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Part 1 - My New Neighbors

My job at the video store was pretty boring. But it paid the bills. I got a big house from an inheritance a year ago. I sold it and moved across town to a better neighborhood. I found a bigger house. It has a nice view of the ocean. A big back yard. I only have one neighbor next to me. The house been vacant for about a month before I moved in. My kitchen looks right into there kitchen. I can also see there back yard from my side window. There a 8ft wooden fence that separates my back yard from there. I put in a hot tub and a small above ground pool last week. This weekend I might have a pool party.

It was close to 9am when I rolled out of bed. I took a long shower. Shaved some unwanted body hair. Put on some body spray. Along with some tan cargo shorts. I put on a black Ac/Dc shirt over my athletic frame. I used to play football in high school. I'm still in pretty good shape. I checked my 6ft 4 frame in the mirror as I comb my short hair. I walked downstairs to get a bagel out of the fridge.

"Beep! Beep!" I got up from my kitchen table. I looked out the front bay window toward my car in the driveway. I saw a moving truck pulling in next door. Then a black Lexus pulled in behind it. I watched for a few minutes before I saw a small chubby guy get out of the Lexus. He was maybe 5ft. He had a small suit that was tight on him. He was talking to the movers. I finished my bagel. I then walked out and shut my front door. I got in my car and headed to the video store.

I got home around 5pm. I order some Chinese food to be delivered. I tipped the delivery guy and sat down on the couch to eat. About three hours later I decided to take out the garbage. I put the garbage in my trash can inside my garage. I then walked back inside. I went to get a beer out of my fridge. I open the can and shut the door to the fridge. I walked passed my kitchen window. I dropped my beer on the floor. My mouth dropped open next.

I turned to look toward my neighbors kitchen. I focused my eyes. The little guy next door must be married or have a girlfriend. It was not even 9pm at night and the women standing in his kitchen had her pajamas on. She was wearing some very conservative black and grey pajamas. They were long and tight on her big frame. I adore women with curves. The more voluptuous the better. I usually get some action from the women who come in the video store. I ask if they need some popcorn. Then a put a big helping of butter on there corn. They take one bite and invite me to watch a video at there house. I've yet to watch a video all the way through without having them scream my name. Big gurls love to watch videos and eat at the same time. I try to take advantage.

I refocused my attention next door. She had long platinum blond hair. She had it tied in a pony tail down her back. She was wearing some big grey slippers. She was getting some water from her sink. She had her left hand on her big hip. She then moved sideways to give me a better look. It was hard to tell what she was hiding under her big pajamas. But I could tell her huge ass was bigger than her huge cleavage. Her ass was falling out the top of her tight pajama bottoms. I smiled as she shifted her thick thighs. A few minutes later the little guy from this morning walked in behind her. I did not see him at first. She almost 5ft 10 and towers over him. She smiled as she gave him her glass of water. A minute later the lights next door went out. I went back to the couch to watch some TV.

It was almost the same routine as yesterday. But I got off work at noon instead of 5pm like yesterday. I walked to the back of the video store. I walked in the Adult section. I passed through the plastic beads in the doorway to the back section. I pulled out three or four movies. There all dealt with super hot bodacious MILF's and younger men. I got hard just looking at the bodacious women on the covers. It had been a few days since I jerked off. It was going to be a long day of masturbating when I got home. I could feel my cock get harder as I walked through the store. I held up the DVD's as I went through the front door. My boss shook his head. He was probably mad I took them before he could take them home tonight. His wife was a bitch to him all the time. She was one skinny bitch who had total control over him.

I stopped to get some baby oil and a new issue of Juggs at the store on the way home. I pulled in my driveway to see the moving truck finally leaving. I guess they got all there stuff moved into the house. I looked out my front windshield to see the small guy picking up one last box. I put my car in park and got out. I had the videos in a plastic bag with my baby oil and the Juggs Magazine.

"Hey neighbor." said a male voice behind me. I turned to see the small guy. "What's up?" I said. "Frank Powers! Glad to meet you." he said. "Buck! Buck Kelly....Need some help with that box?" I said. He was having problems getting his hands around the box to pick it up. "Yeah! I guess....Thanks for the help." he said. I walked over and picked up the box. I handed him the plastic bag. He opened his front door as I followed him inside. "You can put the box right over there. What's in the bag?" he said. "I work at a video store. Got some movies." I said. He peeked in and then his hand froze. His eyes got big. He shut the bag real quick and handed it back to me. I smiled.

