The beach voyeur (STORY)

It was a hot summers day, the sky was an iridescent blue there were no clouds to be seen anywhere, I walked along the golden sand, it was warm as it slid between my toes, I could feel the golden grains sliding off the top of my feet as they sank into it too. The sea shone in the golden sun it was so still and calm it was almost mirror like. The warm breeze seemed to be caressing my torso, I was dressed in only my swimming trunks.
I walked for what seemed an age until I came across a small and discreet red and white sign, it read “warning nude bathers” I had finally found it, my friends had told me about a naturist beach, they had been there the other weekend and apparently had a great time watching the couples in the dunes just to the rear of the beach line, I had not believed them one bit but, being inquisitive I had to find out for myself.
Now did I take the next step and walk past the foreboding sign? I asked myself. My inner self told me I should but my stomach was fluttering like a c***d at Christmas full of anticipation and excitement at what I might find. I stood with the sun beating down for what seemed eternity wrestling with my conscience. Which looking back was pointless as I was going to go take a look anyway, who was I trying to convince!
As I stood there this young couple walked by, They walked confidently past the red and white sign. They continued for a while and seemed to be paying me some attention as they did so. I observed them moving heads closer together to engage in secretive conversation as they walked further along the beach. My head said follow but my heart said no.
Eventually I plucked up the courage and began walking along the beach, the couple by now were a silhouetted figure in the distance. I stopped and stood after a while my attention was taken by a noise to my left. It seemed to be coming from within the dunes. I listened and began walking slowly and tentatively towards the sound, walking slowly up the steep grass covered dune. I came to the crest of the dune, there in a shallow recess was the couple I had seen earlier. They were laid on a blanket, they had a small blue and white windbreak, a small beach shelter as well as a barbeque. She was laid on the blanket, he was stood at the barbeque, they were engaged in conversation with each other. It was not until he walked towards her carrying a plate that I realised the blatant error in my observations to what seemed an every day seen on the beach. He was completely naked, his man tool swung in the breeze as he strolled over to her with a plate full of food, she rose from the blanket. I could see her tits hanging freely in the bright sunshine. Her long legs were laid out straight, one seemed to cross the other slightly, showing a hint of what appeared to be knickers. Until she opened them to adjust her seated position then I realised what I thought were knickers where her auburn pubes, they were neatly trimmed too.
“oh my god” I thought my friends were right! How could I have doubted them? But n my mind I thought of the sign warning of nude bathers, so really I shouldn’t have been shocked or surprised at what led before my eyes.
Once the couple had finished their food, he sat next to her, he began to stroke her long auburn hair, he leaned over and kissed her, they embraced in a long passionate kiss, he then began to stroke her tits and as he did so, I could see her nipples begin to get excited and they began to stand proudly to attention, she spread her legs slightly as he began to probe her pussy, she seemed to be giving him the go-ahead to probe, first he slid in one finger and then two, he probed her snatch rhythmically and gently at first, then I was aware she thrust her head back slightly, her long hair swung behind her arched back, her tits stood proudly to the sky, nipples on parade as if for inspection. He began to finger fuck her pussy faster and harder, she groaned in pleasure as he did so, she began to breathe faster and faster, as she did he seemed finger her faster and deeper as well. She then took hold of his man shaft and pulled it towards her mouth, she thrust it deep into it, began stroking and moving in and out on it, she sucked and licked the end, I could see as she did so it was red with engorged bl**d and seemed to have become sensitive and willing to stand there in her hands and mouth.
Soon the man got down and spread her legs, he buried his head between her thighs and began to suck on her snatch, I could see his head moving up and down like a buoy in the harbours calm waters he had a shaved head, probably why I had this though in my head at the time. It matters little anyway.
I could hear her groaning and moaning in exhilarated pleasure as he did so, her pert nubile breasts were gyrating as her torso moved in pleasurable lust. She gestured to him. He moved higher up her body, not changing position, but began to kiss her on the lips, as he did so, she grabbed his man shaft and inserted it into her pussy, she spread her legs wider to enable him entry into her deep wet pussy. He began to move in a rhythmical motion it began to mesmerise me as I could see his arse move up and down as he entered her, she began to moan and groan first quietly as if not to show her excitement at his man shaft ramming deep into her love hole, without warning she gasped “fuck me,FUCK ME HARD!” he paused for a short while as if to comprehend her command, then he began to ram her love hole faster harder deeper with an a****l lust, I could clearly see beads of sweat begin to form on his back as it glistened in the sunshine, she began to move uncontrollably in the sand covered blanket and I could see her feet were digging into the sand, her toes covered in grains, she had left a mark in the sand, her toes began to curl, her back began to arch and she flung her head back, suddenly she let out an almighty “YYYYEEEESSSS” and fell silent, he collapsed on top of her both still and motionless. They laid their not moving for a while before he rose gently pulling his cum drench man shaft from her love hole, I could see cum dripping from it onto the sand, he grabbed a towel and wiped the remaining cum from his shaft and proudly strolled to the edge of the beach, fuck only knows how neither of them had seen me I thought. He entered the water just above his waist, he appeared to be washing in the sea, by the time he emerged his man shaft was now limp and seemed to be bowing to the ground as if waiting for an encore. Mean while she was left laid on the rather unmade blanket on the sand, she was laid with her legs still spread and the love shaft still exposed, I was able to make out that she too had cum dripping from with in her, she however made no attempt to clean herself, she laid there, then began to self pleasure herself, moving her fingers into her love shaft back and forth from there to her mouth as if to taste the reward for her pleasurable experience. She tasted one finger with her mouth at first, her other hand caressing her breast as she did so. Eventually she stopped, he returned and they began packing up their love nest in the dunes. “shit” I thought as they began to walk in my direction, there was nowhere to hide bar a view long grassy verges in the dunes which would not really provide much cover now. They moved silently closer towards me making their way back along the dunes to the beach and the red and white sign, as they inevitably passed by, she made eye contact, smiled knowingly and walked on by, not a word was said as they did so, however a little along the way she paused a step or two behind him looked over her shoulder and looked back into my direction, she merely gave a glance, turned and hurried along to catch him up, I knew then they were aware of my presence all along.

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