Delicious Wife of My Friend

Now I'm very angry! My husband told the joke of the Japanese doctor who prescribed a medicine that makes every woman happy, docile and obedient. What is the name of the medicine Taron, he said Taron is the check and laughed, and went to work without even giving me a kiss goodbye.
It made me very angry, treating women as mercenaries .... I more!
If he knew only have directorship in the company thanks to me!.
I was so angry, than to try to calm myself, I turned on my computer I started to travel over the Internet and found this site where people cotam their experiences. Well, until now kept secret, but after what just happened, I want to spill the secret, in order to calm myself and also to reassure my conscience.
My husband now 32, is director of a large company and is the youngest director. With 30 years was the manager of division and reported directly to the owner's son, who treated him with special affection, he always told me that the son of big shot, Dr. Andrade, 45 years old at the time and future successor of his father, always protected and defended him and so I felt very grateful to him, without even knowing it.
The first time I met him was at the wedding of his daughter, my husband was the only manager to be invited. I went with a dress that I wish my husband's birthday, when I was 30 years, I am four years younger than he. The dress was just above the waist, enhancing the breasts, neck and revealing the furrow between them, over a wide belt to mark the waist and bottom almost to the knees, slipper socks and more, according to my husband I would outshine the bride!
I 1.62me 51 kg, as I am of Spanish descent, have the body of the typical Spanish, thin, with upturned butt and big breasts. My husband says he saw a Spanish woman who saw all, because all are equal, and I think you're right, at least my mother, my aunts and my cousins ??are all well.
In the church, the bride and groom to greet her father and he introduced me to Dr. Andrade, your boss, and I noticed that he looked me up and down. He is a man very attractive, beautiful and charming, it seems the actor Antonio Fagundes, including those with gray hair, tall.
In celebration of the reception, he came to our table and was talking at length with us, told him to stop calling Dr. Andrade and his friends that he was only the Andrade.
He invited me to go to the office of the company to meet the room's most competent manager, who was my husband. He was adorable, charming, handsome, fun. But I promise that when it was, would go to his office for coffee. His wife instead, was arrogant, must have weighed over 100 pounds, despite my height, and showed a lot of expensive jewelry on the fingers and neck.
One day my husband was on the branch of Curitiba and called me asking me to look for a report inside his briefcase and that Dr. Andrade was urgently needed and could not wait until the next day because his plane would not arrive in Sao Paulo in the Congonhas 18H, and asked if I could have immediately brought to the office. When I saw his desperation, I offered to take the document to the office.
I put a black skirt, white blouse short sleeve knit tights, black-heeled shoe, and a beautiful bag I got from my husband. I looked in the mirror and the reflection made me feel good. An executive seemed the way to work!
Arriving at the office, I was sent straight to the room of Dr. Andrade, who was waiting for me, because my husband had informed him that I would take the same document. It spite of the labors, I dismissed all the attention, he was so gentleman who gave the impression that I only existed in the world.
He showed me another huge room on the floor board with a beautiful view of the city, and said that this room was empty until a new director was appointed, and that would drive the company's director, secretary, good pay, etc. etc..
At the moment did not know why he was telling me all this, which in my view, was the subject of business and which do not concern me. He said he was trying to get my husband to occupy the room, as the new director, but the fight was very difficult because there were other claimants to the office. At the time I was amused and laughed because I knew that my husband never occupy a position as high. He kept insisting that he was doing everything he could to promote my husband. Naturally, I thanked him for it. He said everyone needed to strive for this goal was reached, and asked if I also strive for this. I said yes, of course, was his wife, and wished him success.
It was here he asked me how much I was willing to engage me in this effort, because depending on my commitment to the cause, that dream could come true.
It was then that I realized what he was getting!
My husband's promotion to director, had a price, and the price was me! And I thought that Dr. Andrade did this by being a good man who recognized the value of my husband!
He told me to sit in the chair that could be my husband, in the closed room, just me and him. He held my hand and asked, again, you would do whatever was necessary to promote it? I was red, angry, disappointed, angry, finally, I was half lost. He began to enumerate the advantages that my husband would have as a director, and that I should not have regrets because I was doing it at the bottom to the success of her husband, and that this was a proof of love. My reaction was to run, but he was persuasive in saying that the business world is the way things are, and depending on my reaction, rather than being promoted, my husband could have many difficulties, and that everything depended only on me.
