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You are sitting on a chair with your back to the door. I quietly enter the room. You are unaware of my presence. You have one leg up on a desk and you are wearing sheer to waist black pantyhose and a silky robe. Not wishing to disturb you, I stand quietly and watch. It appears you are reading from the computer screen. Slowly, your left hand reaches for your ankle. You wrap your fingers around it then release your grip and your fingers lightly trace your inner calf then your thigh. I can’t see your other hand, but you appear to have it inside the waistband slowly moving it up and down. You call out my name (oblivious to my presence) and your head tilts back as it appears you have inserted your right fingers inside.
I am holding a black silk scarf. I quietly come up behind you and tenderly massage your shoulders. I then loosely cover your eyes with the scarf. After making sure it is not too tight, I slowly move my hands down and tenderly massage your breasts. You make no effort to turn around; simply enjoying the sensation. My hands return to your shoulders and continue the massage. After several minutes, I move to the front of you, drop to my knees and massage your legs starting at your ankles. I then use only my fingertips to softly touch the inside of your thighs. My fingers find their way to your wetness. You are so wet that it is coming through the silky nylon. Unable to resist, I substitute my fingers with my tongue. I wrap my arms around your legs and draw you close so that my face is pushed tight against your pussy. You are running your fingers through my hair and moaning with unadulterated pleasure. I move away momentarily to reach for something to cut the crotch out of the pantyhose. After I have removed the fabric that was blocking my access, I then lightly trace the opening with my tongue and tenderly graze your clit with my flicking tongue. In the midst of one of your deep sighs, I thrust my tongue inside and you shout, “Oh my God!” The repeated motion brings you to a climax that covers my face. I then stand up and kiss you. We both share the taste of your cum with our tongues darting in and out of our mouths.
We kiss for several minutes. Then you slide from the chair to your knees. You wrap your fingers around my cock and slowly stroke it. Now you move closer and hungrily lick the head then slowly slide it into your hot mouth. I develop a rhythm with yours that is driving me mad. I look down and you have my entire length inside. The sight is almost too much to bear, and then I feel your fingers pressure my ass toward you and I am in deeper. Now my head is tilted back as far as it can. You stop long enough to remove the scarf and say “I want all of your cum… now!” You return your lips to my cock and slowly slide it the whole way in again. I yell, “I’m cumming!” and with that, you again pull me in deeper and squeeze my ass with both hands. The combination is too much to hold back, so I release into your mouth and you swallow every drop. After the pulsating has stopped, you then lick my cock clean with your expert tongue. I grasp your hands and bring you to your feet and we kiss again.
As I am kissing you, I reach down and pick you up in my arms to carry you to the bed behind us. I lay you down and we are in a 69 position. It doesn’t take long for my erection to return or your wetness to leak out. I then spin around to face you and climb on top. I am gliding my cock into your pussy slowly as you then whisper, “Make love to me.” The slow steady rhythm increases to a fever pitch. We climax at the same time then collapse in each other’s arms; yet again spent from another passionate encounter. We roll towards each other and fall asl**p in our grasps.
Posted by broberts 5 years ago
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3 years ago
You know that is exactly how it would be for us.
4 years ago
Loved your words and the way your mind works! Very sensual :)
4 years ago
im proud that i know the author closely!
4 years ago
Very erotic......thank you!
4 years ago
Well written and very sensual baby!
4 years ago
sexy! I like the blindfold part. That's very erotic!
5 years ago
Very nice & erotic, I like it!