The Office

It was Friday, and it had been the week from Hell. Another few hours and the weekend would be hers. As she walked into her office, she saw him sitting behind her desk, grinning his mischievous grin. For a moment she was startled, and then a smile crossed her face.

"Hello, pretty lady. I hope that look of surprise is a pleasant one." He said softly.

She walked across the room to his side of the desk, "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"It occurred to me that I'd enjoy knowing you walked into this office everyday thinking, the manufacturer didn't tell me this desk was for more than just writing" He winked.

She looked into his eyes as she leaned back against the desk. There was a certain intensity in them. It was as if they were dancing with anticipation, or was it expectation?

As they made small talk, he reached down and began to gently rub the inside of her calf...lightly...teasingly.

"Stockings...or pantyhose? Please, not pantyhose on those legs, not today." He whispered through a grin.

"Silly man, why the interest in stockings or pantyhose? I was hoping you appreciated the legs more than what was on them. Surely you aren't interested in trying them on?" she teased.

"Trust me, trying them on is the farthest thing from my mind."

As he spoke, she realized his hand was on the sensuous skin behind her knee. She felt a warm rush flow through her body. God, could he tell the sensations she was feeling? She hoped not...not yet...she had to maintain her composure...or did she?

"Mmm, I do believe Ms. Jayde has visited Victoria's Secrets recently."

The ringing of the phone brought her back to reality. Jesus, how long had it been ringing? "Yes, this is Jayde, how may I help you."

She turned to face the desk. Again she felt his hand, this time above the knee...slowly, deliberately very lightly rubbing her inner thighs. As hard as she tried, she could not squeeze her legs together to stop him. It was as if her heart rate and breath were rising at the same pace, making it difficult to if she could even think. The warm sensation flowing through her body would not go away, if anything it was growing.

She looked back at him. How could he sit there with that damned innocent little boy smile of his...that 'no mummy, my hand isn't near the candy' look. She blushed thinking, Jayde, not a very good analogy, girl. When I get off this damn phone I am going to.... God, the phone! She had no idea what the caller had been telling her. She wanted to scream.

Slowly his fingers continued, reaching the warm, damp fabric between her legs. Gently he rubbed the fabric, pressing it between the swollen lips of her sex. Her body began to move almost involuntarily in rhythm with his fingers. The longer he rubbed, the wetter the fabric became. Quietly...slowly...his fingers eased under the legband of the panties. She knew how much he loved that feel...the wetness...the him it was intoxicating.... and on this day, she could tell she was deliciously wet. His fingers slipped through the soft silky curls... rubbing ... teasing...finding their way to her wonderful "little magic button." As he touched it, she froze... then let out a soft, low moan.

What must the person on the other end of the phone be thinking? She now had the phone resting between her head and shoulder as she supported herself with her hands flat on the desk, her back to him. Softly...tenderly he massaged her little button. She moved as if trying to consume his fingers. Quietly he pulled his hand from her panties.

She looked back at him again...wondering. He continued to sit there smiling so innocently. As she looked at him she thought of how he must have cared for six foot, two hundred-twenty five pound body during his fifty-something years on this earth. He was twenty years her senior, yet in far better condition than most young men her age. She did not know which she appreciated most, his mind, or body. Without a word, he put his hands on her hips and turned her to face him. As if in slow motion he began pushing her skirt up to her waist.

"What are you doing?" She whispered, with her hand covering the receiver. He did not answer. She felt his big hands on the waistband of the panties. "Not in here 'Crazy', the door's not even locked!" His only response was to continue pulling the panties past her knees until they lay at her feet.

Oh God, I cannot believe I am letting him do this, she thought, as he gently pushed her onto the desk. She looked into his eyes as he parted her legs...and then all she could see was the top of his head as she felt the tip of his tongue touch her clitoris. She stifled a scream as a powerful orgasm flowed through her body like a wave bound for the shore. God, how could he do this to her, she had never climaxed so quickly. She could not believe the chemistry between them.

"I'm sorry, something has come up here. I'll have to call you back. I'm very sorry," she told the caller. She could not even remember their conversation.

As she reached to put the phone on the hook she felt him pulling her closer to the edge of the desk. He stood and unzipped his pants, releasing his growing erection. Their eyes were still focused on each other as he moved between her legs. She loved the intensity she saw in them.

The pressure of his entry took her breath. No matter how many times they had made love, each time he entered her, the reaction was always the same. Thank God his mouth covered hers with a passionate kiss as he pushed deep into her; otherwise the whole office would have heard her sharp cry. Her arms circled his neck...holding on as he began to move within her. The room was spinning. Her mind was racing out of control... for all she cared the whole world could walk into the office at that moment

She could feel another orgasm building deep down inside her. She felt his body grow tense...his breath quickening...his long, slow strokes stopped...he was now simply deep within her...pelvis to pelvis...her clitoris was going sensitive...reaching that fine line between pleasure and pain...her body gripped him like a glove...his strong arms held her tightly against him...the moment so powerful...two bodies moving as one. His passionate kisses again muffled her cries and his moans as they climaxed together.

She could not move. She was totally out of breath. Her whole body was tingling. God, she had never done anything so crazy in her life. She could only hope no one in the outer office had heard them. She looked into his eyes; they sparkled like a c***d's on Christmas morning.

For a long moment he held her, before whispering, "Mmm, ready to leave for the boat?"

"Leave for the boat? My God, I'm not sure I can even walk." Slowly she eased off the desk and tested her trembling legs.

"Ahhhh...I feel so sorry for you" he grinned, "Better get your second wind, pretty lady, the weekend is here."
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3 years ago
wow..... Thats a wndrful story lol