High School Years-summertime pt 1

*True story, any names or other information can and will be altered for privacy reasons. This is my first story please be critical but not harsh. (Lets call the girl Aisha)

It started during the summer before school, I was going to become a junior. I had been talking to this girl for a while now, we used to be old friends but we saw each other again after I had just finished my football game. We chatted and she told me to text her so I did. -fast forward to summer now- We texted eachother pretty much every day and I ended up asking her to hang out. She obviously said yes. I went to go pick her up and I decided to tell her how I really felt about her and I how I had been holding it in for a while. She told me she had feelings for me as well. After a good night of driving and chillin out I decided to take her to my house. (I obviously asked if she wanted me to take her home or if she wanted to come to my house). I told her my parents were away for the weekend and we could have the house to ourselves. She loved the idea, she called her parents and told her a little fibb that she would be with her girlfriends for the night. Her parents were okay with it.

I drove her to my house and we just got inside. We watched some Tv for a little while and we ordered some food and had a good time. Aisha told me she had to go to the bathroom so ofcourse I let her. A couple minutes later she came out and was totally undressed. I had never seen a girl at 17 so beautiful. She has nice round firm and full breasts probably D-cup. She did a little spin for me and she shook her wide hips and her nice big firm ass. She had very nice feet as well. She had nice dark skin and her pussy was nice and pink, she was trimmed very low. She asked me "Do you like what you see?" All I could do was nod my head as my jaw dropped to the floor. She then proceeded to come closer to me. I removed my shirt and she pulled down my shorts and removed my rock hard black cock from my boxers. Aisha said, "I've been waiting for this".

Please tell me if you like I will continue the story. Criticism and tips needed.

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good story
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Good so far