Buck and Rachel - first FFM continued

We went up to the room and Rachel opened the bottle of wine and poured drinks for us all - we toasted Susan's birthday. Susan said she wanted another birthday kiss - and I gave her one - she pushed her tongue into my mouth and we really went out it - my hands reached down to cup her buttocks in her tight jeans, her hand ran over my butt. As we kissed, Rachel went behind Susan and started to kiss the nape of her neck - Susan hesitated, and then thrust her tongue into my mouth - I knew this was going to be something special.

I reached my hands up to cup those magnificent breasts, and saw Rachel reach around Susan and start to unbuckle my pants - when she finished, she pushed my pants down and freed my cock from my boxers. She grabbed Susan's head and pushed her down - "Now this is your Birthday Cock" she said. Susan got down on her knees and started to kiss, lick and suck my cock. Rachel gave me a full kiss on the lips and went behind Susan - she pulled Susan's top off - leaving her breasts just in the bra - and then unfastened the bra and revealed Susan's big breasts - with large, erect nipples. Rachel cupped Susan's breasts, as Susan continued to suck my cock - Rachel got down on her knees and cut in - she wanted my cock in her mouth - both woman started to lick and suck my cock - and then kissing each other deeply - they kept this up - and I was thinking I wasn't going to last.

They both started to lick my cock at the same time - I was going mad. Susan stopped sucking and went behind Rachel - unbuttoning her blouse, taking it of and then removing Rachel's bra - the two beauties then knelt in front of me - Rachel, brunette, tall, pointy breasts, Susan, strawberry blond, shorter, stockier, bit heavy breasts. They took turns sucking my cock, looking at me as they did so. Rachel told me to cum in their faces - and Susan said the same - i pulled away from their mouths, stroked my cock a few times, and shot a load into their faces - another birthday present for our new friend Susan....

This story will continue...
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