Buck and Rachel - MMF - Part III

Ric and I sat in Ric's living room, naked, sipping wine while Rachel showered. Ric talked about how he couldn't believe what happened. After a while, the shower stopped and Rachel came back in - she was clean - and naked. We handed her a glass of wine and she looked at us and told the two of us that she was our little fuck slut for the rest of the night. I noticed that Ric was started to get hard again - he got up and stood in front of Rachel on the couch - and she started to suck his cock again. I started to get hard again, and I knew we were in for another round of fucking. Ric had Rachel kneel on the couch, ass facing him, her face hanging over the back of the couch - I went to her face and she started to suck my cock while Ric started to fuck her from behind again. He was grabbing her hips and then slapping her ass - she loved that - while he pumped her - she was groaning as she pushed back at Ric's thrusts while sucking my cock. I pulled out of her mouth and Ric pulled out and grabbed a throw blanket off a chair and put it on the floor - he laid down on it and Rachel mounted him in a reverse cowgirl - I positioned my cock in front of her mouth and started to fuck her sweet mouth.

Rachel was really riding Ric's cock, he was slapping her ass and I was grabbing her head and pushing her down on my cock. We were both getting a little rough with her, and she didn't mind - she was a total fucking machine at this point.

She pulled her mouth off my cock and said she wanted to go back to the bedroom - she got off of Ric and we followed her back to the big bed. She looked at us, sat on the edge of the bed and started to suck Ric's cock while she stroked mine. She then went back to my cock - sucking it and pumping Ric's cock. She then told Ric to get back on the bed so she could ride him again - she was enjoying pumping his cock from on top. This time she did a normal cowgirl and I took a position in front of her face, she fucked Ric while she sucked my cock - and after a short time took her mouth off my cock and told me she wanted my cock in her ass - she wanted both of us in her at once. I couldn't believe we were going to DP her!

I grabbed the lube and worked it on my cock, then lubed her ass hole. I stock a finger, then two in her ass, while she continued to have Ric fuck her wet pussy. I pulled my fingers out, positioned myself behind her - and worked my cock into her tight ass. It took me a short time to get into the same stroke timing as Ric - but after a short time we were both pumping her as she moved back against our cocks - Ric in her pussy, me in her ass. Rachel was grabbing at the bed and really groaning - making this deep whimpering noise - then yelling for us to fuck her hard. Both of us increased our tempo a little and I could feel Rachel's ass squeezing my cock - I wondered if her pussy was doing the same to Ric's cock. She yelled she was going to cum and then she spasmed, and spasmed again, yelling as she came all over Ric's cock - I knew I was close and guessed Ric was too - she yelled she wanted our cum inside her - I started to spasm and shot my load into her ass, and a few seconds later Ric yelled and he thrust upward as he came into her pussy. We both stayed in her for a short time, rocking our cocks in her holes - and then I pulled out and laid down next to Ric and Rachel pulled off Ric's softening cock. Cum was dripping out of her - and she had a huge smile on her face. More wine - she asked - and we grabbed some towels and went back into the living room to relax - until the next round.
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1 year ago
Hope to read the next round!
2 years ago
great story