this story on how i fucked this bitch from fond du

her name was casie she lukked good too white average thick had a booty and a tight ass pussy..she was fucking wit my neighbor one nite me and my guy d***k coming home one nite and he susposingly told me to dial her phone number but it was late in da am for a nigga to get at da next day i get call from her (off my phone) not even knwing me she invites me over to her house to her two k**s. i asked if i can smoke a doobie blunt in her house and she said yeh. so after i get done smoking im nobbing her neck and sucking it and then she kissing me back and im behind her. so my dick poking out my pjs (cuz tht was the styletrend) and she say, "oh well tht must b u on hard huh?" i smiled and had her go upstairs...boi if im lying im dying boi as soon as i laid my cock in dat white bitch we went almost 2 hours straight pussy fuck with me on top and i bussed twice..da bitch had nut stains leaking on the bed...she was moaning hard as fuck at first...untill i made her cream all tht pussyjuice on her sheet. her main purpose she knw the cats i was dealing wit and she jus wanted me to keep it on da low when u knw a mf was gone find out yo ass being a busser lol n i swear she was breathing sooo fucking hard she got stuck and didnt realize both her k**s were crying downstairs loud as hell...and we was going on dick still get on rock thinking bout tht time even tho i dont see or havent heard from her since i put her busser ass out there lol
55% (4/4)
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1 year ago
who da fuck hacked in my shit?
3 years ago
@mrsobig you a newbie just like me so dnt decay my grammer or spelling ight and well b straight
3 years ago
this aint facebook or nun of that other shit...this is an adult website tht a friend suggested me not gay and plz not bi either...but no homo my "fly" must have sum sort of disease or sum cuz when i be outta town from my hood i can't never keep tht bitch "zipped" lmao
3 years ago
ay dnt worry about my errors famo...if you cant understand what i said then y comment on it..@santa thanks ok i feel you lol
3 years ago
nice but would have been better if not in street talk
3 years ago
That was horrible. The story was hard to read with all the gramatical errors. Try again in english.