Shop surprise!

One of the good things about having your own shop is that you get to meet a lot of women and sometimes they want more than is on offer on the shelves…
A couple of weeks ago, this mature rather elegant, long-legged woman came in with her friend and I fancied her right away. I guess she was about 60-65 years old maybe, I didn’t ask, one doesn’t. We made eye contact immediately and I could tell that she was as interested in me as I was in her. I’ve always liked an older woman; they can be so effortlessly sexy sometimes. I like that they know what they want in the bedroom and out of it too. After a while and a purchase, they left, but as she went out the door, she turned and gave me a look and a smile, which I took to mean see you again, but little did I know how soon!

I’ll call her Maureen, to be honest, I didn’t ask her name when she came back a couple of hours later as it was getting dark, I saw the look in her eye and I just flipped the sign over to closed, locked the door and invited her to join me in my store room. I took her hand and led her through and closed the door to the store room. Within seconds we had our tongues in each other’s mouths and our hands were exploring each other’s bodies. I ran my hands up her nylon clad thighs and discovered stocking tops and suspenders, which I love! One hand was on my face and her other hand was gently rubbing and squeezing my hard aching cock through my trousers and our breath was rasping as we kissed and tongued each other’s mouths. I led her over to my packing desk and she leant against it.

She pulled up her skirt to reveal her stocking tops and little black lace panties and I made her lean backwards onto the desk and I lifted up her legs and stood between them. I ran the flat on my hand over her lace covered pubis and she gave a little moan. I looked into her eyes and I knew that she was ready for me and when I slipped my hand down between her legs, her panties were damp and she gave another moan as my hand rubbed against her pussy. She told me to show her my cock, which was straining against my jeans by this point I was so turned on. I asked her to show me her tits and she undid her blouse and pulled down the cups of her bra to expose her very nice small tits and her hard brown nipples. I undid my belt and popped the buttons on my jeans, whilst she began rubbing herself between her legs. I reached into my shorts and pulled out my throbbing cock and she purred like a cat when she saw it. She reached up and slid her manicured nails over the end and pulled back my foreskin which was damp with my juices.

She leant forward to take my cock in her mouth, but I knew that if she did that, then I was going to come in there and I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to come inside her, so I made her lean back again and I hooked aside her lace panties to reveal her shaved pussy! Imagine that! I expected her to be hairy, but no, she had had a Brazilian and her labia were lovely and pink and shiny from her juices. She just had a strip of trimmed hair two fingers wide on her pubis, I have to tell you, I practically came there and then this woman was perfection!
I couldn’t wait anymore and her hands were pulling my hips towards her so I guided my hot throbbing cock into her lovely wet vagina. We both moaned as we kissed again and I pulled her hips towards me and my cock sank deep into her soft, wet, warm and velvety vagina. It was bliss and she put her arms around my neck and groaned as I slid deeper into her. I held it in place and savoured the feeling of her pussy gripping me inside her. “Fuck me” she whispered and I slowly withdrew my cock which made her gasp and then moan as I gently slid back in again. “Faster” she gasped and I began to slide my cock in and out of her, faster and faster, harder and harder, which made us both moan with the pleasure of it. I grasped her hips as I plunged my cock in and out of her and she grabbed my buttocks with her hands to pull me hard into her. Our orgasms were not going to be long in coming as we were both very, very turned on with the excitement of our clandestine meeting, and I could feel her orgasm building in the shaking of her hips and the little gasps, moans and cries she made as my cock stroked her clit as it slid in and out of her. “I’m coming” she gasped in my ear and that set me off too and all at once I felt the tension burst as my seed exploded into her and I grunted and groaned as my orgasm stunned me and she shook against me and mewed into my mouth as our lips and tongues locked together in our passion. We stayed locked together, kissing for a few minutes before my cock subsided and I slid out of her. After she’d straightened her clothes and re-done her makeup, she stroked my face, kissed me on the mouth and said “that was really lovely; I think I’ll be popping into your shop again soon”. “It was my pleasure Madam” I said “I will be happy to serve you again in the future”. I let her out of the shop and off she went, into the dark….I hope I do see her again, she was magnificent!

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1 year ago
Hot! Would like to see more.
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Thanks for the appreciation! I wouldn't mind a few more reviews please! Thank you!
1 year ago
Excellent story!!