The Adventures of Buck and Rachel - Oral Explorati

As mentioned in my previous posts, Rachel and I worked for the same company and traveled - but didn't get to see each other as much as we wanted to. We tried phone sex - but it just wasn't the same. I could easily fantasize about her and make myself cum just thinking about going down on her. Something about the taste of her, the feel of her clit on my tongue, the feeling of her orgasmic spasms on my mouth could make me erupt.

We knew we'd be together at a meeting - but we'd have to sit through a day long series of meetings, and the obligatory dinner and drinks and colleagues afterwards. Throughout the day I had to fit back getting erections just looking at her. After dinner, we did go to the hotel bar for some drinks with co-workers, but after a while, Rachel left - leaving me with the guys. After a while I bid them good night and went to my room. Rachel had left a message to come to her room when I was ready. I quickly changed out of my suit into jeans and a shirt and headed for her room. She had left it slightly propped open for me so I wouldn't have to knock.

I went in and there she was, black push up bra, black garter and stockings and high heels. My cock almost burst through my jeans just looking at her. I rushed to her, kissing her full on the lips, our tongues intertwining, hands roaming over each other's body. I fell to my knees, eagerly kissing and licking at her pussy - I had been waiting to taste her for way to long. I put a finger in her wet pussy, my tongue finding her clit and licking it, flicking it, nibbling it. I got up and pushed her onto the bed - burying my head back into her pussy. I kept at it until I could feel her starting to spasm, she moaned as she came in a big gush that flooded me. I kissed my way up her body until we kissed - she being able to taste herself on my lips, tongue and in my beard.

She then got up and unbuckled my jeans, pulling them down to reveal my erect cock. She attacked my cock with her mouth, pinning me to the bed as she face fucked my cock, taking me deep and thrusting at it until she calmed down and started to lick it and suck on it deeply. I knew I was going to cum and she looked at me and said she wanted it - she sucked her way down my cock again, bobbing up and down, my hips bucking under her, as I started to cum - spewing my sperm into her mouth. She kissed up my body until our lips met - my turn to taste myself on her lips and tongue.

We spend most of the night licking each other all over. At one point, I started to lick around her asshole, and she asked me to stop. She told me that she had never done any ass play, but was curious. I told her it was another exploration and started to lick her ass, just slightly flicking her sensitive hole. She said she wanted me to eat her again and that she wanted to suck my cock, so she once again had me lay on my back and we got into a 69 position, eating each other and sucking and licking until we both came again.

It was a long couple of nights of exploration - but we knew that the conquest of Rachel's ass was on my radar - and that's another story to follow....
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