Stranger in the dark

I was walking home after a night out it was a long walk so I decided to walk along the river because there's less people and after about ten minuites I noticed someone was walking behind me but didn't take much notice of it at the time until we got to the part of the river that is surrounded by trees anyway next thing I knew I felt a big wack to the back of my head.

When I came back round I was only in my underwear in a car boot tied up and gagged. All I could hear was someone on the phone saying
'Yea u free man I got a suprise for u' the voice said
I felt like I was in there for ages then I heared the car pull up and heared two guys talking
'So what's the suprise then' said guy 1
'Its in the boot of the car' said guy 2
Next thing I hear is foot steps getting closer to me. The boot opens and there was two big mucley black men bout well over six foot and I'm only 5ft 4 and skinny so didn't have much chance of getting out of this.

They picked me up and took me inside and tied me to a hook on the ceiling.
They asked me if I knew what Was going to happen to me I was scared but at that point had a idea of what they wanted to do with me so I nodded yes.
The bigger of the two guys just said 'good well u anit leaving here for a while now ur gonna be our bitch. All the doors are locked and so are the windows u carnt get out so do as we say'
The other guy then untied me and said 'there's some clothes and shoes over there we want u to wear so go put them on then we can get started'
So I went over to wear they pointed and it was just women's clothes a short skirt some heels n stockings n a thong a padded bra and a tight top I didn't know weather to put them on or not I've never considered myself a cross dresser but I was scared of what they would do to me so I put them on n five mins later went back over to them.

'Good girl now my name is master john n he is master rob now come over here n get on ur knees' said john
So as I walked over I had noticed they were both as hard as a poll as I got on my knees rob said
'Comes on then undo our jeans and get sucking well we think of a New name for you cos ur a bitch now'
At this point I was scared I never even thought of being gay let alone sucking cock but I didn't want anything to happen to me so I undid johns jeans and out popped this huge black monster cock about 11 inches and did the same on rob and again huge cock I was in shock I'd never seen cocks so big.
Before I could get my self out of shock rob grabbed my head and f***ed his cock into my mouth it tasted great i sucked on his for a few seconds then sucked on johns going between the two cocks.
'Thats right u little cock whore suck us off' rob moaned
I started playing with their balls as well as sucking them off next thing I knew they cumed in my mouth they said to swallow it all so I did.
They then told me to take this white bill didn't know what it did at the time i do now but I'll tell u that later.
They then told me to go upstairs and wait on the bed. So I went to the bedroom and as I went in their my head filled with all the ideas of what could happen to me.
I was keeping myself together so they didn't know I was scared.

Two hours later the door opens and john comes in he looks at me and says
'Come over here now' at this point he was at the end of the bed as I crawled to the end of the bed he got undressed and told me to lube him up with my mouth so I sucked on what I could of his massive cock then he grabs me by the hair and throws me face down on the bed next thing I knew I could feel a tongue licking my arse but it won't his I turned round it was a dog licking my arse before I could say anything john f***ed my head back down and put my arse n hips up into the air so his dog could lick me better he must of been licking for what felt like a hour then he stopped n then I felt something forcing it way in my arse hole I looked round and john was behind me and luckerly not his Great Dane.
Anyway back to the fuxking I was in so much pain as he was forcing his manhood in to my hole with every inche till all of him was In me the he started to thrust at me and the pain turn to pleasure I didn't know wat came over me my cock was hard and all I wanted was for john not to stop I was in heaven.
'You like that girl' john said.
'Yes master John please don't stop' I said
After five ten mins he brought my head up and put me on top to ride him and he said
'Your turn whore get working no slacking or I'll have to punish u ' so I speeded up and worked all of his massive cock in n out of me.
Then after about 20 mins he took hold of me so I couldn't move and I could feel his cock twitching in me and filling me with his hot man juice.
I collapsed onto him with his cock still in me till it came out and went soft then he told me to get on all fours and said I'm only aloud to go round the house on all fours then told me my bed was the dog cage which also had his dog Bruce in.
He threw me in there and left I just sat In the corner of the cage still dripping cum from my hole Bruce seemed to notice the leek and started to lick it up until he realised it was coming from me he started growling at me I thought I better just let him lick the rest of it out of my hole so I bent over for him and he started licking I at this point must of blacked out or fallen asl**p cos don't remember anything woke up few hours later and Bruce had mounted me and was trying to get his cock in me I tryed getting him off but he just growled at me so he kept trying and was not getting anywhere so he pulled my hair backwards with his mouth which really hurt I thought the only way to get this over with was to help him so I reached round and grabbed his dog cock at this point rob walked in.
'R u that hungry for cock u little whore' he said I replied with
'No sir he did this to me well I was asl**p'
'So ur hand just happened to get round his cock well u was asl**p don't lie to me whore' he yelled with that he pulled me by the hair out the cage he cuffed my hands behind my back and bent me over next thing I knew there was a cock in my arse I thought it was robs but he walked round and said
'You wanted dog cock so much u got it now well he's banging u I'm gonna back u throat' with that he shoved his cock in my mouth getting as much cock in my mouth as possible my drull covering all his cock now and his cum he cums all over my face then gets up I shouted
'Anit u gonna get him off me me' cos Bruce was still going at my arse he just laughed and said 'no you wanted it now u have him enjoy' with that he left the room Bruce just banging my hole with every inche of his 8 inche cock and the ball that was going up his cock and glueing us together he cumed in me and then could bed get off I was stuck under him with his cock stuck In my arse dripping cum.........

Part one over please comment below there is more to come
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Mmmmm nice, I would love to read more,x