Buck's First Time Receiving a Real BJ

When I was still in High School, I had a girl friend that I started to have sex with - she was my first. We graduated from French Kissing, to heaving petting, to heavy foreplay, to hand jobs and finger fucking to finally screwing. She had, at times, licked my cock during foreplay - even sucking on it a little - but never had she brought me to an orgasm with her mouth - which was okay because we were screwing whenever we could.

I also had a job a few afternoons a week at a company, working in the office as part of a program to get some good experience for college and beyond. There was a girl that used to come in on Friday's from another school - her name was Lori. I assumed she was my age, and I knew she took the train in to work on Friday's while I drove. On Friday's we usually went out for drinks - but Lori never came, always going to catch her train. She was so cute and I tried to flirt with her - but all the guys were.

St. Patrick's Day fell on Friday and we all went out to a pub to have a few - and Lori decided to come along for a drink, maybe two and then catch her train - we were let out a little early from work because the boss wanted to go out drinking also. We all had a few drinks and Lori realized she was running late and announced she had to go quickly to catch her train. I was going to leave soon anyway, so I paid up and offered to take her to the station. She agreed, we drove to the station and she missed her train. She came back to thank me and said she'd wait for the next one, that came in about an hour and quarter. I knew the town she lived in and told her I'd drive her - she agreed and said she had to make a call.

In a few minutes she came back to tell me that she had called her parents to let them know she was taking the later train. We settled in and I drove up towards where she lived - I kept sneaking looks at her legs and the outline of her breasts. She caught me and smiled and at one point gave me a kiss on the cheek as a thank you for being so nice. When we got to her town I asked her to let me know where to go - she didn't bring me to her home - but to the large commuter lot at the train station. She had me park away from everyone and said she wanted to thank me - and preceded to give me a big kiss - with her tongue darting in my mouth. I responded back and we stared to really make out - my hands eventually roaming up to cup her breasts and caress her legs - her hand brushing at my crotch - which was growing. I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped a boob free of her bra and started to suck on the nipple - she didn't stop me - nor did she when I moved my hand under her skirt to find her panties. She was reaching from my crotch and rubbing it through my pants - I figured I'd get a hand job and maybe give her a good finger fucking - what the hell - it was better than nothing.

I pulled her panties down and started to finger her - eventually using two fingers to finger bang her - she was kissing me and telling me to keep going - and I did until she came. She said it was her time to please me and she unzipped my pants, unbuckling the belt and then sliding my pants and underwear down. She stared to stroke my cock - she asked me if I had any protection - damn - I didn't have any condoms on me - she smiled and said oh well, I'll have to improvise and she continued to stroke my cock. I figured I'd enjoy the handjob - when she moved and next thing I knew her mouth was on my cock - she was licking it and then sucking on it - taking it into her mouth. I was in heaven - I started to buck my hips a little and she responded by sucking me harder - she pulled her mouth off my cock and tried to like and suck my balls - but it was tough in the confines of the car. She went back to sucking on my cock and I felt the impending explosion coming in - I said that if she kept that up I was going to come - and she looked at me - took her mouth off my cock and told me that was the idea. She went back to sucking me and I was getting ready to come - I told her I was going to come and she just kept sucking - I put my hand on her head and pushed her down as I exploded into her mouth. My first real blowjob! I kept spurting into her until I grew soft.

After we were done, we got our clothes back together, Lori combed her hair and asked for breath mint - we hard the train coming into the station - she told me to wait until it came and then I could drive her to her house.

For the next few months, the Friday ritual was a few drinks, a drive to the station, a blow job and then drop her off. It was fun - and more things would happen with her once the summer came.
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