her other self (STORY)

She walked down the dark long passageway inside the club was dimly lit, the walls were painted red, with black detail, she made her way to a changing room, it was more of a cubicle with a curtain that gave some degree of privacy than a changing room. She had just finished work and was in need of some fun.
She emerged from the cubicle dressed leaving little to the imagination, she wore knee high black boots, a short black skirt and a peep hole bra, her pierced nipples protruded from within. She wore a black studded collar and a black butterfly shaped mask. As she had been seen walking into the cubicle the mask I guess was insignificant.
She walked to the bar and perched herself onto a tall bar stool, she gestured to the barman who wore only a bow tie and cuffs, his manly body exposed that she wanted a drink. Obligingly he poured her a gin. She downed it in one. “tough day eh?” explained the barman. She looked at him and replied “ yes, I come here to unwind”. She sat for a while longer and the barman carried on serving the small number of customers, all whom were dressed to leave little to the imagination or wearing nothing at all. This was the only thing that would give it away that this was no ordinary bar. It was a swingers sex club.
The barman had another quiet spell and stood next to her on the opposite side of the bar, “unwind eh?” he asked. She paused as she sipped her drink, “yes “ was her reply. “looks like you know just how to do that!”he replied.
They engaged in conversation some more until a while later the barman rang the bell behind him, everyone started moving around the club, it now became less of a place for standing round chatting, there were couples kissing teasing and fondling, there were groups interacting with each other in an intimate manner. The woman got up and made her way to a doorway, she looked into it and found it was empty, there was a bed, some scented candles, a bowl with condoms and some wet wipes on the side next to the bed. She perched herself onto the bed, she had left the door ajar. She laid on the bed and spread her legs, she began to fondle herself, she probed her pussy exploring herself and taking great pleasure in doing so, she stroked her nipples as she did so.
After a short while she was aware of someone stood in the doorway, it was a man, he stood stroking his man tool while watching her pleasure herself. She suddenly felt herself gush with pleasure at the thought of being watched, she moaned out loud in lustful excitement.
She looked at him in the eye, gestured that he should come in and close the door, he did come in but the door did not close fully, he joined her on the bed and began to finger her pussy, they began kissing their tongues drilling each other’s mouths lustfully and in passion. He began to kiss her neck and work his fingers deep inside her pussy by now it was sodden wet with her cum juices.
She leaned over and grabbed his man tool and began rubbing it in a rhythmic motion, up and down it’s length, he was enjoying it as she did so. He moved up the bed slightly to enable her to come into eye contact with his man tool which stood proud, she eagerly shoved it into her mouth and began sucking, licking and tasting it in pleasure. He writhed in orgasmic pleasure as she did so. He was still playing with her pussy, his fingers dripping with her juices. He leaned over and laid on top of her, She pulled his head towards her and began in a lustful passion to kiss him again, his man tool began probing for her pussy, she grabbed his tool and helped it glide into her. As he did so she let out a slight moan of pleasure. He began to fuck her, slowly and passionately at first, she looked at him and said “ you’re not making love to me, im not you’re fucking lover, fuck me” He stopped almost in shock. Then without thinking and any consideration for her further, he began penetration, hard, fast and in an a****l like manner. Fast hard and with no care in the world, her face became red, she had tears in her eyes, she bit her lip so as not to scream, the pain was intense as he fucked her pussy hard and fast. An a****l lust took hold of her, she smelled his breath close to her, she pulled him deep within her cum filled pussy. “FUCK ME FUCK ME” she cried.
Her screams and cries must have echoed around the club, she was aware of whispers from the direction of the doorway, she turned her head to see a small crowd of naked bodies watch as she was fucked good and proper like an a****l. She felt a gush from her pussy, she squirted like she had never done before, the male instantly went down on her tasting the reaps of his hard work, his tongue flitted in and out of her cum drenched pussy.
With out warning he flung her on to her stomach and ordered that she got on all fours, she willingly and with out hesitation did so, she found herself facing her adoring onlookers, she licked her lips as she caught sight of a male who was stood exceptionally proud at what he saw, he confidently strolled over to her and shoved his cock deep inside her mouth, she now had both holes filled with male tools, they both began to fuck her like a worthless a****l, she liked the thought of being fucked by two strangers.
Soon she could feel the men become tight and rigid as they fought the urge to flood her holes with their sperm, first she felt a warm gush inside her pussy, she thought it would come straight out her mouth it entered in her with such f***e, she felt it drip down the inside of her thigh, she reached under with one hand and cleaned her self, her fingers dripped with cum, then suddenly without warning the second guy erupted into her mouth, cum dribbled from her mouth, down her chin, as he pulled out the remaining erupted over her eyes, they began to sting, so she wiped it from them, her fingers covered in cum, she knelt down, fingered her pussy and began to eat the cum from her fingers.
The guys began to wipe the excess cum into her boobs, her face and then as in a warm down exercise they began kissing her and caressing her breasts, her thighs and torso, they continued for a short while until she got up, walked out of the room, made her way to the cubicle and emerged as a suited and booted office worker once more. As she made her way back up the corridor she began to imagine what her friends in the office might have though had they known of her “other life” This made her cum in anticipation, but she thought to herself, “this thought can wait until I return home”

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