"Nice place you got here Frank. How do you like living here so far?" I said. "Thanks. We love it. My wife Brenda and I." he said. "Oh! Where your wife?" I said. "She at the grocery store. She only good for cooking and cleaning. I always say. That women's work" he laughed. "Ok! So where do you work?" I said. "I'm a traveling salesman for a big insurance company in town. We moved from North Carolina. Were from a small town back in the woods." he said. "How long you been married?" I said. "About ten years. I think. Don't tell her that. We got married right out of high school. She had a progeny scare. Now we've been trying for a few years. I do anything to make that happen." said Frank.

We made some more small talk. A few minutes passed when I heard a car pull up into his driveway. "Speak of the devil." he laughed. He turned to walk out of his living room toward the front door. He opened it up and yelled something to his wife. I was still holding the movies in my right hand. I took a peek inside. I pulled out the top movie and took another glance at the cover. The movie was about a BBW MILF who had sex with her son's friends. Each girl had curves to match the size of the guys penis. I looked over the top of the cover to see if Frank had gone out to help his wife. I put the movie back in the bag. I then looked to my right to see a brown box on the kitchen table. I walked over to inspect the box. It was marked "Wife Stuff." I took a peek inside to see a old makeup bag. Some old hair spray and a used box of hair dye.

I was still standing there as I heard his wife getting closer to the front door. I got a quick thought. I then smiled. I love to play practical jokes on people. I should leave a video in the box for his wife to find. She so conservative. It might blow her mind. Not to mention, maybe a chance I could watch her watch the movie. I reached in my plastic bag to pull out the top movie. It was the one with the hot BBW MILF fucking the young guys. I slipped it in the box on top of the kitchen counter as she walked into her living room. I then turned to walk back into there living room.

"Brenda! This is Buck Kelly. He is our neighbor next door. He was helping with some boxes. Are you OK? Took you long enough to get back from the grocery store. Did anybody talk to you? Did you go through the line with the old woman who works there? You better not have use the line with any of those young men who work there. " her husband said. I smiled. She had her big red baggy blouse tucked in her big white conservative dress pants. She was wearing some black flat shoes that were to small and to wide for her feet. She looked down at her flats squeezing her small feet. She was not wearing any perfume, makeup and her long hair was in a bun on top of her head. She also was wearing some red glasses that sat low on her nose. She was looking over the top of her glasses at me.

"Nice to meet you. Mr. Kelly." she said. "Very nice to meet you Brenda. Let me help with those grocery bags." I said. I walked passed her and her husband. I picked up all thirteen grocery bags and headed back inside. She giggled as I flexed my muscles and put the bags on the kitchen table next to her box. "I better be heading home. Got a few movies to watch." I said. Her husband was going through the white grocery bags. He was talking under her breath. She reached up to put some cans on a upper cabinet. I almost fainted when I saw her stretch. Her white pants rode up the crack of her big ass.

The rest of the night went by quickly. I fell asl**p in my chair. My shorts were around my ankles. I kept getting up to peek in next door, that I did not ejaculate from all the masturbating. I woke up with baby oil all over my clean shaven cock and balls. I went upstairs to take a long shower.

It was close to 8am when I was started to get ready for work. I looked out my bedroom window to see my neighbor leaving for work. He was driving his Lexus as he pulled out of his driveway. I looked down to see my cock twitch. I had a dirty thought. Maybe his wife was going through the box this morning and found the movie. I picked up my cell phone. I called off work for today and tomorrow. I had four days until I had to go back to work. I figured she have enough time to spot the DVD in her box. Now! Would she play it.

I put on some body spray. Then a little cologne. I put on a tight black t-shirt. One size to small on my frame. I pulled some tan cargo shorts over my naked balls and ass. I left my underwear in the drawer. I slipped on some sandals and headed to my kitchen. I looked through my window into my neighbors kitchen. I did not see anything. It had been twenty minutes since Frank Powers went to work.

I walked out my front door. I looked over at my neighbor garage. The garage door was still open. It was half way down. Stuck open. I creeped into his garage. I saw the door leading into the house was unlocked. I turned the door knob and walked into the short hallway. I looked around to see if anybody was home. I peeked back into the garage. I did not see anyone. I turned to walk down the hall toward the kitchen. I walked inside. I walked over to the big box on the kitchen counter. The box was wide open. My cock twitched again. I saw the same junk inside from the day before. But there was no movie. "MMMm...Ahhhhh....Fuck me!!!!!" That noise was followed by a short moan. Was she watching the movie? I had to see for myself. I stuck my head around the corner into the living room.

