The rent collection (STORY)

It was a squalid home, very little furniture it was poorly lit too, a few weeks ago she had been finally cut off the electric, she only had candles for lighting and a small wood burning fire in the living room used for heating and cooking, the clothes she wore left little to the imagination and they were dirty, dishevelled and too be honest pretty scant too, to save money she had been making them do, what little left of them there were.
Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door, she froze in the dimly lit room, she could hear her heart beat as she held her breathe, then it knocked again. “HELLO.... I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!” came a shout from the other side of the firmly locked door to her home. She remained silently defiant, her chest moved slowly as she tried to breathe and not make a sound.
She could hear feet shuffle as the person behind the door became increasingly impatient at her defiance towards him. Then once again “LOOK LOVE, BE REASONABLE, IT HAS BEEN 2 MONTHS NOW!” she had not paid her rent as money had been tight since her father died and left her in so much debt, her mother had passed away several years ago and any money they had, was used to care for her in her final and agonising battle against cancer.
She made her way towards the door and stood a few feet behind it, she listened in the vain hope the man might turn and walk away. “COME ON..... I WONT BE SO NICE NEXT TIME!” came a shout for the third time behind the door.
She took a breath and spoke to the man behind the door in pleading and apologetic way, “I don’t have it, I’ve tried everything to get it for you, please give me a little longer!” she waited for an answer from the man behind the door.
“look love, open the door, let’s be reasonable about this, all I want is paying what you owe me, I’m not a charity” she paused in thought for a while, she cautiously approached the door and began opening the bolts one by one. The final bolt was undone, suddenly the door flung open, there stood the man, tall, dark hair and wearing a long black leather coat, black gloves, jeans and well polished shoes.
“I’m a patient man” he exclaimed, “but you have been trying my patience far too long, this is the fourth attempt at getting to speak to you, if it were anyone else I would have sent in my men, you know that don’t you?” he enquired. She looked him in the eye fearful, she nodded slowly and whimpered “i’m sorry, I truly am, I don’t have your money. He looked at her and retorted, “ look love it aint my problem, you live here you pay.” He moved towards her, she backed away slowly, he kept moving she kept backing off. Suddenly she felt something in her lower back, she took a glimpse over her shoulder, she had backed herself into the dining table. He lunged towards her and grabbed at her, she tried in vain to avoid his grasp, he grabbed her silky smooth neck with his black gloved hand. He squeezed her until she was nearly unable to breathe, her eyes began to bulge and water. She gasped “pleeeaase don’t hurt me!” with that he eased his grip on her neck a little, she raised her hand to his to gesture that he should let go. He grabbed her hand objecting , thrust it back down and looked her in the eye. “NO” he growled at her.
She stood trembling. Sensing her fear, the man began to stroke her hair as if to reassure her, “ now my dear, let’s be reasonable about this, you owe me, you have something I want.” She looked inquisitively at him. “want?” she enquired. “come now my dear, don’t be coy. You must have noticed the special treatment, who else gets away without paying for so long?”
Baying for time she pretended she did not know what he was on about, at the same time she recalled the day she had been in the yard hanging out the washing and had caught him undressing her with his lustful eyes, he had averted his eyes when she had locked eyes with him as if to pretend not to be looking at her.
“Oh” she exclaimed “you mean I cant afford to pay, so maybe I have something I could trade you for my rent”. He looked at her, his eyes widened, he licked his lips, then bit his bottom lip, “now you’re talking he said. “what if I don’t want to give you what you want?” she enquired of him. He squeezed her neck tightly again, “we really don’t want to find out, do we?” he retorted to her. She began to feel faint, her eyes once again watered, she sputtered “alright”
He leaned forward and with one swipe of his arm he cleared the table behind her, there were plates, cups, cutlery strewn across the floor, he threw her back, she fell up on to the table, he leaned over her and tore off her dress and bra, she struggled, writhed and tried to fight him off, her body shone in the candle light, he could see her boobs swing back and forth as she wriggled to free herself from his manly vice like grip. He grappled with her some more and then grabbed her arms and pinned her to the table, he lowered himself over her and began to suck and bite on her nipples. She turned her head to one side, a tear began to roll down her cheek. “please no” she cried. He appeared not to listen and carried on. With his other hand he began to fondle her pussy, she was not wearing any knickers in the first place. She wriggled as if to prevent him entry. He took displeasure to her objection and smacked her firmly around her face, his ring must have caught her lip as when he looked down at her there was a small cut on her bottom lip, her mascara had run, tears down her eyes and a small river of bl**d ran down the chin from the cut.
