Buck, the New Yorker & Band Camp - Final

This story starts off where part 3 left.

I was at the pool, tired from a wild day of sex - and what had turned into a pretty exciting week! Marilyn came to the pool and set up on the opposite side of the pool with some other woman. She had a point of bending over and displaying her ass in her bathing suit to me. I was almost too tired to get stirred, but I felt my cock start to twitch. I was thinking about what the night might have in store for me with Susan. My phone buzzed and it was Susan, who said she was going to spend the night with the boys, as tomorrow was the last day of camp. She told me they'd be finished early and she was looking to spend the afternoon with me - and she told me she wanted to have lots of loving.

I decided to leave the pool and get a quick bite to eat and maybe a nice night of sl**p. Later that night Marilyn texted me, saying we should go for a walk near the lake nearby in the morning. I agreed and waited until morning.

The next morning I talked with Susan - she'd come to my unit at around 1:00 pm - so I had the morning to spend by myself (that's what she thought, anyway). I texted Marilyn and drove over to near her unit, when she got in the car - looking very sexy with a tight top that showed off her boobs and a denim short skirt. She didn't look like she was dressed for a hike.

As we drove to the lake - a short drive, Marilyn pulled up her skirt to reveal she wasn't wearing panties. That got my cock stirring! Marilyn rubbed my cock through my shorts and kissed my neck as I drove - I wanted to park the car - and soon. We entered the park and there was hardly any cars there - I parked way back in the lot. Once I stopped, Marilyn hopped out of the car and headed towards a picnic table. She sat at the table, facing out and had me stand in front of her - she unzipped my pants and pulled my rapidly hardening cock out- stroking it and then leaning forward to suck on it. I could see a few folks walking around the lake in the distance, but they couldn't see what we were doing. I reached to squeeze her breasts as she sucked my deep into her mouth. She pulled her mouth off my cock and said "Fuck me now".

I pulled her off the seat and had her kneel on the table bench, with her elbows on the table supporting her. I grabbed my cock and started to rub it against her pussy lips, while I pulled her skirt up so I could see her ass. I worked my cock into her from behind, slowly, deeply thrusting, and then increased my tempo. She was pushing her ass back towards me so that we were slapping into each other. I'm sure a couple of folks could now see what was happening, but no on bothered us. I kept pumping my cock into her pussy, until I could feel I was going to cum - and when I did, I spurted and spasmed a large load into her pussy. I pulled out and she turned around, cleaning my cock with her tongue and licking her juices and my cum off of it. I stuffed my cock back into my pants - and asked her what she wanted to do. "Take me back to my unit- we still have some time left this morning." I had to watch my speed as I drove quickly back. We got to her unit and when we got in the door we attacked each other. I pulled her skirt down and pulled her top off - she almost ripped my shirt off as she got me naked. We went to the bedroom where she started to suck me again, getting me really hard, before telling me to lay down on the bed so she could ride me. She lowered herself onto my cock, grinding her pussy and just going wild. She started to moan and then she came, continuing to ride my cock, until she came again. She pulled off me and I rolled her over, entering her doggy style again - when she told me to fuck her ass. I pulled out and got some lube from the night table - squirting some on my cock then then working some into her asshole. I pushed my cock up against her tight butt hole, slowly working it in until I started to pump in and out- she was thrashing back at me and telling me to fuck her, while she used a had to play with her clit. I grabbed hold of her hips as I fucker her ass, and when I knew I was going to cum and pulled out and told her to get her face in front of my cock - she did and I stroked until I shot my load on her face, leaving her a nice facial. Marilyn used her hand to clean her face, licking the cum off her hand until she was pretty clean.

We laid together for a while, then knew that we had to part. Marilyn told me she wanted too see me again, and she'd text me - I was all for that.

I left and went back to my unit, showering so that I was clean for when Susan showed up. She was late, showing up close to 2:00 pm. She gave me a big kiss and then said she needed to use the bathroom. She had a small back with her - so I was wondering what she was up to. She came out in a few minutes dressed in black thigh highs, heels and nothing else. I was instantly hard. She put a leg up on the couch where I was sitting, giving me a nice view of her pussy - when she told me to eat her. I didn't need to be told twice. I put my lips on her pussy lips, kissing them, then using my tongue to lick her until I parted her lips, working my lips and tongue towards her clit. I swirled my tongue around her clit, teasingly nibbling on it with my teeth, as I worked a finger into her pussy. She was breathing heavy and grabbing my head to pull it into her pussy. I kept working her clit while fingering her, until I could tell she was going to cum. She started to grind against my face until I felt her spasm as she came, grabbing my head and jamming it into her pussy. She let go and immediately got on her knees as I stood up before her, she pulled my shorts down, my cock springing up before her, when she grabbed it stuck it in her mouth, sucking on it heavily and loudly. She was really sucking and licking my cock, I was afraid I might come too quickly. She stopped sucking and said she needed to be fucked hard.

I grabbed her and pulled her to the bedroom, plopping her on the bed on her back, as I grabbed her heels and bent her legs up over her head - I then rammed my cock into her pussy - and immediately started to pound her hard. I was pile driving her as she moaned and yelled at me to fuck her harder. Her legs were up around my shoulders as I drove into her, I was like a machine - I was so horny! I pulled out and had her get on her hands and knees. I slapped her ass a few times and then entered her from behind, grabbing her hips and plowing her doggy style. My balls were slapping against her and she was matching my rhythm. I could feel a load rising up in me, so I pulled out and told her I wanted to cum in her mouth. She scrambled around, grabbing my cock and putting it in her mouth - I grabbed her head and pulled her onto it as I shot my load. I kept my hands there until the last spasm - I wanted her to get it all.

Afterwards, we lay there for a bit. Somehow the afternoon slipped away as we kissed and licked and nibbled each other. Susan was going to have to go so she wanted to take a shower. I joined her, and she sucked my cock until I came again. We washed and dried and said goodbye.

The trip that I didn't want to take had turned into a great week!

More stories to follow.
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