Buck and Rachel - A Bad Girl Gets it Good

This is another in a series of stories about myself and a co-worker / lover / adventurer - Rachel - and some of our times together.

Rachel and I had been doing phone sex for about a month - waiting for when we could see each other. We were both going to be visiting the same client and Rachel kept telling me she had a surprise in store.

We met up and did our usual business tasks - including having a drink with the client. All the time I kept wondering what was in store - and also lusting after Rachel's body. When it came time to say goodbye to the client, we went back to the hotel - where Rachel told me to come up to her room in a little while.

I changed out of my business attire and waited - seemed like forever - and then went to her room - she came to the door with a short school-girl type skirt, a white blouse, white anklet socks and black heels - sort of like the fantasy catholic school girl that I had always wished I had in grade school. Rachel pulled me into the room and kissed me full on the lips, pulled away and said she had been a bad girl. She then proceeded to turn around and act like she was picking up something - I saw her sheer panties - I was getting instantly aroused.

She told me she had been bad - had been thinking of my cock - of it in her mouth, in her pussy and in her tight ass. She told me she needed to be punished for having these thoughts. I knew what she wanted - I sat down and had her lay over my lap and legs - ass in perfect position in front of me. I pulled her skirt up and started to slap her ass - she said it wasn't hard enough. I pulled her panties off and gave her ass some hard smacks - she squirmed and told me she needed more punishment. Calling her a dirty minded slut I slapped her ass harder - the cheeks becoming red and my cock getting erect. Her ass was red from my hand slapping her and then I told her she really needed to learn a lesson.

I had her get down on her knees in front of me and I took my hard cock out of my pants and shoved it into her mouth - I told her no hands allowed. I grabbed her head and pushed her mouth down on cock and started to fuck her face. I pulled out and had her get up, removing her blouse and sucking on her nipples, biting them gently as they became erect. I took off my clothes and her bend over the room's desk. I fingered here, feeling her wetness and stuck my cock in her pussy, fucking her from behind - giving her a few more slaps on her ass and she yelled yes, fuck me. I then had her get on the bed on all fours and I grabbed some lube, putting it on my finger and around her butt hole - working it in while I re-entered her pussy with my cock. I told her she was a bad girl - a slut - my slut - as I fingered her butt while stroking my cock in and out of her pussy.

I pushed her head down into the bed and lubed my cock and worked it into her butt hole - a little rougher than I had before - she yelped but I gave her red ass another slap and started to fuck her anally. I worked her butt hard - plunging in deep and giving her a ass a slap. She was fingering her clit and grunting as I plunged in and out of her. She came and I knew I was soon to follow, I pulled out, rolled her over and shot my load into her face - saying that was the reward bad girls got - and loved that she was a bad girl.

Later that night, we talked about other fantasies and adventures.
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