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Finally !

I've finally gotten a chance to upload new vids. What's the problem with this site and uploading. When you find a window to upload vids they won't upload properly. You might waste 30 minutes or more trying to get material on here only to have the upload stall.

Picture uploads are no problem,just videos.
Why won't they accept vids with watermarks. Other sites do. This is probably not the best written blog but I just wanted to vent my frustration at this problem. I love this site and I have some pretty cool friends and I enjoy wanking to the vids but they need to really get it together on the technical front.

Posted by bryanferryfan 3 years ago
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4 months ago
The only reason I can figure is that, perhaps, these watermarks will propagate and add up to the point where most posted vids are watermarked, which discourages others from uploading content that is not theirs, which they like because MOAR VIDZ = MOAR TRAFFIC!!!
Another plausible possibility is the legal ramifications of it. If I were to upload my own vid, no big deal. Then if YOU decided to capture and upload my vid as your own, that's MY problem, not theirs. But with watermarks, there comes a point to argue where they would have to spend their administrative time getting involved, because NOW one of those parties has a legitimate charge, and now THEY'RE obligated to become involved in the name of copyright law, compare the vids, and even though they could EASILY determine the more rightful claim (due to timestamps on logs among other things), it takes their time away from more profitable duties that they could be doing with their time.
They appear to allow photo watermarking though, so honestly, this is the first I've heard that they didn't accept watermarked vids.
Just my two cents. ;-)
7 months ago
I don't know why they won't accept watermarked videos. They say it's because fans don't like it but I don't buy it.