Cuckhold to Dom Part 3

So Ben's wife told me where they go to church on sundays, and the only reason they were there was so that he could close a deal he was working on. So on the next sunday, I showed up. Ben was absolutely furious, but I stayed in with the congregation so he could do nothing. The plan was simple really. I presented myself as someone who needed to be saved. His client, god bless his soul was going to help me. I spent coffee hour after the service winning him over. Ben was glaring at me the whole time. He even tried to bring up my wife, and I just played along that I needed the Lord's help. I left the service and didn't go home. I went to a hotel where I met his wife and we fucked the set of the afternoon.

My phone blew up. Calls and texts from both him and my wife demanding to know where I was, to get over his house. I finally turned it off. He was so oblivious to his wife that when she made a call and a lame excuse about getting together with her f****y he blew her off.

Monday afternoon I walked into his office. Now I had really pissed him off. He told me to leave and I just sat down and threw a series of pictures of him fucking me, me blowing him, etc... He asked what I was doing. I told him from that point on he was now my bitch. He protested of course, but when I took out my phone to call his client his eyes gave him away....DEFEATED!!! I stood up, and told him he needed to blow me right then and there. He meekly asked if he could lock his office door which I allowed. Turns out old Ben is also a pretty good cock sucker. Afterwards I instructed him to call my wife and have her meet us at a hotel room that evening.

I walked into the room that evening. Ben and my wife were there. She had no idea of the turn of events and started yelling at me. I just looked at her and said "shut the fuck up bitch!" She was stunned, she turned to Ben and started to speak, he just looked down. She turned to me and started to say something and I cut her off. I gave her two choices; 1. She could just leave, and I would be home later and I would be moving out or 2. You can get on on your knees and submit to me. She stared into my eyes for about 30 seconds, then dropped to her knees and bowed her head.

I considered the moment, I walked over to been and told him he needed to suck my cock. I made my wife watch as I took off my pants and sat in the chair. I made the two of them strip down naked. Ben came over and started to blow me. My wife just watched, but I could see her pussy start to glisten. I told my wife to come over and finish me off, and me made short work of me and I blew my load n her mouth. Then I made Ben clean me up with his mouth and and my wife's mouth.

At that point there was a knock on the door. I walked over and let Ben's wife in the door. Ben started to stammer but I told both of them to shut up. WE were now in charge. She walked over to Ben and pulled him up by his cock, he grimaced in pain, she wasn't gentle. She informed Ben of how thing were going o change.

Then she looked at me and asked if this was my cunt wife, I said it was, then she asked me if she would be allowed to discipline her for all she put me through. I said yes. A look of fear passed through my wifes eyes. Then she walked over to my wife and grabbed her by the hair and pulled onto the bed over her knee. It was incredible violent and my wife just whimpered a little. Ben's wife then pulls out this black leather paddle from her bag and started to smack my wife's ass. There was no mercy...She screamed out in pain after every hit.... but just stayed over her knee and took it. After about 20 smacks, my wives ass was beat red, tears were streaming from her face. Ben's wife stood up and and told my wife to lay on the bed on her stomach. She walked out of the room with the ice bucket and came back with it full. When she came back in the room she stripped down naked and began to slowly rubb ice all over my wife's red ass.

At this point I had Ben bend over, I lube up his ass and started fucking him up the ass right next to them. I blew my load in Ben's ass, then interacted my wife to clean it out.

We spent the rest of the night toying with the two of them and continue to do so these days.
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