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How Buck met Rachel

The stories posted about Rachel and myself are true - part of a long sexual friendship the two of had when we worked together - and traveled together. I met Rachel when I first started at the company. I was in the headquarters, having lunch with a bunch of co-workers, when I saw her getting food and heading back upstairs to continue working. I was mesmerized when I saw her. I found out who she was and then found out I'd be working with her - a lot.

When we first met, we mostly were all business - and we both liked to go out for drinks after working at a client site - and after catching dinner.

After a few months on the road, we knew a lot about each other - both of us had divorced in the not too distant past. She had an on again, off again, relationship with her ex - who was about 15 years older then her and had, according to her, lost interest in her - but evidently not in other woman - especially those younger then her (we were both in our late 30's, approaching 40 at the time).

One night, having drinks at a hotel bar - Rachel looked at me and suggested we get some wine and head up to her room - she said she didn't feel like hanging around the bar - which was pretty empty and dead. I agreed. That was the best decision I had made in a long time.

As soon as we got to her room - we started to kiss, which led to stripping off each other's clothes and having wild sex. That was the first night of many more to come - some of which I've shared here already.

I'm also going to write about other encounters I've had.
Posted by buckaroot 2 years ago
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2 years ago
This could turn out to be very interesting, and downright erotic & sexy