Becoming Me, (Brittney)

When I was nine I ask my dad to explain the Birds and the bees. He sat me down and told a few things about sex, but what he did next set it all in motion (well not all of it lol) he gave me a book on human sexuality. It was a technical book really. It described the human body both male and feel male. I found myself looking at both pictures of man and woman naked and enjoyed them both equally. It was the year before all this when I was trying on my s****rs clothing. It was mainly panties, shoes, and her training bra. It was not till later when I was dressing in full outfits. Over the years I starting collecting panties, and I was going back and forth from throwing all of it away to keeping it. Around the summer I was nine my b*****r pitched his tent in the front yard and he had a friend over. Well this friend had a bag of Oreos and I wanted some. When I asked him if I could have one he told me only if I held his dick in my hand for five minutes. While I was laying there hold his manhood all kind of thoughts were running through my head. The one thought that stands out is the one where I really liked it.

When my time was up he told me that he was not going to give me any cookies, but if I sucked on his dick he would give me the whole bag. After him trying to talk me into it for a few minutes I chickened out and said no. hind sight I should have swallowed his cock, lol. Years go by and I play with some friends of mine in a homosexual way, but nothing other than naked touching and stuff. At twelve I had this friend, and one day while riding our bikes he asked me if we could have sex, I told him yes. We would mess around but no penetration anally speaking, but he was the first guy I had oral sex with. This lasted all summer long until he told some of the boys we knew that I was trying to have sex with him and he was making me suck his dick. Of course I said it was a lie and told him I would never be his friend again.

Now I am f******n living in Miami and I have this friend his name was David. Well one day we were k**ding around and he told me he would give me all the money in his pocket if I would hold his dick. Jokingly I said sure vie me the money. After he pulled the money out he pulled his dick out, so I grabbed it stroked it a bit and laughed. Right after that I told him the same thing and he did as I did. After a half hour or so the money part got left out of the playing and we just kept touching each other. David then asked about sex, I agreed and he said I should go first, so I used some Vaseline and slid my dick in his ass. He seemed to really like it. After a short time he stopped me and said it was my turn. Using the Vaseline too e bent me over the couch and pushed is hard dick right in my ass. Let me tell you one thing it hurt like hell, and it actually felt like it was burning.

After I moved I never heard from him again. It was not till after I got out of the Navy that I got to dealing with guys like that again, not that I didn’t have the chance it was I was too scared of getting caught. I was rooming with this girl I knew and one day I found her little dildo. It was not very large, but I wanted to try it out. So the times she was gone I would play with it. It took me around four days to get the whole thing in me to the point it was not hurting anymore. Over the next few years I had sex with a few guys and found out a few things about myself. Those things are as followed.

1. I like cock and I like it a lot.
2. I am a screamer lol.
3. Sucking a man’s cock is a huge turn on for me.
4. I am a total 100 % bottom.
5. I am sexually submissive towards a man.
6. I REALLY like wearing woman’s clothing, and not just for sexual gratification.
7. Older men with big hands turn me on.
8. In a sexual situation with a man I love it when he calls me his bitch.
9. I refer to my ass as my pussy.
10. I like it when a man treats me as his girl (Bitch).

There are many more but those are the top few lol.

I meet this one guy online told him I was home alone and dressed a little sluty, and would he like to come over. When he came in he looked at me and said wow you are a little slut aren’t you. I looked him right in the eyes and said I am your bitch for the day come get me. He walked right up to me grabbed me by the arms and told me he was going to wreck my tight pussy. Turned me around and rubbed my body with his sexy hands. When he got to my ass he gave me a swift smack, as I let a light whimper he whispered in my ear not good enough.

I led him to the bed room and asked him what he had in mind. He told me to bend over the bed. I felt him lift my skirt up as he rubbed my nylon clad ass I was feel euphoric, until he came down on my round ass with a thunderous smack. He got more than a whimper, he got a loud ouch. I looked back and he was smiling. That’s a good bitch he said. He would switch from rubbing my ass and thighs to smacking the hell out of my ass. He grabbed my shoulder and said “Bitch get on your knees”. I did as I was told. He pulled out his cock. I would say around seven inches but about as round as a coke can. With very wide eyes I was speech less. He looked at me and said yep bitch that’s going to open that snatch up real good. Now get to sucking you whore. I leaned in took his massive meat in my hand and did my best at getting it all in my mouth. After I got his cock rock hard and throbbing he told me to get on the bed and lay on my back. He grabbed my legs pushed them back and rubbed down my thighs. I felt so sexy right then. He got in close to me leaned over and told me no matter what I would remember what he was going to do to my pussy. He ripped open my pantyhose pulled out a pocket knife and cut my hot pink thong. He said he dint want anything in the way.

