online guy and his friend

i started talking to this guy online and we had been talking for a while swap pics of each other and agcreed to meet up on saturday at 11 in his town.

it was saturday 11 o clock i was waiting at the side of the river waiting for him. 5 mins later he rang me and said to meet him at his house so i went to his house.

i knock on the door he answer wearing nothing but tight pants he said
"come in" so i went in and sat on the sofa he came in the room and stood and he had a huge hard on he did not know i had a hard on as well i told him i was strieght then he said "your staring at my cock do u wait to suck it" he dropped his pants i said "no im ok" really i wanted too. he walked over to me and said "come on give it a go" he grabbed my head and placed his cock in my mouth. it tasted so gd his cock went all in my mouth and abit down my throat it was a big cock.

he then got me up and stripped me down so i was nake he picked me up and placed me on the table he started sucking my cock it felt real gd then got up and snogged me with the taste of cum he told me to spit on his cock so i did he then picked me up and carried me up stairs and carried me into a room with a table and lots of sex toys and wipes and cuffs and a stand to tie ppeople to.
he placed me on the stand and then bent me over tied me down

he then left the room and came back with a friend he said get ready for the fuck of ur life i got a cock up the ass and in the mouth it was great the taste of cock in my mouth and the cock in the ass withouth a comdom bareback which i love they kept going cumed and switch round and then cummed again.............
78% (9/2)
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4 years ago
Wow tobe young again well that ws good hope you write somemore thanks
4 years ago
wish this would happen to me