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Because i have reached my friends limit here on the site i only can accept user with photos in the profile

Hi i changed my avatar because some of you wants to see my butt ;-)

I AM SEARCHING for Meghan Chavalier and Natasha Koxx Vids.
If you know a link please send me a message. Thank you ...

I started here to look porno ... and i have noticed for me that i love to look pornos :-)

Because of this site i get persuaded to go with a girlfriend in a swingerclub and i try some thinks...

i think step by step i get a bitch ...last weekend when i was drunk i ask a circa 45 year old stranger on a party if he wants a handjob on a toilet...suddenly he fucks me in my mouth and i have to swallow a bigbig load ...that makes me so horny... i dont know what go into me .....

am i a bitch because i am allways so horny ?????

........it fanaly happend ..i get the monster cock :-)
after our car has a malfunction we have to stay in a hotel and i knows that was my chance ...
the whole situation was very decent and i dont know what i can do that he fuck me....but after a while we were in bed and he thought i was sleeping he ws watching the porno channel so have to mastrubate and he started it too and suddenly i thougt he would cum so he removed his duvet and i saw his bigbig cock ...my heard was in my mouth and so i said noooo please cum in my face i thing he was flabbergasted and so he step over my face and i could stroke barely stroke his cock severtal times and then he cums ...oh it was the biggest load i could image ..i get my face full i try to swallow woah and i get an orgasm......after i while we talked about what we have done and i said that i hope that it happend again he would not .... so he went to the shower and after he while i follow him i thougt it was my last chance .... so i step into the shower and i start to blow ..he would not but finaly he let me do it and so i see that big cock growing and i said that he should fuck me in bed ... and belive me he fucked me ..first i thing i could not handle that big cock but after a while i said he should fuck me harder and so i get the hole cock in my little pussy and i get one orgasm after the other ..finaly we try even anal but the would not work with that big cock without oil ...and so i get my second load in my face ...the best night in my hole life ... but today my hole abdomen hurts from that big cock :-) --yeah ..now i know i am a bitch ---a very very horny bitch ....

woah this weekend i was in a swingerclub again ( drunked of course dry i dont have the heart ) and i finaly get fucked simultaneounly by three men ...from two of them i swallow all and the third load i get in my face ....today my ass was hurt ;-) but i wont miss the experience

now i am realy a slut .... but i like it

i found a cock here that was the size of my moms friend ...search for mandingo ..and you know what i get in white ....

this week happens new exciting things to me ....

the story goes on...
after i had an affair with my moms friend he wants to fuck me every day and so we start a
plan...because my mom could not handle his big cock and she always beeing hurt at fucking i think he should fuck me instead....so he was mastrubating in front of my mon in the bathroom and i come at random in that Moment in the bathroom and of course my mom was shocked and i stare at the enormous cock and because he knows that i come in he was still wanking and ready to cum and said that i please want to see that and i ask for permission to stroke that big cock ...i thing my mom was to shocked and before she said a word i was on my kneed before him and so he shot his big load over me and my mom...i thing that could only happend because my mom is my best girl friend ...in spite of everything i be ashamed .....shit i was drunk and now ...i dont know what is going on here .... My horniness takes my brain out of me

my new weekend story :-)
my girlfriend and i we are plagued by boredom and so we drunk a little bit and then i had let me fucked from her with my new big strapon ...woah it was realy good but i missed a facial at the end :-)

so latest news :-)
big cock time is over .... we decided to end this uncorrect Relationship ( with a hard fuck and bigbig facial ).... my mom could all these Things now too...she is now the best deepthroater ..she could deephroat the hole cock ..i dont now how but she can and she gets it all in her ass ...i try it too but all hurts and the most curious is that her boobs are growing suddenly ..they are now realy good 80 d ...so she good give a fantastic titfuck ... good for her i like that and i hope my tits are growing some day too....

i have a new 18 year old innocent boyfriend ...he looks so good and he has no monster :-) but his cock is good and he could shot severaltimes a good load ...he is so sweet :-)...next time i tell you what i show him ;-)

last weekend we have a four people party ( me and my boyfriend and his best friend and girlfriend )later in the evening when we are drunk we started to play strippoker....later when some of us being completly naked they have to fulfil requirements .... and at last i wish that the oher girlfriend should give her boyfriend a blowjob ( because i know she dont like that and she has never swallow ;-) ) and she was not doing well and so ask her if i can show her what boys like ....and so i lay down on the floor and said him he should fuck my mouth...i think he never get that and so he came after 1 Minute in my mouth .... his girlfirend was shocked and angry ..as equivalent my boyfriend wants to give that girl a titfuck ( she has wonderful big tits ) and because she was so angry he get it and then we started a little orgy and so i give him his first ass he could fuck ....and finaly a had the two cocks in me and i get two facials ...and so it was a very nice evening....

