The room is filled with submissive wipes and chains hanging from the black walls. Looking around I stop to see a tall, dirty blonde, black nail polished, eyeliner man emerging from an unforeseeable corner. Moving my hands I realize they are tied up to the bed pillars and my legs are spread wide on my knees. Wearing black lace stockings, red cotton thong, and black garnet with bows on each side and a black push up bra I recognize from last night’s party. Doing my best to get my hands back to freedom but I just stop after a few tries and stare at the astonishing tall man walking towards me.
“Come on baby, let me go.” I say, wiggling my body back and forth.
“I am NO ONE’S baby.” He yells only four inches away from my face, where I can see his gorgeous green eyes.
“Okay, okay.” I say trying to calm him down.
“Anyways,” he says stepping back and pacing back and forth, “Do you know why you’re here?” He asks.
“No, all I know is la…” Being interrupted in mid sentence.
“DID I ASK YOU WHAT YOU KNOW?” He exclaims grabbing a wipe.
“No.” Putting my head down.
“No, Master!” He yells, giving me a painful wipe on the side of my waist.
“NO…. master.” I yelp in painful correction.
“That’s right.” He smirks under his breath.
“You are here to be my play thingy, sex toy, SEX SLAVE.” Finishing with an over exaggerated eyebrow raise.
‘Oh no’ I say to myself.
“So that means I can doing ANYTHING I want to you. ANYTHING.” He says, putting away the current wipe and grabbing a purple leather wipe.
My fear starts to set in a raise with every word he says.
“Umm. So.” I start to say.
“I did not tell you to speak slave. Only speak when I tell you to. Otherwise keep your fuck hole closed.” Grabbing a few chains from the wall.
He starts to tie my ankles together and chain them to the bed. He gags me with a red apple gagger and begins to play.
SLAP, SLAP One hit after the other, my waist starts to turn red from the countless hits. Finally he stops and gives me a break to catch my breath. I see him put away the wipe and grab some sort of oil. Starting to rub the oil on my red beaten skin.
Looking at me he says, “ I wouldn’t want my sex slave to be broken, now would I?” Messaging the oil onto my skin I can feel fireworks of pleasure stream through my body. I can start to feel my pussy start to water.
“Now, I am going to untie you so don’t do anything stupid.” He says looking deep into my eyes. As confused, indifferent and scared as I was, I would be scared to even spit.
Releasing me from the ropes and chains I feel my skin expand from being soo contained.
Positioning me standing in front of the bed, I almost fall from the unbearable fading pain.
Pushing me onto the bed my body relaxes into a spread eagle. My pussy starts to tingle and pulsate from the embarrassing position I am in.
Suddenly I hear a loud noise coming from behind me. As it gets into my peripheral vision I see a huge machine with a massive cock in the front. Just imagining what it must be used for, my cotton panties start to create a wet spot.
Setting the huge machine right in front of me, so close that the shaft is almost touching my pussy lips.
“Now for the second phase of four.” He announces framing the huge machine.
“May I introduce to you the one, the only, the pleasure maker, the sex machine.” He says in a moviefone matter.
‘Damn’ I think to myself.
Taking out his scissors he cuts my cotton thong, exposing my moist pussy to the bare air, creating shivers down my spine.
“Now, let me lubricate this.” He says stroking on a clear gel to the massive cock.
Thinking to myself ‘With the amount of wetness I am, it doesn’t need on’.
He steps back and pushes a button and raises a trigger upwards.
DRUUUUUUU it starts to rumble as it slowly enters my treasure.
“Ohhh.” I start to groan through my lips.
The sex machine toy starts to glide in and out of my wet pussy so nicely. Hearing the gushing sounds, I groan a bit louder.
“Ahh, let me give something to shut your fuck trap.” He says setting down the remote, he unzips his jeans and pokes out his cock to the side of me. He is kneeling down to the side of me, I position my face to capture his already hard cock. Still having his jeans on, he starts to facefuck me. Thrusting his huge cock into my hungry warm mouth. He is starting to moan with every thrust he gives me. He grabs his scissors once again, and cuts my bra off. With only a few scissor pushes my bra flung off. My nipples start to erect, and he places his warm lips around my nipple, sucking on biting on it. It wasn’t long before I was gushing with rivers of love juice.
My pussy was being pumped of cock and my mouth was full of mouth, I was in pleasure heaven.
After multiple sucking, licking, tonguing out bodies starts to tighten up for the climax.
I could feel my muscles start to tighten, I could feel his balls start to rise, and I could
feel everything start to tighten.
“Ohhhh, yea, I’m about to cum. Keep going you dirty slave.” He moans out load trusting his cock into my now overflowing precum pool.
He is so close, I am soo close.
“Ohhh yea, cumming!!” He groans loud. Just as he came I came as well. I swallowed all of his love juice. Licking my lips I smile and fall, exhausted.

Thinking that I am finished, I feel a tongue circle on my clit. Jumping with every circle I yell for him to stop. But he does not. He keeps going. He puts his face right in my pussy, drinking my pussy juice. Ahhh, how his tongue felt so good, down in between my legs. I couldn’t take it, I could feel another orgasm emerge. I tighten my body and BANG, another orgasm spreads like wildfire throughout my body. Lying there exhausted without any breath to spare. He comes back with the famous magic wand. As excited as I was, I couldn’t express it because of all the pleasure I was experiencing.
“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH” I yell out feeling the magic wand touch my sensitive throbbing clit. He slides two fingers into my drenched pussy. Pumping his fingers into my pussy, and giving me the magic wand, I was prone to another mind-blowing orgasm. I wiggle, and I move trying to get away, but it was no use. It didn’t take much for me to climax from all of the exciting toys. Ohhh, I moaned through my lips and my back arching. Hoping to God this was it, but to my fear I was far from it!

Unbuttoning his pants, he spreads my legs out wide, and pushes his cock into my swollen pussy. Oh my gosh, I absolutely couldn’t take it. With every trust I swear I had an orgasm after orgasm. Moaning and groaning was filling this room. Heat was building up in the room. Our bodies touched and our lips met. Forgetting anything logical, I kiss him profusely. Wrapping my hands around his body, I make him fuck me like an a****l.
“Ohhh yea, ohhh cumming!” he yells again, cumming inside my pussy making a cream pie.

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3 years ago
very good except i think the word you are looking for is whip :)
3 years ago
Damn that was sick, i would love to endulge this fantasy with you
3 years ago
MY DICK START GETING HRAD!.....cumming inside my pussy making a cream pie WOW TRULY A WORK A ART!
3 years ago
very good