Porn Shop Surprise

I’ve always been Bi-Curious… Wonder what it would be like to suck on a dick and have my ass fucked. I once went into a porno shop when I was 3 shades to the wind and got my dick sucked off by a guy through a glory hole. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to take it farther.
The last few weeks, I’ve been trying to line somebody up on Craigslist. People said they were interested and never show up. I wanted a dick in my mouth and one in my ass. On Saturday morning, I had to head over to a friends house to pickup a few things. On the way there, I noticed an Adult Shop and my cock began to fluter. I wanted to suck my first cock so bad that I could almost taste and feel it.
After I finished at the friends I headed to the shop. I had to pull into a parking lot and go around the building in the back to find the entrance. There were only a few cars in the lot. I was very nervous as I parked the car. I exited the car and had second thoughts about entering the shop. I entered and headed towards the counter where a young shapely girl was. The sign above her said $5 to Enter Booth area. I handed her $5 and she handed me 5 tokens. I headed off to see what I could find.
The door was a big heavy yellow door, I opened it and walked into this pitch black room. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust.. when they did, I saw rows of booths. I walked it to one towards the back and went to close the door… my heart sank… there was no door and the gloryholes were closed off. I went to three or four more booths but they were all the same.
I made my way to the back against a wall that was off of the main path. I sat down on the padded bench and pondered my next move. I put one of the tokens in and started watching the movies. A big tittied girl blowing a guy with a huge cock. I was moving back & forth between flicks with the controls when I felt a “presence”at the door. I didn’t see anybody but I knew he was there.. after a few seconds, I heard him walk off. When my token was up I sat there for a few minutes trying to figure whether to leave or not. I still had 4 tokens so I thought I might as well as use them.
I put the next token in and switched to a gay porn… two guys 69ing each other. I put my hands down in my pants and started stroking myself. After a few minutes I saw a shadow standing off to the side watching the film. He appeared to be about 10 years older than me. He stepped into the booth and said “ Do you want to suck my cock?” without batting an eye, I looked at him and said “yes” As I stood up and moved over by the door, he undid his zipper and pulled out a cock that was twice the size of mine. I got down on my knees. I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it.. I took my tongue and began licking the head. I opened my mouth and took his dick head in my mouth and began moving my head back and forth as I sucked hard. “Suck that Cock” he said as he moved in and out of my mouth.. He had gotten semi-hard when he pulled it out of my mouth and said “Some one is Coming”.. he zipped up his pants and left… I sat back on the bench and waited.
As I waited, I put in another token and continued to play with myself. After a few minutes, he reappeared and pulled his cock out again. As I stood up, he reached out , grabbed my semi-hard cock and rubbed it against his. He rubbed them together for a few seconds when he said “You like this.. Get down and suck some more” . I was back on my hands and knees. This time he undid his pants and pulled his balls out.. He pushed my head down and said “Suck’em” I took his balls, one at a time and put them into my mouth.. rolling them around with my tongue. I went back up to his shaft and put the head into my mouth and started sucking hard. I reached around and grabbed his ass as he pulled my head back and forth on his cock. He pushed my head up to his balls as tha huge cock went deeper into my throat than I thought possible. This continued for a few minutes until I started to taste a salty fluid. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled his pants up and moved on.
By this time Iam craving the taste of cock. I want to suck on another one badly. Just aas I sat back down on the bench, he reappeared. With out saying a word, I hungrily got down on my knees and opened my mouth. His cock was in my mouth in a flash… “suck it harder “ he kept saying He was moving my head back and forth when out of the corner of my eye, I saw another individual standing next to me with his hands on his crotch. While my head was moving up and down the big cock, I reached over and started undoing this other guys zipper. He said”My cocks not that big but you’ll like it” He pulled his cock out… It was flaccid but about ¼ the size of the other mans. He came in front of me, next to the other man and I began to fondle his cock. One deep in my throat the other smaller one in my hand. I pulled my mouth off of the big cock and moved the two of them together. I took both of them in my mouth … The smaller one pulled out and he move over to the bench. He sat back and watched has my mouth moved over the bigger cock. I took my mouth off and said.. “Cum damnit Cum” I put my mouth back on it and once again began to taste the salty fluid at the end of it. I thought he was finally cuming when without a word, he pulled his member out of my mouth and disappeared.
I started to moved towards the smaller man who was fondling his cock. As I started to kneel down he said ”I want to suck your Cock” He reached out and grabbed it and began sucking on it. It was small and flaccid but started to come to life as his tongue ran over the head and the bottom of it. God I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I put my hands on his head and began to move him back and forth…
Out of nowhere the old man reappear.. He watched for a minute and said ”I want you to finish me now” I took my every growing cock out of the smaller guys mouth and started to kneel down. The smaller guy grabbed my waste and set me in the corner of the booth with my back against the wall and my legs on the seat.. He moved my pants down farther and went back to work on my cock. The older man dropped his pants and brought his huge cock towards my mouth. I opened it and started running moy tongue all over the head.
This time his cock was getting harder. I started sucking and taking it deeper into my mouth. As this was going one my own cock was getting harder and beginning to swell in my buddies mouth. My head was going backwards and forwards while my hips were moving up and down.
The older man started picking up his pace as his cock was coming to a full erection. Once again, I was getting the salty taste in my mouth… I was starting to quiver as I felt my cock getting ready to exploded. I tried to hold back has I felt his hard sucking pulling my cum from my cock. At the same time the old man pulled his cock back, then thrust it down my throat and has he pulled back again my mouth filled with his cum. I tried to swallow it as he continued to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth . my buddy continued to work my cock until every single drop was gone.
I was exhausted… My cock ached and my jaws were sore… The old man pulled his pants up and left the booth and did the other fellow…… Can’t wait for my next visit….

98% (48/1)
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3 months ago
I love adult arcades I have yet to go to one where I don't get to suck a least one cock and usually I get to suck 2 or 3 and I get my asspussy fucked at least once and I go to adult arcades about twice a month
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
i miss the old days when the adult movie houses where on every corner....
2 years ago
loved your story, love the abs and theaters
2 years ago
Very hot. I love going to adult book stores for that reason. I would love to have you suck my cock and I want to suck your cock too. Your story made my cock hard.
3 years ago
You made me cum!
3 years ago
i love being sucked off in those video and bookstores.
3 years ago
love it it makes me hard
3 years ago
I like that story
3 years ago
Mmm, memories. 17 cocks 1 nite. I was cum covered...
3 years ago
very hot.
3 years ago
3 years ago
What a great experience. I would love to visit that shop! Awesome story...
3 years ago
I've had a similar experience; it's VERY hot.