my new sweet boyfriend is going to be a little pervert ... he know that i like deepthroat and then suddenly he forces me to swallow his pee ..he said he saw it in a video .... woah first i have to puke because it was so many .... but during it runs down the throat i thought is was so many cum and so i came too ... but all in all it was horny :-)

here the latetest news ....for the next months i have to work sometimes in another town ans so have look for a flat share ...i found a realy cool apartment with three guys and a girl.One of that boys is sooo cute and so i arrange that he could watch me in the bathroom with my dildo ....at the third day he finaly stepped in and a give him a deepthroat blowjob and he fucked me in the shower....the next morning he came with his friend and woah he has a realy big cock so i have to fuck with both of them ...hey that makes me so horny....and now i sleep every night when i am there in the big cock room ...ohoh he fucks me every night so hard and long and soooo good ....

Last week i try some new ..... in a Pornocinema i am wearing a shirt with the inscription " i want
a cock bigger than 22 cm ..please fuck me"... so some guys wants to fool me but suddenly a real big guy steps in with a body hight about 2 m....i thing he was over 50 years old ...i looked at him and he takes me by the hand and we are going in a cabin ....we dont talk ...he takes off his pants and there was he ...woaw in the saggy situation already big ...and so i began to stroke and i give him a blow job .... and so quick this cock begans to grow ... he gets so big and hard and so i get my measuring tape... he was 25x7 cm long ( 9,84 inch x 2,75 inch )....it feels so hot .... then he takes me carefully from the back but after a while he fucks me so hard ...i think you could hear me in the whole cinema...and then he stand up straight and takes me on his cock and fucks me ....i thought he takes me apart but i came several times ...it was so horny ... and then i said fuck my mouth i want to swallow all , so he try to fuck my mouth and i finaly get the load ...oh he dont stop to shoot out his sperm out of this big balls ...i cant swallow all but a lot of course ... the rest drips out of my mouth and runs down my shirt ....he said ...you are the best and goes away ....i feel my cunt for the past two days....

Last weekend i went with my friend to a sex party.I thougt i could have sex there only with him.I primary wanted that other men have to watch me having sex. I want to make them horny. First it was so good and later when i am a little bit drunk a guy ask me if i was interessted to get let me fuck from a machine. In the twinkling of an eye they hogged me on a special bank and the machine begans to fuck me from the back ...suddenly a men fucks my little ass to ... oh it was so horny and at last i get blindfolded and i have to suck several cocks ...they all came in my mouth and i have to swallow so many cum ... at last i dont know who fucks my ass and whose cum i had to swallow ...but i think i saw a few lucky guys .... oh boy what have i done ..i am realy a slut ...

ok some of you ask me again and again so i decided to post another Adventure in my life ...oh i love it so much ...

On a party i have promised a guy that i would give him a blowjob when he arranged a fuck with a big cock shemale
with me. I have already forget that promise, then i get a email and he offers me a shemale hooker.But he want to
watch that. What had i let myself in for ??Ok watching shemales makes me horny and finaly i agree. We met a
beautiful shemale and she says she was in vacation for 2 weeks without sex and she said she really likes to fuck
me. She has never fuck a young girl. She asked me if she could fuck me hard in my ass and she wants to play to
rape me.I agreed before i see the cock..... it was a bigbig Hammer .... i dont know how but she fucks me again and
again for hours and then i get a load i cant imagine .... i cant count how often i came this night ...it was so horny
....after that she told me she wants to see me again ...she wants me as a girlfriend and sexslave ...ok i agreed ....
A Weekend later we were on a party and i meant no harm by it .... but i dont konw it was a shemale fuck party ....and
as her girlfriend ...i get fucked all night long ...here and there it was so brutal ...and unfortunately they all know that i like to swallow ...and the end i cant remember how many spern i had to swallow ....it was so hard but in the first time in my life i was fucked my brain out and even i squirt ...i dont know i could do it that way ...i never want to miss these many orgasm.... i begin to like beeing a slut ...
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realy nice profile ;)
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Graet profile aand vids. Pls.have a look at mine as well, I think you will like it. Pls.add me as friend. Thanks and a hot kiss.
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Hello Britney, and thank you for the add. I love your avatar!!
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Morning thanks for friendship. Love your "blog". Your sound like a fun girl, will pm you soon. Love to find out more about you, take care Txxxx
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MMMM Lovely,
What must I do to become your slave?
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hellllooo Britney!!!!
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excellent gallery! i'd like to see your butt as well and rest, of course, why don't you post some pics? have a nice day
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Sexy Girl!!!
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love the stories... and vids!
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i read all in your profile..mmm you are very horny girl :-)
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hallo ich danke Ihnen für ein...
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hi, you are so hot and sexy, ufffffffff I like your videos, thanks four your friendship!
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