Pushing back on my thighs he leaned in and ate my pussy out, as I was moaning like I was in heat, he said yea bitch that what I like to hear. I was soaking wet from his spit. He pulled up and got real close to me and slowly pushed the head of his throbbing cock to my ass, and said boy you want to be a girl well I’m gona turn that ass into a stretched out pussy, and slammed his thick cock deep into me. As I let out a scream he pulled out. Looked me in the eyes and said O yea you’re my bitch now. Bam again he slammed his cock back in me balls deep and pulled right out. Five or ten minutes of the all the way in and out he was driving me crazy.

He reached up grabbed the heels of my shoes and pushed his throbbing cock back inside my pussy. This time he stayed in me for a few moments. All I could say was O Big Daddy your cock is so big. You damn right it is bitch now take it. He slowly started fucking me with ease this time. While he was on top of my I wrapped my legs around him and begged him not to stop, daddy you feel so good. After about twenty minutes of being on top of me he pulled out and told me to ride him. I got on top of him guided his hard manhood right into my honey pot.

He pushed me up on him some grabbed my ass and started to slam his cock in and out of me. He fucked me like a wild man. He grabbed the back of my head as he kept fucking and told me he was about to cum. Go ahead daddy cum in your bitch’s pussy, bread me like a whore. He exploded a ton of gooey man seed in my now stretched out cunt. It was so much cum I could feel it filling me up to the point it was starting to run out right then. He pushed me off of him and as I laid there twitching he was rubbing my thigh telling me I was a good bitch, but he was not even close to being done with me, and he was a man of his word, he was going to wreck my pussy. As the twitching slowed he told me to get on my knees in from of him.

As I got to my knees he told me to suck his cock clean. Sucking it, licking it rubbing it all over my face I did my best to get his wonderful cock super clean. He told me to get on the edge of the bed on my hands and knees. I felt one hand grab my left hip as he guided his cock to my pussy. Pushing it in me he started to go at it. This fat cocked man pounded on my snatch like he owned it and at that point in time he did own it. This man fucked me doggie for well over a half hour

He pulled out pushed my down on the ground grabbed my head and stuffed my mouth with his cock and started to fuck my mouth for a few seconds then he exploded his load in my mouth. I never knew a man could cum that much back to back. Sitting there on the floor, my ass now a stretched out pussy dripping with cum and spit, my belly full of his seed, and some of it running down my cheek. I felt like a total whore and it was great.

He was laying on the bed told me to get up here. He laid my head on his chest told me I was a great fuck. As I laid there rubbing his cock while his arm was around me I could feel him getting hard again. He lifted my head up look at me and said yep it’s time again. He rolled me over got on top of me and slowly fucked me for what seemed like forever until he blew a third load filling my pussy again. He got up told me he was going to shower and I was to lay there and not move. He said it was part of being a good slut to lay there covered with his sweat and full of his cum. I did just as I was told and other than rubbing on myself I didn’t move.

When he got out of the shower he walked right up to me told me to put my head on the end of the bed. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock back into my mouth. As I laid there getting mouth fucked I knew that I was forever a bitch, a cock whore in the service of dominate me. A few minutes later he pulled out of my mouth and covered my face with his cum. laying there covered with his sweat, and cum my pussy dripping wet from his fat cock and his seed, he pulled out a camera and took a picture of me dressed and used. He told me it was for his private collection. Told me to sit on the bed and told me that I was now a girly bitch and would always be one. I just smiled and thanked him. He also told me I was the first piece of ass he had since getting out of prison. Now I know why he fucked so hard and so long lol.

He sure was right though he did wreck my pussy I was very tender for about a week, and I have been a cross-dressing bitch ever since then.

100% (26/0)
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5 months ago
hot story
7 months ago
Nice. Are u a bbc whore or just an all around sissy?
8 months ago
8 months ago
Great story! thanks for posting. Can hardly wait to read the rest of your blog ;)
10 months ago
i'm dripping cum! great tale
11 months ago
Wow....amazing bit of writing and simply an arousing story.....I must say little girl, that you may come sit on my lap.....*grins*
1 year ago
nice story!
1 year ago
Great story and I love to be dominated by a man, to be used over and over again with no regard to my pleasure but just his although if the truth be known I would also get a great deal of pleasure. What was even better was having that man loan me to his friends.
1 year ago
sexy story
1 year ago
awesome,loved it