Im always so alone. Cancer left me so desired for love an a touch. A touch of a women to feel her. To hear a womens sweet kind voice. To be able too see her day upon day an know she is always mine. Too show a women what a real man is an how he can act. For not all men are assholes..I am not. With this metal plate in my head I feel as if I am frankenstien. For not even one women will talk or listen too me yet women I meet on the internet talk an cant stop talking too me. Cause I listen and I care. All I desire an all I ask is one women. One women to hear my problems for onces an I listen to hers. One women I can take care of an be her relax when stress. One women to die for and too know she do the same. One women to undress her when she is alone in these dark nights. Too massage her back an let her stress through the day die. Too smell her shampooed hair an kiss her neck with desire. Too let a women feel a real mans hand deep inside her. All I ever ask is too love and be there for a women. When will it be my turn one women love me. Look past the scars on my head and chest. Look past the metal plate in my left face. An love me. Yet all I can do till then is thrust my own cock. Look at women on the internet dreaming one will be in my arms.Till then I am left all alone.
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4 years ago
nice wishes