Buck in the Big Easy Part I - A Sexy MILF

I regularly went to New Orleans for a trade show - it was always a lot of work but I always seemed to get lucky - something about the 'Big Easy' seemed to make woman very easy.

A few years back I was working a trade show - long hours and pretty tiring. After the day of talking to customers, demos, etc., there was usually some sort of happy hour sponsored by one of the big customers for the vendors. After a few days they can get tiring. My company's product line had competitors - and we all seemed to know each other from being at the same shows, etc. On the third day of the show I was at a happy hour, planning on bugging out early, when Ann, a sales support person from a competitor came over to talk to me - she said she was also going to get out of there. We were staying at the same hotel, so we walked back, taking a to go drink with us. I suggested we get a drink somewhere, but Ann said she wanted to change - especially out of her shoes. We went back to the hotel and changed in our rooms- she called me to ask if I wanted to get some drinks at the hotel bar and bring them up to her room - it sounded good to me.

Drinks in hand, I went to Ann's room - she had changed into a t-shirt and jeans and was saying how tired she was and her feet ached. I offered to give her a foot massage - she agreed and started to rub and massage her feet. Ann was a very good looking, shapely, early 40's divorcee with a few k**s. She was enjoying the foot massage and asked if I could give her a back rub. I agreed - she then said she'd make it easy for me - she took her blouse and jeans off and got in the bed and unhooked her bra. She had a beautiful behind and I was fighting off a hardening cock. I got on the bed and started to massage and knead her neck and shoulders, working down her back. I nestled myself over her ass - my cock was getting hard in my jeans and I'm sure she could feel it rubbing against her ass. I kept massaging her and worked my self down to her butt - gently massaging her butt cheeks then her thighs. She was giving little moans of pleasure. I moved my hands to the inside of her thighs, rubbing up against her panties - I detected some moistness. I bent over and kissed her back - she didn't protest, so I kissed down to the small of her back, gently rubbing a finger along her panties covering her pussy. I started to move me hand inside her panties - she said "Stop - just take them off". I took her panties off and started to work my finger into her pussy, then rubbing her clit, while I kissed her back and then her butt cheeks.

I worked two fingers into her wet pussy, she was slowly wiggling her ass and bucking a little - she turned around and told me to get naked. I stripped off my clothes and flipped her over on her back - I dove down between her legs - licking her pussy and then sucking and licking on her clit - taking it into my mouth and sucking on it and nibbling on it. She was starting to breath a little harder now and was urging me to keep doing what I was doing. "I'm cumming" she screamed and she bucked against my face and spasmed to an orgasm. I lay there with my tongue still licking her when she told me to get up and lay down - I obeyed and she gave me a big kiss on the lips and then worked her lips down my chest, to my stomach, finally taking my cock into her mouth - licking it and sucking on it as she cradled my balls with her hand. I was so hard and excited I thought I'd cum in her mouth - but Ann had other plans - she stopped sucking me and straddled my cock - her breasts were average size but with large nipples and she grabbed my cock and worked it her pussy. She started to ride me - first slow and then fast - her breasts swaying in my face - my hands where on her hips guiding her up and down - she then got off my cock and told me to fuck her from behind.

She got on her hands and knees and I entered her - first with some long, slow strokes, then increasing the tempo - I was grabbing her hips and then reached up and pulled on her hair - she told me she liked that then told me to slap her ass - I cracked her right cheek, then her left, as I continued to fuck her. I let go of her hair and pushed her head down onto the bed, her ass sticking up in the air as fucked her. I was getting close to cumming and I told her so - she said she didn't want me to cum inside her, so I pulled out and she scrambled around and started to suck my cock again - she was furiously bobbing up and down on it as I started to cum, by body was shaking as I shot my load into her mouth.

We both collapsed on the bed and laughed - we had both really needed that release. We finally had that drink and then some dinner and spent the night.

The next day brought a totally different adventure - my first GILF - I'll tell that in another post.
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