Hotel Part 2

You let out a sexy sigh as I reach into your boxer briefs and pull out your beautiful, rock hard cock.
“Mmm” I say as I grip it firmly in my right hand and give it a tight squeeze.
“Did you miss me?” I ask, locking eyes with you as I start to slowly stroke you cock.
“Yes!” You growl and break your gaze at me to watch my hand start to go a little faster.
“Good boy” I purr as I pull my hand away to spit on it then rub it all over your cock making you squirm. I shoot you a devilish look as I start to jerk you off furiously; watching your eyes widen and your lips part to let out a groan. Suddenly I pull my hand away and climb off the bed - startling you and making you try and reach out for me but I’m already across the room rustling around in a bag on the dresser.

“What are you doing?” You ask, obviously intrigued. I don’t respond and after a few seconds I hear you moving around and turn around to see you attempting to come to me.
“Don’t you dare move” I growl, casting an evil look at you. You smile with a raised brow and after a quick second of debating on whether or not to do what I say, you finally push yourself back onto the bed like a good little boy. I shake my head at you disapprovingly as I finally find what I was looking for and pull out a bottle of lube. Turning around, I toss it at you and it lands between your legs and inches from your cock. I walk over to the clock radio next to the bed and fumble with the stations until I find something jazzy and turn it up. Grabbing my bag, I head over to the bathroom.
“I’ll be right back. Lube up that sexy cock of yours real good, baby” I say and shut the door.

You can’t help but smirk as you pop open the lid of the bottle and squeeze a large amount of clear, unscented lube on the head of your cock - watching it slowly slide down onto your shaft and eventually reach your big, full nuts. You wonder if you should start stroking it but decide to wait for more instructions. A few minutes later I still haven’t come out yet and you notice the lube has almost disappeared so you start to reapply some more - this time you can’t help but to let your middle finger slowly slide across your throbbing cock. Just that simple touch makes you gasp and sends shivers across your whole body.
“I didn’t say you could touch it” You jerk your hand away as you look up and see me standing in the middle of the room wearing sexy black panties and a red and black satin corset which is making my big, sexy tits look even better and nicely accenting my curvy body that you love so much.

“Fuck” I hear you say as I lick my lips at you. Without another word I start to move my body to the music - rocking my hips back and forth as I run my soft hands across my body. We lock eyes and I smirk at you.
“Touch it” I demand and you immediately grip your cock with your left hand. I continue to dance slowly for you - letting your eyes follow my hands as I trace my fingers across my soft cleavage, down my corsetted stomach and resting on the band of my panties. I shoot you a teasing smile as I slip one finger inside them and watch your eyes widen. I take a few steps closer to the bed and place my left leg onto the edge of it. I pause there for a few seconds as I set my gaze on your cock - you are still gripping it but that is it.
“Let me hear it, baby” I whisper. You know what I want and waste no time. You grip it firmly in your hand and start to stroke it - slowly at first just to tease me. I follow your lead and let my fingers slide up and down my slick, wet pussy lips. Soon the sound of your lubed up cock and my wet pussy drown out the music and fill the room. You’re stroking it faster now and letting out sexy moans, sighs and groans of pleasure. I pull my hand out of my panties and turn around exposing my round, jiggly ass. I bend over slightly and start to wiggle it as I run my hands over it - spreading my cheeks and revealing the fact that I’m wearing a thong. I give my ass a good slap - not as hard as you like to smack me but enough to make me gasp slightly - and I can hear you groan under your breath as your hand starts to stroke your cock as hard as you possibly can. I turn my head to the side so I can see you and slowly back up towards the side of the bed so you can get a better look.
“You like this, don’t you?” I whisper.
“Yes baby!” You gasp.
“You want to shove that big, thick cock of yours inside my tight little asshole, don’t you?”
“Fuck yes! Please baby!” You whine. I position myself against the bed and spread my cheeks again.
“Come closer” I say and you quickly shuffle towards the edge of the bed - your face just inches from my exposed asshole. “Rub some lube on it” I demand and you fumble around with the bottle and attempt to squirt it directly onto my hole. “Use your fingers!” I hiss.
“Yes baby”
“Yes what?” I growl, looking over my shoulder at you. You lock eyes with me as you lube up your right hand.
“Yes…Mistress” I let out a sexy moan of approval.
“Now be a good little pet and finger fuck my asshole until it’s good and ready for that big, hungry cock of yours”…..
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2 years ago
oh god thats hot!!!!