A few feet from the big flat screen was Brenda. She had a white silk bathrobe on. It was open at the bottom and her big fat tits hung out the top. She had her hand under her white robe. She was masturbating as she watched the movie. I looked on screen to see a young guy feeding his cock into the hot MILF's mouth. I just smiled as Brenda kept fingering her swollen clit under her bathrobe. I looked around her living room to make sure no one but Brenda was home. It had only been twenty minutes since her husband left. She was close to having a big orgasm from her finger.

I took off my sandals and walked bare foot to the side of her chair. She had her eyes closed as she played with her pussy. She smelled of her first orgasm as she bite her upper lip and moaned very loud. I was only a few inches from her. She was not wearing any makeup. She had no perfume on. Her finger and toe nails were not painted. She had just come from the shower. She had missed a few spots of water on her body. Her big fat nipples were fully erect. They were the size of my two thumbs. My 9 3/4 inch cock was almost at full attention. I looked down to see her feet were on the floor. Her legs wide open. Her bathrobe hung open more as she fingered herself faster. God was she hot. Almost too perfect for this Bodacious boy.

I slowly took off my shirt. I let it fall on her carpet next to the red sofa chair. I then unzipped my cargo shorts. They fell around my ankles. I stepped out of them and then looked down on her. I was on her left side near her elbow with my hard cock. A big glob of pre-cum was on the tip. My big naked balls were loose and bounced under my shaft. I looked down to see my large purple vein that went down my shaft twitch.

"Ummmm..." I cleared my throat. Her eyes popped open. She reached to cover her big fat breast and remove her hand from under her bathrobe. "What? What are you doing here Mr. Kelly? My husband at work. How did you get in?" she said. "I knocked on your front door but you dd not answer. I walked over to your garage. I saw the door open. Your husband must have left it open. I was looking for a movie I lost. The last time I had it. Was when I was here yesterday." I said. The MILF on the TV moan again. "I see you found it. How is it, so far? Do you like it?" I said.

Her face was all red from being surprised. She looked around. She did not notice I was naked just yet. Her eye were still glassed over from her first orgasm. Her finger on her left hand dripped from her juices. Her breast rested on top of both her arms. She could not cover them. They were so big. Her bathrobe was still wide open at the bottom and top. I noticed she had tied a big white knot around her midsection to keep her bathrobe on. "I...I did not hear the front door or the garage opening up. I would have come right to the door.....Wait!! Why are you naked. Why is your....c..o...c..k out. Mr. Kelly I am a married woman." she said very low.

"It's Ok! I saw you were naked. I thought you might have a rule on being naked, in your house. Looks like the movie is pretty good. I was hoping to watch it last night. I could not find it this morning. I decided to retrace my steps. I just just never though I left it here yesterday. Maybe your husband borrowed it. When I was not looking." I said. "Mmmmmm...I don't have any rules about being naked in my house. In fact, I prefer we both get dressed. My husband would be very upset about you being here naked. My husband would not borrow this movie. He does not like big women. He is still mad I never lost weight from our baby scare. He has to much money invested in our marriage to let it fail. He does not watch porn. Mr. Kelly." she said.

I smiled. She still had not made any attempt to pull her bathrobe shut. "I beg to differ. All guys watch porn. He must have some crazy porn fetish. Maybe he likes BDSM or little people porn. To bad he does not like big women. I adore them. Especially hot ones that live next door to me. Maybe I should call him and tell him what I just walked into. I am sure he want to know." I said with a stern tone. Her mouth dropped open. "No! Please don't. It's been so long since he has touched me. He forbids me from touching myself. He does not approve of me masturbating. He would be very upset with me. You should leave Mr. Kelly. Before he gets home." she said.

"I don't think he is coming home anytime soon. I think he is gone for the day. Plus its OK that you touch yourself. Look! I play with myself all the time." I said. I started to jack my cock over her. The big glob of pre-cum fell off the tip onto her belly. She looked to the side to watch me play with myself. "See! There nothing wrong with it. Do you like my cock?" I said. Her eyes kept getting bigger watching me. "Listen! Let's make a deal. I will tell him nothing about today. You can masturbate all the time now. You can come down to the video store and pick out your own movies. For free." I said. "Mmmm..What the catch?" she said. "You help me out. Just jack my cock in your hands. A few tugs, for a lifetime of having a neighbor who can keep a secret. What do you say?" I said. She looked around my ass toward the front door.

