my butch hancock story:) kinda filthy but saving

lol when i first lost my virginity it was so cool. my cousin and b*o set it up all for me. it was one night in oshkosh wisconsin i went up to my cousin apartment and we were all chillin smoking and drinking and it was this thick redbone from millwakue wisconsin- boi was she thick. anyway everybody leave the room and we're talking.
She say, "let's see what you tawking about" and im like, "aight" so she say, "let's go in the room" and im like, "ight" so knwing us we go in the room and start kissing. im tipsy off the Amsterdam and her tongue all on my mine while were kissing and shit. lol so i spend 15 mintues fucking her in the anal. buss and cum and my goofy ass ask for another condom.
So my b*o like, "wow" and im like, "yea" so it rly wasn't over. i always tend to lose control. so my dick on hunnits huge and big and were fucking. i couldnt cum at the time but i was ramming her shit. she didnt knw what to do. i dont know if it was a f***e of habit or not but the bitch i fucked she wanted me to cum but i cudnt.
she liked my dick and she was rly wet and putting dat pussy all on my body. i was sweating like a nigga on da football field. he booty was jiggling in slow motion da second time i fucked her. her pussy was worn out so i dint never bust da second time. lol usually i b considerate and nice and put a condom but nowadays females want hardcore latex-free dick and im down wit that:_)
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3 years ago
@mikey1ra i read it and it sounds just's all tru..tht's y u got a profile in which you can share yo own experiences thank u
3 years ago
welll where da hoes at? tell them to hit me up pops
3 years ago
good story but short