I said I was dating my husband since very young, and that even today, he was the only man I knew, and I've always been a faithful woman. He very wise, said it would not be treason, as they all were united in the effort to promote my husband, he was also fighting within the company and I would be playing the part of dutiful wife.
When asked what he meant to me, he as a manager of large company, was blunt: "We're now in a motel, we can have lunch right there, and later you have back to your home with the feeling of having fought for the success of her husband ". After much thought, weighing the pros and cons, then imagine the joy of my husband sitting in that room with a desk, with company car, I said I would try, but if I could not relax me and he did not f***e if I give up doing something in the motel, which he promised not to pursue my husband, forget it. And that was only once, just that afternoon and never after that we should forget and have a normal relationship as if nothing had happened, especially for my husband did not suspect anything. He accepted all my conditions and told me to wait in the basement until he gave instructions to the secretary, would say that it would have lunch with a client.
I went to the elevator straight to the basement, luckily, there was nobody, and I was hiding in a corner, because it gave the impression that if someone saw already know I was on the way to the head of the motel with my husband.
Soon he reached the big car and we imported it, with tinted windows, thank God. I was shaking with nervousness, until he entered the motel, I was reluctant at the time to deliver my papers in the lobby, he asked for the best suite, the suite into the garage and the door closed automatically when the car entered.
With all chivalry, he opened my door and led me into the room, I train with a green stick, was the first time was with a man other than my husband in a motel. He was very affectionate, did not come attacking me with all kindness, ordered two bottles of champagne, cheese, and we are taking a sit in front of another table in the terrace by the swimming pool with heated water, savoring the delicious champagne. With an empty stomach and champagne, so I grew up, until he invited her to go take a sauna, which was good for health. Soon he went into the bathroom and came out with only a towel wrapped around his waist, and stared at me, he tall, handsome with a towel wrapped around his waist. I took courage went to the bathroom, undressed, all trembling, and I wrapped a towel covering her breasts to the middle of the thighs.
I went out trembling, and he led me to the sauna and sat next to each other, on a wooden platform, and with the steam starting to fill the environment. Soon there was so much steam that even breathing was becoming an act f***ed the tiles were all wet and started to drip, also all our hair wet, our hands, face all wet and dripping, the heat became unbearable, he continued pushing me making me feel like the most natural thing. I felt good because up until that moment, he tried to grab me at any time, just kept saying next to my ear, leaving me goose bumps, after all it is beautiful and strong.
In the sauna, had a record high on the wall, he asked if I could get the record and turn into a bit of fresh air in the sauna, I said I would not because the record was about 2.50 m for just one move, but he said we should turn a little to make the air cooler. He suggested I climb on his back, like c***dren who are on the shoulders of parents to see better, and that he would be standing with me on his shoulders, I would achieve. As we were high due champagne, taking everything as a joke, laughing accepted, and climbed on his back, passing each thigh next to his cheek. But for me to sit on his shoulder, had to pull the towel up to let my legs and thighs free, because he did not call back was turned, and saw nothing, but when I sat on his back, he felt my bum back the thighs on each side of the neck and to hold me, he spent each hand on each thigh.
He got up slowly, I started getting excited, after all my vagina was rubbing the back of the neck, him. I tried to hold and turn the record but failed in this attempt, he dropped the towel and saw the size of his excitement, huge, hard! My vaginal fluids started to flow, I was becoming smoother the surface between my vagina and the neck. When I tried to spin the record, my towel fell also, and I did not care more for the fact of being completely naked, sitting in the back of the head of my husband, nor he shows an enormous erection, the mood was of desire, arousal, with lust. I forgot that I had never been naked with another man, who was not married, or who had sworn allegiance at the altar or anything. He turned to face him, so that my vagina fit in his Adam's apple, and started me down, holding my buttocks, one in each hand. When my breasts first passed through his mouth speaks "to peitão nice that you have, it seems a great and mighty Mom, I suck each one as a puppy" and I almost shouted saying "sucks, sucks, kill me with desire," he grabbed hold and was nursing each of her breasts, sucking and nibbling her nipples, running his tongue, and I could not stop groaning, I kept getting wet so much that was dripping on the floor, thighs because I was open to the Maximum , rolled up the vagina.
