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The Beach

We have just finished our morning coffee. We are sitting on the deck of our secluded beachfront vacation condo. It is the first of 5 days here at our getaway. We are wearing only towels because we have just showered after a long and sweaty night!
You stand up and walk to the stairs leading to the beach. As you reach the bottom step, you turn to me, smile and remove the towel – dr****g it over the railing. I start to get up, but decide to watch you as you stroll along the edge of the waves. You are frolicking at the water’s edge when you see something. You r back is to me and you know my eyes are fixed on you. You bend over, as if to reach for something in the water. Then I see your fingers wrap around your ankle. From there, your hand slowly slides up the inside of your leg. You reach your pussy and slide one finger inside then remove it and (still bent over facing away), your index finger motions for me to join you.
I get up, leaving my towel on the chair, and walk toward you. You turn to face my direction and as get closer, you squeeze your tits with both hands. When I am closer, you say, “Take me here! Take me now!”
It is an invitation I cannot refuse, so I walk over to you and wrap my arms around you. We kiss passionately for a while. I slowly sink to my knees. I reach under your leg and lift it onto my shoulder. I pull you closer and lick the inside of your leg until my tongue is contact with your pussy. I kiss it the slowly insert my tongue and your head tilts back. You are balancing with your hands on my head, holding it tightly in place and thrust forward.
You remove your leg from my shoulder and guide me to my feet. You drop to your knees and run your tongue from the base of my cock to the tip while you are looking up at me. You see my head tilt back, and then your lips slowly slide down my shaft. You move your mouth back off as slowly as you took it in. I look back down at you and you say to me, “I’m yours!”
You lie down at the waters’ edge and I climb on top of you and insert my cock into your waiting wet pussy. You wrap your legs around me and as we are making hot, passionate love, the waves come up and wash the sand from our bodies. We roll around in the water while we are still coupled. The cool water adds an extremely erotic sensation. After continuing to fuck in several positions, we roll so you are on top of me. You ride me up and down until you are at the edge of orgasm. Then, as you thrust down again, a large wave envelopes both of us and you scream as I can feel you tighten around my shaft. As the wave pulls back away from us, you cum with almost uncontrollable movement; up and down and side to side. Still inside of you, I roll you onto your back and move in and out until I am ready to release. I pull out and straddle your waist. You reach out and stroke me until you see my cum covering you from your waist to your chest. Just then, another wave covers us and as it pulls away, we are washed clean and refreshed.
We stand up and walk back to the deck. As we are walking, I say, “Another shower?” You relpy, “Not yet, I love this feeling right now. Let’s just bask in the warm sun for a while!” as you bring my hand to your face and tenderly kiss my fingers.

Posted by broberts 3 years ago
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3 years ago
I'll have to remember that story when I go to the beach in Sept.
3 years ago
great story that most have been you I was on the beach with;)
3 years ago
Reminded me of the movie "From Here to Eternity" starring Burt Lancaster. Thanks.
3 years ago
nice story....could feel the waves....