First time glory hole

It had been a long night at work when I got home I tried going to sl**p so I thought I'd go for a run so got into my running stuff but couldn't find any boxers so had no underwear on. I started running I was running for about 45 mins before it started chucking it down I was in the park so I went for cover in the toilets and since it looked like the rain won't letting up anytime soon I decided to go hide in a stall as I was sat in the stall I could hear everyone who came in.

As I sat there waiting for the rain to stop I heard someone go into the stall next to me I was just thinking then how I would try not listen to him go to the loo but next thing I knew there was a black cock poking threw a hole in the stall wall I didn't know what to do weather to leave or give it a try I mean I am bisexual but never done anything like this.

I decided to give it ago I put my hand round it and I could just hear the guy go "that's it baby pleasure me" at that point I just was wanking him off as I did his cock just got bigger and bigger it must of been 11 inches long then and there I thought I'm sucking it now.

I started sucking his cock and he must of began thrusting at me. I was loving it so much his cock had my spit all over it I even got my cock out but just then he pulled out and left his stall and knocked on mine. I let him in and he said
"I'm surprise your actually hot but I'm so horny now that I'm gonna fuck you" which I replied with
"What here really are u sure" which he then said
"Well have u got anywhere else we could go that I can have my way with u that's close" to which I said
"No mines 30 mins from here"
"Right then well sit down and put ur hands out" I did what he said to which then he got out handcuffs he cuffed me to the loo roll holder I yelled
"Why the fuck u done that" he replied saying
"So once I'm done with u I know that I can come back anytime for u"
"But what about other men that use these loos" I said to which he just laughed and said
"Well that's up to them what they do with u" at this point I just thought I should of left when I could now and now I'm stuck.

He stood me up and pulled my shorts down and bent me over then when I thought he would go straight to fucking me but he was licking my arse it felt weird but good I was enjoying it he had a big tongue feeling all the streght in his tongue was unreal I was on cloud 9 then he stood up and left I was in shock he left me with my shorts off and still hard.

Three hours later.. Someone walks in I'm sat there hoping they don't come into the stall I'm stuck in.
Next thing I knew the door opens n stood there is a young lad who looked as shocked as I did. Just then he looked round the toilets and smiled and came into the stall. He won't very tall abit tubby and very little hair looked bout 17 but anyway he came in locked the door and pulled his jeans off and f***ed is sofa cock against my lips and said
"Come on suck it u cock whore u have no choice" to be fair he was right I was cuffed and couldn't leave or even defend myself.
So I started sucking his cock hoping the faster I go the faster this would be over his cock was cut and about 4 inches he must of been enjoying it cos he was holding my head face fucking me I thought he was about to come when he released my head and said
"Right stand up and bend over I'm gonna fuck ur arse" so I did as he said I didn't think his 4 inches would hurt so he started fucking me I couldn't feel it but he was moaning and everything which went on for 3 mins then he groans and hold me right against him and cums he stands me up then as I'm stood the other way leaves the stall. Leaving me bottomless with cum dripping out my arse. As he left I looked down and I was hard which got me thinking am I into this kinda stuff.
Bout ten mins later I hear a two guys walk in I kept quite and tryed to make no noise and lucky they left after taking a piss.

I kept thinking how do I get out of this and I couldn't think of a way out of this I mean I live alone and I have no f****y so who would know I was missing I was just hoping that someone I knew walked in and let me out or a copper.
I then fell asl**p ...........

Comment below on what u thought part two coming soon

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6 months ago
mm i wouldl ove to hear more!
6 months ago
wow what an ordeal hope you got out ok
6 months ago
more plizzzz
6 months ago
Looking forward to part 2!!!