Buck and Rachel - first FFM threesome

Another in the series.

Rachel and I were at a trade show in New Orleans. It was typical - long days - vendors having parties after - sheer hell ;-).

I was staying a day longer than Rachel - but the last night before she left we had a 'free' night - no vendor obligations. We went to a bar (hey, it was New Orleans) and settled in for some drinks. A nice band was playing. We sat next to a blond woman - maybe a few years older than us - looked familiar - probably from the show. We started to talk to her. Name was Susan - and it was her birthday. She was bummed that she was spending her birthday on the road - but such is the life.

We bought her a birthday drink and started to talk to her. The band played a great song and her asked her if the birthday girl wanted to dance. She did. We went to the dance floor - my eyes surveying her body - shorter than Rachel - maybe 5'5" or so, strawberry blond hair, a body that was curvey and bigger than Rachel in the boobs and ass - I liked. We danced a few fast songs, and then Rachel came out and joined - the two of them were so different in body - but I loved it. A slow song came on and I asked Susan to dance - (her name) - and we held each other tight - to my surprise she kissed - not a peck on the cheek - a full kiss - she said it was her 'birthday kiss'. Rachel came over and we all danced together - I was starting to get hot.

We stopped dancing and went back to the bar - Rachel had bought three birthday shots - just what I didn't need! Rachel suggested we leave and go back to her room - she had ordered a bottle of wine as a present. Susan was reluctant at first - but to my surprise - Rachel gave her a big kiss - her birthday kiss - and we were off...

Sorry for the boring story - setting up the next one - didn't want to make this too long....
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