Then when he started me down more, I hugged his body with my legs, twist my legs back and his hands on his neck, and was dropping little by little as he lowered me until the inevitable happened , his penis began to rub my vagina, I groaned every time he brushed his penis every tear from the vagina, the clitoris to the anus. He looked at me and asked, "Can I fuck you?" I nodded my head. He said "then asks me to eat you" I said, "You want to kill me with desire, his evil, please eat me, fuck me, fuck me all," he went on to say that I had to ask to get the stick and I said, "Please fuck me with that big cock her, eat me, fuck me please, I'm holding on with lust."
He hands, fit the head of the penis in my vagina and slowly began to penetrate. I did not think the fact of being without a condom, or the fact that to be the first strange that my penis vagina housed only felt how much he was gifted, I'd open every inch by inch, slowly, and so affectionate as he kissed me and our tongues met.
I felt the head of the penis touching my uterus, something he never felt with my husband. He said, "holy shit, that delights you have a pussy, tight, hot, wet, lisinha and biting my ass." The Andrade's penis was thicker and much longer than my husband and I felt it, never felt so fulfilled. When he entered it, he hands me strong to suspend the penis was going slowly and then buried it again. In the fourth or fifth time that his penis has invaded my vagina, and I enjoyed not endured screaming, I never felt so horny in my life. I began to shiver and moan, and he broke down and ejaculated inside the womb and screaming "Goddamnit, do not take it anymore, I will enjoy in her pussy, taking my leitinho takes" I felt a strong jet, hot and prolonged in several gulps.
My vagina for the first time in my life was meeting a sperm other than my husband.
He sat on the wooden platform, and I was sitting in front, with the penis in, because unlike my husband's penis out of the vagina to ejaculate to go limp, the Andrade, even flaccid, because of long, continued in my vagina, I felt it in, giving me an indescribable feeling of pleasure.
We were always talking at length with his penis inside me, until it after a while, he was with the erect penis, which grew inside of me and my horny also increased with it. He's always holding me strong and stuck his penis in my vagina, took me to the bed where I lay with all affection, and I began to have in the classical position. He kept complimenting me, saying "you're beautiful, horny, which peitão that delicious pussy, my love, never seen a woman more perfect, you killed me with lust since I first saw it, you've always dreamed of eating, since imagined how his chest by the neckline of the dress that day, I never imagined that he had a tight pussy, hot, wet well "Again, after a long back and forth, I got to where I have some orgasms shaking and screaming, he also served a face and said "bitch, do not take it anymore, I enjoy new takes leitinho" and threw jets of sperm into my vagina. After that I put on it, always with his penis inside my vagina, we talked and when he had me excited, I do not know how many times it lasted. Just know that we left the motel just before my husband's plane to arrive in Brazil. By phone he told me he was in a taxi and in 15 minutes would already be at home, I attended in the car Andrade in front of my building because it was raining as the rain was expected to decrease.
The Andrade made a thousand compliments, said I was a perfect wife, the most beautiful woman he met, and that I have fulfilled my part and he would meet his. I was worried about the arrival of my husband and wanted to come down soon, and I lean toward him to give a farewell kiss, he pulled me held me tight, kissed me on the mouth, his tongue entering my mouth, I corresponding, after all he is a handsome, charming, he felt up my blouse, pulling the bra my breasts with my hands, I was struggling, worried, but because the rain was not transient and dark glasses, could not see out, he ended up taking my breasts and began to suck them deliciously licking each nipple until I regained sanity, pulled myself together and how the rain had subsided, I ran into. It was not until I get home, take off your shoes and put a slipper, and my husband is here. I shuddered to realize how much I ventured. He hugged me, kissed me and I was even afraid to have different taste in the mouth. My husband apologized for having asked to take the document. If he only knew ....
My husband pulled me take a bath together, not as I refuse to undress me, I realized that my breasts had redness where it was blown, hand marks had hardly noticeable but I noticed, so his back was leaning against him for not have danger of seeing it. When he took me, I was afraid of him to realize that my vagina was more open, but apparently he did not see anything, thank God.
The next day my husband called me all elated, telling about having been promoted and that night we would celebrate at a restaurant, with the consciousness that my weight decreased.
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