He looked her in the eyes, then got ever closer to her, he whispered into her ear “No, you will obey, you will give me what I want” He prised open her legs. He began to finger her pussy, slowly at first then more violently, he inserted 3 then 4 fingers she tried to stop him, but to no avail his grip on her was far to tight. Suddenly she let out a scream, “NOOO” she juddered she cried, he had pushed himself so far up her pussy his whole fist was inside her, she could feel his thumb and forefinger searching deep within. Once again he carried on oblivious to her discomfort. He fisted her hard and fast. Her pussy began to drip over his hand.
He undid his trousers, they slid spontaneously to the floor revealing his man tool which was stood ready for action. He raised her legs and revealed her ass, he moved his cock toward her ass and inserted his cock, his fist still deep in her pussy. He began thrusting deep inside her arse, she was tight too, she cried in vain for him to stop, “please no, no, no, stop” she cried once more even louder she cried “PLEASE NOOOO” He simply looked at her lustfully and carried on like a demon possessed. Sweat began to drip off is forehead onto her stomach as he worked on her ass and pussy for his pleasure, she could feel his vice like grip on her neck get tighter as he began to get more and more aroused at his seemingly dominant power over her.
He suddenly without warning removed his fist from her pussy, his cock from her ass and then got down so as her pussy was at his eye level, he lunged forward, he stuck out his tongue and inserted it deep inside her pussy, she wriggled on the table, she strangely began to enjoy the experience, she placed her hands onto her boobs and began stroking them, they stood to attention as to crave more of her delicate touch upon them. She lowered her hands grabbed his head and thrust it motioning to him that he should explore deeper into her cum soaked pussy, he looked up at her as he did so. His tongue flittered around as it searched and explored her tasty pussy. He then inserted a finger to assist his tongue. She raised her back slightly as she felt a rush down her smooth silk like body,she felt it slowly at first then it got more intense. “fuck me, FUCK ME , FUCK ME NOW” she cried.
He stood up, thrust his pelvis to her pussy and his cock slid into her now very cum soaked pussy, “god you are tight” he exclaimed as he entered her smooth pussy. She looked at him and said “shut up and fuck me, IT IS WHAT YOU WANT ISNT IT?” His tool probed her pussy, drilling her deep, he could feel her pussy wall as the tip of his cock hit it. She cried “OH YES, YES, FUCK ME!!” he thrust faster and harder, she was moving up the table as she did so, her head now overhung as there was no table for it to rest on.
Then he felt it, slowly at first, a wave from the tip of his toes, up his legs, waist and torso he shuddered as he released his man juice deep inside her pussy, she began to grip his waist with her legs as he did so pulling him deeper so as the breeding might be complete. “OH FUCK” she exclaimed, he fell to the floor and took a few deep fast breathes, she laid on the table limp and exhausted. He rose to his feet, pulled up his trousers, turned silently, walked briskly to the door, opened it and looked over to the table, “ now my dear consider rent paid..... till the next time, oh, don’t make it so hard next time either.” He walked through the door and closed it behind him.
She rose, sobbed as she sat on the table, she got down, walked to the back of the room, opened the door to the shower room, she turned on the shower, stood into the cubicle and began to wash herself, she rubbed down her boobs, her pussy, she scrubbed them hard, but she could still smell his vile pungent smell off her, she collapsed tired, exhausted and wondering what do do, the water trickled over her naked body and she sat there sobbing.

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