My sweethearts first blowjob

It must have been sometime around fifteen years ago. I remember it was a hot day so it must of been around summer sometime. Her and a few of our friends used to live along the coastal suburbs of Perth and we'd regularly meet up at her house and all head down to Watermans beach together.

She was such a beautiful girl, not your stunning glamour beautiful though, she had big brown eyes, full lips and a cute face, shoulder length dyed honey blonde hair, although her legs were thick they didn't have a shred of fat on them, she looked amazing in her little short shorts she always wore to the beach. She had the loveliest toned legs leading up to some wide hips with a big toned bum but a tiny waste giving her perfect curves up past her toned tummy and to her beautiful creamy white little A cup breats with perfectly formed light pink nipples that would stand on end as soon as she got aroused. She was such a good girl too she was brought up with strict parents and always towed the line and did as she was expected. She was always a straight A student and was always regarded as a proper model person to be. I was always the bad boy and we'd fallen in love.

All morning we'd been at her house with friends and we couldn't keep our hands off each other, it was the weekend and we had all day to be together and mess around discovering each other in love. We didnt care our friends were in the same room. We were all watching a movie, who knows what? these were the days when Claire Danes and Leonardo Di Caprio in Romeo and Juliette had just come out and it was her favorite movie as well as all the girls around that time! so maybe it was that one. Anyway we had the blanket on us and had distracted ourselves with each other taking turns sucking each others tongues and kissing her neck, her hand placed open palmed applying pressure on to my rock hard cock but on the outside of my black jeans under the blanket. Mine was the first cock she had ever played with and she used to love giving it attention. With strict parents and no serious previous boyfriends I think she was discovering the power she had over men and loved the fact she could always make a man hard at her control, the good girl who everyone was proud of was turning out to be an extremely horny girl. At parties as soon as she could get away with it if we were making out in a dark corner with people meters away that couldn't see she'd always slip her hand through my zipper and squeeze my bulging dick, or under the blanket even at my parents house with them in the room she'd always slowly slide her foot up and gently rub me with her toes and feel me get hard but slow enough so no one could see the blanket move. Any way soon the movie had ended and probably with our friends annoyed at our public display we were all soon on our way down to Watermans beach.

Watermans is sort of like a small bay I guess, that part of the Perth coast is very rocky and sloping cliffs rise about twenty meters from the sea level, at the foot of the cliffs there is about a 100m long beach that is very popular and usually packed in summer. Either side of the beach are rocky out crops where the cliff wraps around the sand to the water and past those outcrops more smaller little sandy bays and coves every 20 or so meters. A few of the boys had gone off exploring around the cliffs and a few of the girls went for a swim, we of course went for a walk hand in hand. We went north i remember, we didn't go far, we were to lazy and obsessed in each other to go any further than the next little cove. As soon as we were out of site from the crowd i had her on her back on a towel with me laying on my side off her right shoulder, tongues in each others mouth. we didn't bother to hide or find a some rocks to hide amongst we just stopped dead on the sand in the middle of our quiet little cove. All morning she'd been teasing my hard on's and after a few minutes of heavy kissing i was sliding my hand down her tummy wriggling my fingers under the waist of her little elastic short shorts and bikini bottoms. I'd played with her pussy quite a few times and this time despite being fully exposed out in the open in broad day light she didnt even flinch she just opened her legs wide our tounges still deep in each others mouths. I loved the feeling of sliding my fingers through her hairy little pussy, at this stage she was too innocent to shave and back then this was a time when only porn stars shaved themselves. She was so wet as i slid my middle finger down parting her little hot wet pussy, sliding over her tiny little clit standing on end feeling her labia engulf my finger and driving two fingers up inside to massage her. She just sat there and panted between kisses and spread her legs further in the full summer sun.

