im confused 0_o about my sex life

ok now look i dnt get this right i mean i done had so many encounters wit fucking another females it's a shame but im looking for a relationship and not a descrepancy problem ya knw? so ima tell you a few stories about my sex contiplations wit sum of the other females i fucked hahahahaa
i fuked this asain bitch in the bathroom numerus times at my house i shared wit other people i mean it was soo low key..i wud tighten my ballz while im hitting it from da back soo raw lmao...
i creampied like 4,5,6 white chicks in my own rooming house...i got a handjob and boy was it soo good too lol...i made out soo many times and wanted to have sex but ya knw theres females who wasnt down wit tht and had their trust issues-ha besides i knew you were all about getting knocked up or scaling dick from i dnt get down like that...
so yea idc if it's short but story will be long n fantasizing..
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