juggs almost pop out her black bra. She had a small black thong that rode high on her hips. It split her two big ass cheeks perfect down the middle. Her finger nails were a dark pink to match her lipstick. She had reapply her make up and her eye liner made her look more slutty then when she was here earlier. "Are you ready? Why don't you go sit in the corner on the pink arm chair and move around. I will try to take some pictures." I said.

She walked over and sat down on the pink leather chair ans smiled. I reached over turned on some music on my stereo to help us relax. I looked through the lens and my Mom smiled and moved her legs open then close. I shot a few pictures as she stood up and put her arms over her head causing her huge breast to shake. She then bent over causing her big boobs to sag in her bra. I smiled as the camera kept flashing.

"How do they look honey?" said my Step Mom. "Great, maybe you can stretch out on the couch over there. Give me a big smile Mom!!" I said. She walked over and turned her head over her shoulders as she grabbed her tits. She then held her hands under her breast and the front drooped over her hands causing her nipples to get hard under the fabric. "Ok, honey I think it may be time now that you have a few pictures f me in my bra to take it off. I know they want to see me topless. You are Ok with this right???" she said. "Yes, go ahead." I said.

She turned her head and let her bra fell to the ground. My mouth dropped open as I continued to click the camera. Her boobs were so huge and her nipples were so hard. I smiled as she fondled her boobs in her small hands. "MMpph, yeah that feels nice baby. Your Mom still go it, right honey?" she said. I nodded yes as her boobs sat high on her chest. She strutted around the room for another twenty minutes before she took off her thong and it fell down her long legs to the floor.

She just smiled as she reached her hand down her bald pussy mound. "I think it would be better for me if the modeling people got to see everything. Don't you honey?" she said. I nodded me head again as I continued to take more pictures. After another 30 minutes she got up and put her bra and thong back on.

We walked over to my computer and my Step Mom stood behind me as I down loaded the pics onto the computer. I could here her breath and she leaned in as the first pictures popped onto the screen. I could feel her hands on my shoulders and her big boobs on the back of my head. I put in a CD and copied them on to a disk for her. I stood up and she gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. "Thanks baby see you for dinner. Don't forget. This is our little secret." Her heels clicked on the floor as she climbed the stairs out of the basement.

It was almost 4pm. I fell back on my bed and closed my eyes. I was still day dreaming about taking pictures of my Step Mom when my dick started to get more erect inside my shorts. I reached my hand inside and started to fondle my big balls. I stroked my dick a few times. "Ring!! Ring!!!" The house phone startled me, I fell off my bed into a pile of clothes. "Hello!!" I said. It was my Aunt looking for my Mom. I told she was out at the moment. I hung up and quickly took a cold shower to calm my erection. I ate dinner in my room. I heard my f****y upstairs walking around. It was close to 11pm when everyone went to bed.

I went upstairs when I heard everyone leave for the day. It was close to 10am when I opened the fridge for a Coke. I was eating a burrito when I noticed a note on the kitchen table. My Dad had taken my s****r across town to help her move into her new apartment and then was heading to his fishing lodge for the weekend. Him and my s****r would be back on Tuesday. I finished my breakfast, took a shower, got dressed and started to play some video games.

It was close to 1pm when I heard the garage door open and close. I then heard two sets of high heels click across the kitchen floor. The door to the basement opened then the foot steps went down the stairs to just outside my room. "Knock, Knock!!!" "Honey are you awake? Can I come in? Your Aunt Rose and I wanted to ask you a question. OK!!!!" said my Step Mom.

The door open, my Step Mom and her s****r Rose walked in. I could tell they were up to something. They had both just come from getting dolled up at the beauty salon. There nails matched and both women had there blonde hair teased to the maximum. There make up was heavy and they both smelled of very beautiful perfume. My dick got instantly hard as my Mom was wearing a nice tight pink top and jeans. While my Aunt was wearing a tight red latex outfit and she was on her cell phone. They each had on 4inch black high heels that matched there thongs they were wearing.

