my first time with sheilacd of xhamster

u know exactly how to please a man. u make it hard to say no...(as my cock grows again)
even when u come in to kiss a straight guy he cant deny ur feminine essence that is so strong his body betrays him. he surrenders knowing he is in good hands..."soft white hands"
he knows his manhood is between full, hot, pulsating red, wet lips.
u lock eyes with him as you consume his most private part...the swollen throbbing big dick of a sexy strong black man
thanks to ur skill in swallowing his member, he has the unbelievable experience of feeling ur throat
caress the head of his cock as he thrust faster and faster towards uncontrollable ecstasy. he gazes into ur eyes, seeing himself buried in ur pretty face...his long dick fucking ur gullet, he realizes he cannot hide that his deepest desire is made real. he sees in ur eyes total commitment and devotion to his ultimate pleasure...ur submission weakens him...even before u his cock swells and his balls begin to contract...mentally he is past the point of no return. he laces his hands thru ur hair and grips ur head as u speed ur devouring..bringing him closer and closer to liberating his seed into ur belly. ur clit twitches as u feel the familiar enlarging of his already big dick; slippery and wet from ur ministrations.
ur soft fingertips caressingly tug at his balls dripping with ur wetness, is all the trigger they needed to start contracting. i feel the strongest orgasm building. i grip her blonde head as i tense up..the most intense sensation coursing thru my body..."i'm coming" nuts start to spasm as she massges them. my cum shoots down her throat. as she swallows the 1st load, i feel suction on the head of my dick as she pulls back..jus in time to splatter the back of her throat with the 2nd load. she circles her tongue around my head as i shoot load after load...her soft mouth, her swirling tongue, the cum and saliva flowing down her chin and glistening on her silk blouse. the feeling is so abs are cock is pumping and my whole body is rigid. as the waves subside...i gasp for air and go limp. shiela continued to suckle my cock till i was empty.
my gf would never understand...
i didnt expect her to.
deep down i knew she would never be capable of touching my psyche through satisfying my body
because of that, i felt no guilt as i reached to caress sheilas soft smooth ass when she returned from the girls room all prettied up with her skirt hiked up
i wondered what my first anal experience was gonna be like. too bad the gf thought it was dirty
100% (8/0)
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10 months ago
... okay I'm in.
2 years ago
OMG came in may panties with that story