Buck and Rachel - firm mmf - Part 2

Ric and I watched Rachel's beautiful ass as she led us to the bedroom. I looked at Ric - his cock was rock hard and he had a wild look in his eyes - this guy hadn't been with a woman in a long time - and not with anyone but his deceased wife for a very long time. We got to the bed and Rachel sat on it - I knew Ric needed his cock inside of her pussy, so I got Rachel on her hands and knees, positioned myself in front of her mouth and let Ric have at her from behind. Ric grabbed Rachel's hips and thrust his cock into her pussy hard - she gasped as he started to pump her hard - I took my cock and put it in her mouth - Ric was fucking her so hard that he was ramming her down on my cock - I watched him as he was in a frenzy - I knew he was going to explode soon - over a year's worth of pent up cum waiting to explode. I pulled out of Rachel's mouth and let her and Ric go at it - she was moving her ass and pussy back against his thrusting cock when Ric really grabbed tight onto her - Rachel wanted him to come all over her - so he pulled out - she flipped over and he shot a huge load all over her tits and stomach. He moved his cock up to her mouth and she started to clean his cock with her mouth.

I moved down and stuck my cock into her drenched pussy - pumping her as she cleaned Ric's cock. I wanted Rachel's ass - so I turned her over, got some lube and without a lot of playing around, stuck my cock in her ass - Ric looked at us in amazement as I pumped Rachel's ass with my cock - she was grunting as I drove deep into her amazing ass - it was still so tight even after fucking it a lot over the last few months. Ric was playing with his cock - and he said he'd love a shot at Rachel's ass - she looked at him and said her ass was mine and mine only - that made me start to pump her even harder - I felt her ass clench as she came - I slowed my tempo and started a slower, longer fuck into her ass. I felt my cum welling up and knew I would cum soon - I pulled out, Rachel turned around and I shot a full load into her open mouth and all over her face. She was dripping cum. Ric handed us each a glass of wine and we all laughed - Rachel was covered with cum - we were both spent (for now) and the bed was mess. After a few sips, Rachel grabbed Ric's cock and started to suck him - not long til he was hard again - she had him lie down and she straddled him - fucking his cock as he grabbed her ass and tits and pumped up into her. I started to get hard again looking at them and stood on the bed and offered my cock to Rachel, who took it deep into her mouth as she jumped up and down on Ric's cock. After a while I took my cock out of her mouth, she got off Ric and got on her hands and knees - I fucked her from behind, burying my cock in her pussy while Ric fucked her face. We spit-roasted Rachel for what seemed like a long time, until we both came - Ric unloading in her mouth while I shot a load into her pussy - the sperm dribbling down her leg.

We rested again, drank some wine, and Rachel said she needed a shower - and then winked that we should save our strength - the night wasn't over yet....
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