"What's up ladies!" I said. My Step Mom spoke first. "I took the CD with my pictures you took to the Modeling Agency. They liked them very much. They wrote me a check for $500 and now they want me to star in another photo shoot and a adult movie. I brought your Aunt with me for some help. I will give you half of the money I just made if you will help me make the movie." my Mom said. "Ahh, Ok, I guess I can shoot the movie in this room but we will need more light." I said. "Honey, I need you to be in the movie. Rose can't be in the movie with me. But she said if you show her how to run the camera she will take record us. I don't want to do this with anyone else. I don't want to cheat on your Dad or worse catch a disease or something. Can you understand?" she said.

I paused for a moment with my mouth wide open. "Listen Nephew, your Step Mom is asking a big thing from you. We both know you can keep a secret. If the movies bad or you don't want to have your face in the movie then you can go in and delete your image. No one but the Modeling Agency is going to see it. It is just a test film. If all goes perfect your Mom can earn extra money. Maybe if they like your film then they might hire you for more stuff. Be a sport!!" said my Aunt. "Ok, but we have to go in the other room to shoot this. We can use the big couch in there and I will set up some lights to capture the action.

They both left while I fixed up the basement. I picked up the clothes off the floor and through them in the washer. I fluffed up the pillows and straighten up the couch. I turned on all the lights and brought some from my room to make the movie look better. I put the camera on a wooden stool in front of the couch. I was still in my shorts and white shirt when I heard the door open from the kitchen. My Mom had changed into some bigger high heels and her robe fell open showing her huge tits inside a big pink bra. My Aunt had put on some thigh high leather boots and a black leather corset that pushed up her big juggs.

I handed her the camera and showed her how to record the action. My Mom went back upstairs to the kitchen. A few minutes later she was back with some white wine. I had a glass and my Mom had 2-3 glasses. My Aunt helped her finish the bottle as I watched them giggle in front of me. I placed my drink on the wooden stool. I looked around the room all nervous. "Honey are you Ok." said my Mom. I nodded "Yes."

"Ok drop your robe sweetie and go sit on the couch. Nephew you go over there and pretend you just found a beautiful older women all alone. Then slowly take off your clothes and join her. Are you erect, I mean is your penis hard yet." said my Aunt. My mind was racing. My hands were getting wet. I was looking down at my shorts. I had a boner earlier but now nothing. Was I scared? "We may have a problem people. I think I maybe having some trouble down there." I said as I pointed to my cock.

Both my Step Mom and Aunt looked at me. My Step Mom started to whisper in my Aunt ear. They both giggled before I could move my Step Mom let her bathrobe fall to the floor. She was wearing a small pink bra and matching thong that hugged her big ass. My Aunt started to take some video of her sitting on the couch. My Mom smiled and looked into the camera. My Aunt walked around her getting all my Mom body in the video. After a few minutes my Mom started to get naked and let her big fat juggs hang out her bra. She smiled as her big juggs hung down on her stomach. She sat on the couch with her big nipples rubbing on the top of her thighs.

My Aunt paused the recorder and placed it on the floor. She tuned around and said "Wow your Mom looks to hot. She waiting for a hot stud to show her a good time. Is your dick getting harder honey." I smiled and looked at them both next to the couch. I took off my shirt and dropped my cargo shorts on the floor. My Aunt picked up the camera and started to film me getting naked. I was still wearing my white boxer briefs when my Step Mom pointed for me to come in front of her.

I walked over slowly and tried to not look at the camera. My Step Mom reached up and started to outline my dick in my briefs. My dick was still limp. To many things were going on in my brain. My Aunt paused again and set the camera down. My Aunt came over to the couch and sat next to my Mom. "Here this might help. Maybe I should get naked also. I mean it's only fair that we are all naked. Maybe this will feel better." said my Aunt. With my Step Mom help they took off my Aunt corset and her black thong. My Aunt tits were just smaller than my Step Mom but they were huge also. I licked my lips as she moved her breast so they rubbed on my thigh.

