Buck Scores a Double First - First Milf and First

I was in my 20's when I was transferred from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest. I moved out there and I liked it - but I didn't know anyone and I had been not going out with anyone. After about three weeks out there, getting settled and getting used to the place, I decided to explore - and I was horny.

I went downtown to an area where there were a lot of clubs and bars. I went in a few of them, trying to find a rocking place - I finally found a bar where I heard some good music - the band was great - some rock, some blues - and lots of folks were dancing and partying big time. I had a few beers and danced with a few woman - but nothing more than that - but if felt good to be out and there were lots of women in the bar - many were older than I.

After some time, an older woman - she was I guessed in her late 30's or early 40's sidled up next to me - she was latino looking, about five foot seven and had a few extra pounds - but she had nice full lips, full breasts and a nice round butt. She had a great smile and started to talk to me - she introduced herself as Christina. We danced for a while, had a few drinks, and talked. I was getting horny talking to her, and as we hit the dance floor again both of us stated to brush up closer to each other and she was smiling and laughing. I found out she was 41 - so she was 15 years older than me - divorced and a mother of a 6 year old.

After getting off the dance floor, sh suggested we go outside and get some air - it was hot and smokey in the bar and the band was on a break. We went outside and we kissed - and then kissed some more - holding each other and roaming our hands over each other. She said that we should go - and she suggested her place - she lived in a suburb right outside of town. I followed her there and as soon as we got in her house we started to rally make out - french kissing and I was grabbing at her butt and her boobs. She led me into her bedroom - a nice king size bed took up most of it - and she said her son was at her mother's so - and she proceeded to strip - I did the same - I sucked on her big, full nipples and she got on her knees and started to suck my cock - I was hard as a rock - and extremely horny.

She pushed me back on the bed and kept sucking on my cock - I pulled her away from my cock, got her on her back on the bed and went down on her - she was very, very wet. She told me she wanted my cock in her pussy right away - and I slid easily into her wet pussy - she had her legs up in the air and was grabbing at me - pulling her into her pussy. I was slamming her and she was yelling she was going to come - I felt her come and then I knew I wouldn't last much longer - she told me to pull out and put my cock back in her mouth I did and I came in her mouth. We pulled away and she told me it had been a long time - it had been a while for me also.

In a very short time she started to suck my cock again and get me hard - I got hard and started to fuck her again - after a little while I told her I wanted to do her from behind - she got on her hands and knees - that wonderfully full butt staring back at me as I eased my cock into her pussy, grabbed her hips and started to do her doggy style. I slapped her ass and she yelled to slap her harder - I slapped her ass a few more times - it started to turn red. She turned around to me and asked me if I wanted to fuck her ass - I hadn't done that before and I told her yes. She had me stop fucking her and got some lube out of the nightstand. She told me to lube my cock and her ass - she said it had been a long time since she had anal - I told her I had never done it. This seemed to really turn her on - she put her ass up in the air and spread her cheeks and told me to put my cock in.

I worked my cock slowly into her ass - it was much tighter than her pussy - and she kept urging me to get it in there deep. I started to move in and out - just the top of my cock at first - then working it deeper until I was all the way in - she was yelling at me to fuck her ass - and I started to really work it - My cock felt great in her ass - she was moving her big ass back and forth as I pumped - she was working her clit with one hand and yelled she was coming - she came - her ass clamped down on my cock - I thought she was going to break it - but then she relaxed again and kept fucking her tight hole. I could feel the cum welling up in me and I told her I was going to come - she wanted me to come in her ass and I did - pumping her ass with a full load of my cum. I kept my cock in her ass until it slid out - what a ride it had been.

Christina had more plans for me and that night we fucked in all kinds of positions and I used all her holes. The next morning she sucked me off and then later we screwed in the shower. She was my horny, horny MILF - my first older woman - and I learned that older woman were great - and I've had the pleasure to be with many of them through the years.
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