An eye for an eye.

Tiffany twitched away from her teacher’s fingers & glared at him, an angry muffled noise of outrage coming from behind her gag as she tugged roughly at her arm restraints. Her eyes were supposed to show anger, but he could see the genuine vulnerability - and a hint of arousal. Ben smirked at the cheerleader before him, a picture of sexuality, really, her arms tied tightly behind her back, her legs spread & tied to each separate leg of the chair she was bound to, a makeshift gag wrapped around her mouth, not through it, & of course - her cheerleading uniform intact. The brunette twisted nervously on the seat, her bare feet flexing as they tried to flatten on the cold polished wooden floors of the empty school gymnasium. Her tiny feet weren’t comfortably planted in a “standing” position - instead she could only reach just her red-painted toes to the floor due to the restraints holding her ankles.

“Funny, that you don’t want me to touch you, when just a few hours ago, you were practically begging me. Not to mention the weeks you spent.. teasing me in my class.” he drew out the word, one hand delicately brushing some stray hair that had fallen out of her ponytail behind her ear. “Did you think I wasn’t going to say anything about it?” he whispered into her ear as he leaned forward, causing her eyes to flutter closed at the sensation of his breath so close to her neck. “Did you think you’d go unreprimanded?” She shivered at his words, squirming in her seat again & glancing up at him sideways. She looked genuinely terrified - he didn’t blame her, no doubt she’d never been consensually tied up before, let alone without wanting to be. He brushed his fingers gently over the side of her neck & she twisted the opposite way, whimpering behind her “gag”. He grinned to himself - the reason he’d wrapped her mouth instead of actually gagging her was clear, now, the sounds were so much more muffled, so much.. sweeter.

“Do you know how long it will be until the school opens?” he leaned in & tenderly kissed her jawline, making her mew softly and tilt her head, this time, giving him more access, her eyes fluttering closed as she listened to him, her heavy breathing behind the cloth the only sound in the entire building. “116 hours. The janitors have gone home, sweetheart, it’s just you. And. Me.” he smirked at the little noise of protest she made as he pulled away, turning to look at him for some sort of explanation. “We have lots of time, don’t we?” He sat opposite her & rested his knees against hers perfectly, resting his palms gently on her bare thighs, letting her skirt fall back a little. She twitched under his fingers, a tiny indistinguishable noise coming from behind the cloth. “Where should we start, hm? Maybe I should just leave you here all fucking break, would you like that? If I came in here & spoon fed you, didn’t lay a hand on you?” Her eyes widened and she shook her head, pulling on her hands roughly. A faint, muffled “let me go, please.” came from behind the cloth, & Ben stood up, circling his prey.

“Do you know what the punishment for hazing is, Ms. Caid?” he asked in a low, threatening tone. “You can look it up in the school library, it’s quite clearly written in bold: An eye for an eye.” He smirked and stood behind her, making her twist nervously trying to turn her head to look at him. “That’s what it says, the punishment fits the crime. Barbaric, isn’t it? That if the principal had caught you, or another staff member, for that instance, you’d be almost in this exact same position that you’re in now. Only you’d & your squad would be at the mercy of the rookies, it wouldn’t just be you,” he reached up & rubbed her shoulders softly, “and me.”

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whoa...what happened next?