"Ok! But this better be it. I want some new movies. More romance. None of this just fucking the woman all the time. Some dialogue would be nice." she said. I just smiled and let go of my cock. She reached up with her two small hands. Her left palm was hot from fingering herself earlier. Her right hand touched my hard abs above my cock. I moved my hips forward to let her get a better grip. She slowly started to jack my cock. "Use your right hand to play with my balls." I said. "Your cock is so big, Mr. Kelly. It's huge compared to my husband. You have no hair on your body. Your balls weigh a ton. Do you shave them all the time?" she said. I smiled and watched her cup my balls and jack my cock.

"Are you close? Close to shooting?" she said. "No! Takes a few minutes. I can last quite awhile. Maybe if you open your robe more. Let me see what your hiding down there." I said. She thought for a few seconds. I reached down with my long arms. I grabbed one end of the satin knot around her waist. I pulled on one side, causing it to be set free. Then both sides of her robe fell open. She had such big hips. A sexy big waist. I could see some dark blonde pussy hairs on the bottom of her waist. But I could not see her pussy from were I was standing. Her belly button was moving as she jacked my cock. She pulled tighter toward her. Almost made me fall over her. I moved my feet under her chair. My cock was inches from her face.

Her eyes were getting bigger as she looked directly at my cock. Her two small hands jacked my cock from the base to the tip. "Here this might help. If you move your hands toward you. Instead of pulling your one arm over." I said. I moved around her legs. Her two big thighs pushed under my legs. My cock was not staring right at her. She dropped her hands. Then put them back on. Now she was moving her hands toward her face. My cock was now back near her face. I could feel her body under mine. Her skin on mine. I looked down to see some sweat dripping off me onto her large frame. She smiled as she saw I was checking her out some more.

I then reached down to put my big hands on her breast. She gasped. "Sir! What are you doing? I was just suppose to give you a hand job." she screamed. "Oh! I just thought this might help me cum quicker. Plus there so big and so damn hot. I just had to help my self. Keep jacking my cock Brenda. Your doing a great job. I am very close." I said. She went back to jacking my cock. I was flopping her big breast in my hands. I pushed them together and then let them drop to her sides. She had such a huge valley of cleavage. It was to big to describe. I started to tug on her big nipples. I looked over my shoulder to see her feet move. Her toes curl up on one end.

"Buck! My nipples are so sensitive. Your making me very wet. It's been since my honey moon ten years ago that Frank made me cum from playing with them. He stopped after that. Please don't" she moaned. I smiled. I then pinched her nipples. I started to pull them up toward my body. She was moaning more. Her flesh was getting more red. Her legs pushed on my muscular thighs. Her breathing had increased. Her breast almost touched my big hanging balls. I bent my knees slightly letting my balls hit her chest.

She gasped again. "What are you doing? Are you close? God your burning my nipples. I can't breath Mr. Kelly." she moaned. I looked down to her big waist moving. She was gasping for air. "Your getting worn out from jacking. Stop!!! Put your hands on the arm rest. That it. Breath deep. I don't want to loose, what you started. Here allow me to help." I said. She put her hands down. Her eyes were glassed over again. I dropped my cock down between her breast. I open my mouth to spit on my cock. I then put my hands on either side of her huge breast. I pushed them around my cock. Just the tip was sticking out the top near her mouth.

Her mouth dropped open. "What are you doing. I'm married!" she screamed "Shh! Shhh! It's Ok. I am so close Mrs. Powers. God your big fat breast feel great wrapped around my cock. Does your husband fuck these amazing breast? I would fuck them every day. God your making me want to blast a big load on your face." I moaned. She looked startled as I kept fucking her big fat breast. She was now moaning. "My husband does not like my breast. He can't be near them. He makes me wear my fat clothes, as he calls them, to cover them up." she moaned. "Drop your hand down to your pussy baby. That it. Try!! Keep trying." I said. She could not reach her pussy with her big breast and waist in the way. I smiled as she followed my cock leaving her breast. I almost touched her lips with the last stroke.

