Buck and Rachel - Public Behavior

Rachel and I were at our company's headquarters for a week of training and meetings. We struggled to be able to spend time together due to so many fellow workers being around - and too many planned activities. We had to try to get together to work on our increasing lust without being found out by our co-workers - our relationship would have caused problems for both us at work.

On the third day, as we both increasingly got hornier and unable to get away, we had a brief break. At lunch, everyone split up to do different things. I decided to head to grab a quick bite at the hotel restaurant and then take a walk. As I was heading to go outside, Rachel came up behind me and ushered me to the nearest stairwell. We went down as far as we could and Rachel told me to get ready - she then unzipped my fly, took my cock out and started to suck furiously on my cock - she released her mouth from my hard cock and told me to not worry - just come quickly in her mouth - she wanted my cum. She then went back to sucking - taking my deeply and working her tongue on me - I grabbed her head as I thrust into her mouth - exploding into her as she swallowed my cum. She got up, popped a mint in her mouth and told me we'd have to try to get away.

The next night was a 'free night' - no planned activities. Rachel and I decided to go out to dinner. We were going to drive a few towns away to a bar that had good food. Rachel met me at the rental wearing a nice skirt, heels and a blouse - she looked great. As I started to drive, Rachel started to put her hands in her crotch and rubbing - after a while she took two fingers and put them to my mouth - lick my fingers she said - and I could taste her pussy on her fingers. She told me she was wearing crotchless panties - and pulled her dress up so I could see. She reached to my crotch and started to rub my cock through my jeans - then stopped and gave me a kiss on the face - whispering that later we'd have some real fun. All through dinner all I could think of was her pussy in those panties - I was having a hard time eating - and keeping myself from wanting to just jump her right at the restaurant.

We left and got back in the car - Rachel almost immediately started rubbing my cock through my jeans, and then unzipped my pants - pulling my stiff cock out. She started to kiss and lick the head of my cock - I was afraid I'd lose control of the car. As she started to suck me, I remembered there was commuter lot not far from where we were - I steered the car in that direction. When I got to the lot - there were still some cars there and no people around - I drove to the back of the lot, stopping the car as Rachel kept sucking me. I pulled her head off my cock so that I could kiss her, my hand squeezing a breast and then going down to her pussy - which was already wet. A bus stopped in the lot, letting commuters off, who went to there cars - as we kept kissing and fondling each other. I let go of Rachel and got out of the car, stuffing my cock back in my pants as I went around to the passenger side - I opened the door and pulled my cock back out, Rachel immediately sucking it. There was traffic on the road going by the lot, but we didn't care. I had Rachel get out of the car, lean back into it, I lifted her skirt and put my cock into her wet pussy. I started to fuck her hard from behind, not caring who was around or if we were being watched. Rachel was moving her hips back onto my cock as I grabbed her hips and started to really pound her - I could hear her start to moan and then start to spasm, her pussy gripping my cock and then I felt her wet gush as she came - and I followed very shortly after. I pulled away from her and put my cock back inside my pants. I noticed someone was sitting in a car not far from us, but didn't care. I got back in, we kissed and started to drive back to the hotel - but not before the person in the parked car gave a honk on the horn and a big wave - obviously he had seen us.

Later on that night at the hotel, we fucked on Rachel's balcony that overlooked the outdoor pool - and for the next few days we tried to find ways to get together for sex - outside, in a restroom - anywhere - it became a huge turn on.
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2 years ago
Great fun, the bigger the risk, the better the orgasm.
2 years ago
Hot for dam sure ,,thanks ,,will read some other ones as well,,