A Tight Squeeze

One of the things I love doing is riding my dirt bike nude, One day when I was riding I ran across an old end loader out in a field. The tracter looked like it was being worked on with tools, grease gun and the like laying in the cab. I climbed up inside and looked around and noticed at the rear of the tractor were controls for the bucket, three long handles coming up from the floor with one half inch balls on the end. Got to thinking that those control levers might feel good going up my ass, so with that in mind started looking for how I could position myself over the levers. After considering my options I figured that if I place my legs up on the seat and hold onto the doors I might be able to position my ass over the control levers just right, but I was going to need some lube to make things slide in better. Yup you figured right the grease gun, so I stuck the tube up my ass and started pumping away until the grease was oozing from my ass hole. Now that I was all greased up I moved into position and very slowly stuck the middle ball into my ass but needed to also move the other two out of the way by placing them in-between my legs with each lever on either side of my balls. With everything in place I started moving up and down on the control lever and going deeper with every thrust. After about two minutes I started getting a hard on from the other two arms rubbing my ball along with squeezing them. I had to be careful not going down to far because of the levers that were against my balls became tighter as they were closer together towards the floor. After a few minutes I felt as if I could cum any time then suddenly my hand slipped off the door and down I went shoving the ball very deep up inside me. The only reason I didn’t go all the way to the floor is I was hanging by my balls, yup you read right. The other two levers were squeezing my balls so hard it brought tears to my eyes, the pain was terrible. After getting myself together I tried to reach the door to pull myself up but couldn’t reach it and after trying several minutes I had to rest, as I struggle to lift myself off I was making things worse by going deeper and deeper along with squeezing my balls to the point they were turning blue. {Not Good} I was getting very worried because I never stuck anything that deep inside before, It was so deep that I couldn’t lean over to reach anything. The only thing left to do was trying to move my legs off the seat but that meant putting all of my weight on the control arms possibly making them go even deeper. So I began moving my legs off the seat and as I did this put all my weight on the levers, with so much pressure on them one of them broke off removing the pressure from my balls {what A relieve}. Without the other levers holding me up by the balls and all my weight I went all the way to the floor. I’ve never had anything so deep eighteen inches or so and it wasn’t hurting me as long as I didn’t move which surprised me. After resting a few minutes I began moving my legs very slowly until I could use them to lift me off and finally removing the lever.

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3 years ago
bet that brought a tear to your eyes....