"Squeeze my ass baby. Mrs. Powers I am about to cum. Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue." I said. She kept her mouth closed. Her eyes got big. "No! Mr. Kelly I will not open my mouth for you. Oh god!! Your cumm......Mmmmmmm!" she stuttered. I looked down to see my cock explode in her face. When she was telling me "No!" her mouth was just open a little. I aimed my cock right for her lips. She got some in her mouth. She was gagging and trying to move her head. I covered her forehead, nose and chin. Her lips looked like she was wearing white lip stick. I dripped some on her neck. I wiped my cock on her big breast. Circling a big cum trail on her nipples. She screamed again. She was then speechless for the first time.

After a few minutes. I reached down with my left hand. I scooped some of my load off her chin. I put my wet finger in her mouth. She licked it clean. I then scooped some more. She licked that clean. I could tell she liked being cum on. It was probably her first time. I put my semi hard cock back in her mouth. "Clean it off Mrs. Powers. That a good wife. Now! We need to clean off the evidence of your masturbation session. Take me to your bathroom. Upstairs!" I demanded.

She got off the chair. I pulled off her silk robe. "Leave it for the laundry. Also wash my clothes and bring them to my house tonight after your husband gets home. Tell him you have to run an errand. Make sure you clean all my sperm of that chair when you get a chance. I hate for your husband to find any evidence." I said. I followed her big fat naked ass upstairs. We walked down the hall to her master bedroom. I already guess it was going to be plain and dull. I was just not expecting nothing but a bed in the room. A big king size bed. I was already getting ideas of what to do with her on it.

We walked passed her bed. I kicked some of her clothes off the floor into her closet. "You need to keep this place cleaner. I don't like a mess. Also you need to shave that big hairy blonde bush of yours or trim it down. It's also a mess. Have it done before you come with my laundry tonight. You need to clean this bathroom next. It's a mess too. Get in the shower. Start some water." I said.

I sat on the toilet. "Keep the curtain open. Clean your face and then your body. Wash your hair. That a good wife. Looking much better. You need to be clean at all times. Keep washing. I am laying out what you should wear to my house later. Don't let your husband see you." I said. I picked out some small denim shorts that she had all the way in the back of her closet. I pull out a big light blue shirt. I took some scissors off her dresser. I cut a big "V" in her shirt. Then I cut up her denim shorts to make them look like a big fat pair of Daisey Dukes. I wanted to see her big breast almost falling out of the top and her ass out the bottom. I looked around. She had no high heels. I pulled out some white flips flops. I pulled out some red lipstick and red nail polish for her to wear.

"Brenda! Your not to wear any panties or a bra tonight. Paint your finger and toe nails with the color I left out for you. Also put on the lipstick, I left on your bed. Don't question anything. Also don't kiss your husband when he comes home. Ignore him. Now move over. You need to wash me." I said. She moved to the front of the shower. I left the curtain open. I could see both of us in the big mirror running down the side of the bathroom. She bent down to wash my cock and balls. She then washed my back and my muscular ass. She gave it a big squeeze.

Once I was completely clean. We both got out. Her first. "Your going to air dry. Use your tongue to dry me off. Start at my feet." I said. I then pushed her head down to my feet. She licked all the way up to my cock. She then licked my abs and chest. I made her lick my nipples extra long. She then licked my neck and all around my ears. I could feel her belly on my cock as she worked her magic. After a few minutes, I pointed for her to sit down on the toilet.

I smiled. I moved over in front of her. She scooped up her big breast, with out me asking. She placed them under my balls. I could feel them fall on her big breast. She smiled as my cock enter her mouth. She sucked my cock with her breast under my balls for thirty minutes before I blasted another load down her throat.

I sat on her bed as she cleaned her bedroom. She cleaned her bathroom next. I continued to watch her clean naked. I sat on the couch as she cleaned down stairs. I then watched her clean her kitchen. She got some dish soap on her big fat nipples. I made her take another shower before I left. This time she fingered herself in the shower as I watched. She screamed my name as she orgasm again. It was close to 4pm when I left her in the shower. Her husband was due home any in about an hour. My cock was getting hard as I walked naked to my house. I shut my door.

An hour later I heard his Lexus pull into his driveway. I walked passed my kitchen window to see Brenda running from her laundry room. She had my clothes in her hands and her husband was home. She was naked. Her big breast bounced out of view.


Part 2 cumming soon.
"The Video Store"
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2 years ago
Thanks for sharing the story Buck, look forward to reading part #2.
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hot story
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How i wish i lived next door to you! i'd come over and serve you every day after my hubby left for work.
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verry nice
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love it!
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Outstanding story.
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very erotic ,
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Excellent story
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allsome story, part2 ?
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Hot story man looking forward to the rest