She had such a beautiful pussy and i still regard it today as the best i have ever experienced. At this point i had still never seen it and it wasn't until a few weeks later when i went down on her for the first time that i fell further in love. The first time it was still fully unshaven with soft light brown pubic hair from her bikini line running down lightly around her precious lips, her pussy was quite small by later comparisons to other women but she had the most beautiful labia lips that would protrude past her pubic hair and main lips and would part so beautifully with a sweeping motion of the tongue and her whole pussy would open up like a flower. She was nervous as hell that day it was the first time a boy had seen her pussy but she was determined to try it. She wriggled out of her jeans and underwear and lay back on the bed, shut her eyes and spread her legs. I can still to this day close my eyes and remember being hit with the smell of her beautiful unspoilt pussy as I kissed down the inside of her thighs meeting her pretty lips with my nose and tongue and tasting her for the first time....

Back to the beach. Although not surprisingly given our haste to pick our location it wasn't long before a couple in their mid 20 or 30's were taking a walk through our little cove, I remember turning and seeing them and the look of disgust and shock on the girls face at us just laying there in the open with this girl laying there and a boy with his hands down the front of her shorts rubbing her pussy for anyone to see. I looked at her "oh shit! people" we couldnt get up and move that'd just look silly and theyd see our faces, she just pulled my head in closer to cover her face, we had a giggle and carried on rubbing her little wet pussy as they walked past us around 5 meters from our feet at the water line. For the next five or so minutes it was business as usual until the next couple came, this time she lost her nerve so I retracted my hand from her shorts and we waited till they had past our little cove, Thats when she led me off by the hand into a small blown out channel in the limestone cliffs at the back of our cove.

We were standing up in our little cove this time, once again tounges tangled in each others and her t-shirt lifted up under her arm pits with a perky little pink nipple standing up poking out between my fingers. Her hands were once again down near my waist fumbling with my button and zipper, eventually with a little help I had my swollen cock hanging out the front of my pants, her with a hand gripped tightly around it.

Then it happened, one of my favorite most memorable sexual experiences of my life. Not because it was taboo or felt good, just because it was exciting and new. She was a girl finally unleashed to sexual experience i guess, or so she thought maybe, she was learning and she was keen. We'd never even spoke about it and i never ever pushed for it or suggested it to her. But she pulled away from me, my hands fell from her breast, our tounges parted but she still had her grip on my massive hard on,... she told me to sit down. I sat down, well more laying down with my neck propped up against the limestone rock face, still with her t-shirt up and pointy nipples point out she got down in the limited space in our little dugout with her elbows and knees in the beach sand and cute big bum in the air, she looked at me and grinned before her hair fell over her face as she looked down at my hard on.. and so she started for her first time.

The head was terrible and with no pace but it was amazing! I didn't even ask, she just wanted to take me in her mouth. I couldn't see her face but as she started i could feel her tongue running around up and over my head, she didn't know what she was doing and looked up at me and sort of half giggled half smiled. Still to this day i have that mental image burnt into my memory of my beautiful sweetheart looking at me with her big brown eyes half smiling with my cock on her lips. She half chuckled through embarrassment and asked how is it? I said it was wonderful, i told her how beautiful she was and asked her to stick it in her mouth and soon her face disappeared, veiled by her hair as a felt her beautiful big lips surround my head and slide down the first inch. Her first time, being out of her depth she didnt take much at all in and the head was terrible but it was so beautiful to be there with her she wanted to please me and take me in her mouth and i so wanted her to experience it. For the next five minutes she just sat there bum in the air and her open palms on my thighs either side of my balls sliding her mouth up and down over my head, it was never enough to stimulate me to orgasm but that beautiful girl with her little little breast exposed and the smell of her pussy all over my hands gentley sucking on me kept me so hard, I eventually called her up and held her against the rock face and we went back to making out with each others sex in our hands, that was one of the best sexual days of my life... i also found out a few months later my mates who went exploring in the rocks saw the whole thing from their vantage point.... bastards!!

I'm still good friends with her and she's married now with Two beautiful c***dren but i love the fact that we both know each others bodies inside out and the experiences we had and i LOVE the fact that her hubby hates me haha and he'll never know the full extent of what we used to do to each other in the next two year of learning sexual experiences and pushing the boundaries together.

Soo many more stories of first times with that girl I'd love to write about them all but i'll start with this one.

Thanks for reading
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1 year ago
Lovely story, erotic and well written
2 years ago
Great story- look forward to more x