Buck and Gina, Part III

Wrote part III a few days ago, thought I posted it, but no record of it. So I'm re-writing it, hope the other Part III doesn't show up.

Anyway, after the initial full out lust fuck between Gina and I, we got out of bed and went outside. Gina explained no one would be around until possibly Friday, as the rest of the nearby cottages were empty during the week. Gina sat out nude, I had my swim trunks on. I went over to her and started to kiss and fondle her. Next thing I knew, I was going down on her and fingering her pussy. I grabbed her and we headed back inside, though not to the bedroom, I took her into the living room and laid her on the floor, where I entered her and started a long, slow fuck, my cock sliding all the way in and then slowly out. Gina wrapped her legs around my waist as we kissed and fucked. After a while she said she wanted to be on top, but also wanted to go back to the bedroom. I got up and went to the bedroom and laid down, Gina straddled me and plunged herself down on my cock. We fucked like that for a while, until Gina started to cum - she arched her back and moaned as she came hard - I followed her lead quickly - shooting my load into her drenched pussy. She sat on my cock until it softened and fell out. We lay there for a while. The rest of the day and night were sex filled. Not having to leave or get home was wonderful.

The next morning I woke and went to the bathroom. As I came back to bed Gina was laying there, on her stomach, her ass looked great and my cock started to stir. Gina opened her eyes and said "Good morning - get back into bed and lay on your back." I did and she stroked my cock - then looked at me and said "I'm going to give you a good morning blow job - I want you to shoot in my mouth. Every morning you are here, this will be how you wake up." I certainly wasn't going to argue. Gina nestled between my legs and licked my shaft, then sucked the head before starting to take more of my cock into her mouth. She was making a point to keep eye contact we me as she bobbed up and down on my cock. It was heavenly. She increased her tempo, pulling her mouth off me and stroking it while saying "I want you to cum." She went back down on me and I was so turned on that I started to spurt into her mouth, then shot a big load, which she swallowed. She sucked and licked my cock and then released it - with a big smile. "Good morning - and the day is just beginning."

Later on we went to the beach - Gina nude, rubbing lotion on each other, kept me in a constant state of want. After a while, Gina suggested we head back to the cottage for some lunch. We walked naked until we got to the part of the beach were clothes were needed - Gina throwing on her long t-shirt, me my swimming trunks.

When we got to the cottage, I asked Gina if she'd like me to make some cocktails. "I'd love one - but later - right now I want to forget the tail and just focus on the cock," she said. I sat in one of the chairs and Gina came over to me, I caressed her butt as she kissed me and then pulled my trunks off. She stroked my cock and then bent down to suck it. I got so hard. She turned around and lifted her skirt, her ass right there, and then started to sit down, guiding my cock into her pussy, as she started to fuck me on the chair. I reached around to play with her breasts as she grind her hips on me. I was afraid the chair would break. I had her get off me and I got up, pulling her shirt off so we were both nude. I grabbed her hand and brought her over towards the table, spinning her around and having her bed over the patio table. I thrust into her pussy, fucking her hard as I grabbed her hips while fucking her from behind. I pulled out and led her to the lawn, where I had her lay down and I got on top of her to continue fucking. She wrapped her legs around me as I thrust into her until I came deep inside her pussy. We lay on the lawn, panting. "I'll have that cocktail now" she said, a big smile on her face. I got up to go, Gina sitting on the ground - I helped her up, gave her a big kiss and went to make cocktails.

We sat outside, naked, having drinks, then some lunch. And then fucked again - this time spreading a blanket out on the lawn while Gina rode me until I came again. The rest of the day and night were like that - we just had sex all the time. Gina was insatiable. She kept hinting that she had a surprise planned for the weekend, and hoped I would like it - but she refused to give me any hints.

We made slow, sensual love before falling asl**p. A big smile on my face knowing I'd wake up to a hummer. Life was fantastic.

More to come....
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