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oh i got one 4 you. it was my bday like this year, right? this tall white skinny chick a few years older than me wanted to get wit me cuz i fucked her friend and she knw wat's good right? neway like i fucked her friend so serious tho lol i had her ass saying, "baby dnt go too fast" , "slow down" hahaha but neway back to da sex story tho lol. what's so crzy is i forgot her name cuz she like a vivid experience tho. so im at my house n shit and it's nittime and knw her she ridding around in oshkosh looking for sum dick (so she set up the ride for me cuz it was my bday) and i been talking to her for a few months thru txt msgs and shit...anyway i get in da van n we go to the gastaion and get a fifth of UV g**** n all tht etc we go back to her apartment her son there and her 2 friends so we chiiling smoking and all tht and i take her in another part of the apartment and i start grabbing her sexy skinny waist down and kissed her..she must got horny or sum i guess cuz she was like, "hold up and wait till everybody gone" tell me y i started drinking tht UV and i felt like i was gone pass n black da fuck i did..i wake up the next morning..da condom off my dick and on da in my red n white iron man pjs..and she aint even in the room lmao..she in the front room knocked out.. so im thinking like, "fucked tht lol im ready for, sloppy sloppy sloppy 2nds lol" hahahaha so while she sl**p i creep up on her and n start fingering her pussy so she wud get all wet and yet she did 4 daddy as i expect she got in motion and we started caressing and shit and soon im laying on my back while she stuck this huge ass cock in her shit cuz she was already wet as fuck lol so im crammy da shit out tht pussy watching her go up n down on my she moaning and we fucking for like 30-45 quick minutes...ahhh..but when it was time for me to cum i cummed all in her pussy while it just shot out like fireworks inside her coochi:$ she told me, "boi you was pissed d***k last night" and i dnt even remembered how long we fucked or if i put it on her or not. so im hoping it went well cuz im done wit condoms..but yea..thts not a fake story
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