My Step Mom reached up and pulled down my briefs. My dick slowly flopped out and there was a huge pre-cum on the tip. My Mom gasped as my dick slapped her hand. "God damn my nephew cock is huge. Look at his balls." said my Aunt. My Mom was jacking my cock as it got bigger in her hand she smiled. My Mom started to lick the tip of my head as my Aunt fondled my big hairless balls. My Mom started to suck my cock. I watched as my Aunt got up and brought the camera back to the couch. She resumed her position and listen to my Step Mom suck on my cock. Big drops of saliva fell out of her mouth on her big juggs.

My Aunt got up filming my Step Mom deep throating my big 9 3/4 inch cock. Her eyes looked into mine. She was so hot sucking my cock I was not sure if I could last much longer. My Aunt dropped her left hand on my ass and when she stuck a finger in my ass I screamed. My Step Mom pulled out my cock and aimed at her mouth. A huge white load climaxed out my purple cock hitting her on the chin. My Aunt gasped again followed by another load hitting my Mom forehead and big pink lips. She pumped my cock and licked my cock until I was completely dry. My Step Mom got up off the couch and both women had a glass of wine and cleaned off my Mother face and big juggs.

A few minuted later my Aunt came over and we started to make out. She had put the camera on a tripod and was filming us. My Mom came back and was rubbing my Aunt tits. My Mom got on the couch again and I got on my knees. I started to eat her big pussy while my Aunt got on the couch to suck my Moms big nipples. My Mom came in my mouth. "Yes!! Yes you eat pussy like a pro. Damn!!! You fucker. Is your dick hard again? Get up here mother fucker!!!!!!" said my Mom.

My Aunt fell onto the floor next to me and help me direct my big cock into my Step Mom pussy. Her big lips parted as my cock head buried into her tight cunt. I was getting a good rhythm going as my Step Mom orgasm again. "Yes! Yes!! Yes that feels so good. Come on fuck me big boy!!" my Mom said. I grabbed her long legs and held them over my head as I plunged in her hot pussy. After 15 minutes I flipped her over and fucked her doggy style. Her huge juggs slapped the couch and my Aunt licked my ass hole from behind.

I stood up and sat down on the couch. My Aunt mounted my cock and I tugged on her big breast. "God damn his dick feels so good. It's been so long since I got a good fucking. yeah, my nephew fucking my tight pussy. Deeper with that cock. Yes. MMPHGG," was all she could say as she was impaled on my cock. My Aunt stood up and my Mom got back on my cock. She was riding my big cock and placed her hands on my chest for balance. After another few minutes she jumped off my cock and I stood up. My Mom jacked my cock as my Aunt bent over licking my cock. My cock head open again spewing out another large load. My Aunt licked my cum off her s****rs big breast and smiled. My Mom picked her breast up and licked her nipples.

Next day:

I was sitting in the living room when I saw my Step Mom SUV pull into the driveway. A few seconds later the door open and both her and my Aunt fell inside the door. "Great news son. We just got back from the Modeling Agency. They loved your Aunt and Me but they also loved your huge cock. They want us all to star in a movie. We all have to come down to the agency next week to start shooting." said my Mom. I smiled as I turned on the TV and hit the VCR button. They both turned and came over to the couch to watch the video of us all fucking. I was treated to another round off fucking and all of us spent the next few days before my Dad and s****r returned having great sex.

Its been a few months now and we have been in about a dozen movies. I have done a few more than them but they have done a few photo shoots for men's magazines. I am managing there careers and luckily my Dad or any relatives have found out. My Aunt sneaks over when my parents are out to fuck my cock. My Uncle has no idea.

I can hear my Dad snore as I get out of bed and head upstairs to get something to drink out of the fridge. I pour my self a glass of milk. I turn all most dropping my glass. My Step Mom sitting on the computer table next to the kitchen almost naked. She has this hungry look in her eyes. "I missed my big cock. You Dad fell asl**p so fast. Come her big boy." My Step Mom starts sucking my cock in the kitchen. I look over and see inside of her purse and a stack of money is pouring out the top. "I see you cashed the check for our newest video "Iron Juggs MILF vs Big Cock Boy."

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